NBA, Old Navy Lend Support to Radical Homosexual Movement

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Gina Miller

Congratulations are in order for the Dallas Mavericks on winning their first National Basketball Association (NBA) championship title.  On Sunday evening they chilled the Miami Heat 105 to 95.

However, congratulations are certainly not in order for the NBA itself, which has stupidly decided to partner with the nanny state Ad Council and the despicable, homosexual activist Kevin Jennings’  Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GSLEN),  euphemistically pronounced “glisten.”  Oh, GSLEN is definitely a glistening jewel of colossal perversion of the lowest order—low because their target is public school children, from kindergarten on up.

As Fox Sports reported late last month,

“The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and the Ad Council joined the National Basketball Association ( NBA) to debut a series of public service advertisements (PSA) featuring Phoenix Suns stars Grant Hill and Jared Dudley designed to address the use of anti-gay language among teens.

The campaign includes new television, radio, print and Web ads and the TV spot will launch this Sunday during the NBA Conference Finals on ABC, TNT, and ESPN. The PSAs are an extension of the Think Before You Speak campaign and GLSEN’s ‘Changing the Game’ initiative.”

Once again, we’re seeing the radical homosexual crowd running a deceptive campaign to push homosexuality on school children, under the guise of putting a stop to bullying in the public schools.

A Bully Free Zone sign - School in Berea, Ohio (Source: Wikimedia Commons

The anti-bullying agenda is big with the Communist-in-Chief’s White House.  The Washington Times reported  in March that some conservative groups see right through this anti-bullying campaign promoted by Barack and Michelle Obama as being yet another way to push the radical homosexual agenda on school kids and silence anyone who speaks out against homosexuality.  Cheryl Wetzstein, writing for the Times reported,

“Some observers are worried that the Obama administration has additional agendas, such as turning school-based misbehavior into a federal crime or portraying the bullying of gay, bisexual and transgender youths as more urgent a problem than the bullying of other children.

‘As Christians, we believe that no person should be subject to harassment or violence because of their sexuality, religious beliefs or any other reason,’ said Family Research Council President Tony Perkins. ‘However, we are concerned that some homosexual activists are using this issue as a way to silence legitimate and respectful moral disagreement with homosexual conduct.”

‘It is increasingly evident that ‘bullying,’ while one of many legitimate school safety issues, is also a political code word for advancing the political agenda of gay rights special interests,’ said Kenneth Trump, president of the National School Safety and Security Services in Cleveland.

In addition, he said, the Education Department is telling schools that they should start investigating bullying cases for potential violations of civil rights, a federal offense. This is ‘a radical shift’ in policy, as it overrides disciplinary policies and leadership from principals and local school officials, Mr. Trump said.

… But this effort raises concerns about muzzling people who do not endorse bullying, but, in good faith, do not endorse homosexual behavior either.

‘Traditional morality is not responsible for harassing speech,’ said Mission America founder Linda Harvey, who is participating in a conference next month on ‘hate speech’ against Christians.

‘Bullies act for a variety of reasons, and schools need to punish the behaviors, not become the thought police,’ said Ms. Harvey.”

So, now the NBA is hopping on the homosexual, anti-bullying bandwagon by lending its star power to this subtle campaign.

In speaking of the NBA, Mike Truman of writes,

Well, at minimum they have fallen victims to Political Correctness gone berserk, at most they are full-fledged members of the radical homosexual agenda bent on glorifying homosexuality in every venue and branding anyone who thinks differently as a dumb bigoted jerk.

GLSEN, lead by radical homosexual promoter Kevin Jennings, and the partnership’s website targets young boys in high school, and even younger, urging them to become something called ‘Student Ambassadors’ for GLSEN.  Sure.

In my opinion, the site’s real hidden agenda is to promote a gay lifestyle to young boys, glorify and encourage homosexuality by using sports ‘stars’ to attract youths and to ‘normalize’ gay activity.”

I agree with Mr. Truman.

Since the advent of the Obama regime, we have seen a surge in the aggressive activities of the radical homosexual movement.  Obama is a big supporter of the homo-agenda, and he has flooded his administration with radical homosexuals from top to bottom. Under this mystery man, Obama, America is rapidly becoming a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah.  It’s alarming and disgusting, and we must keep fighting against the child abusive indoctrination occurring in our public schools at the hands of homosexual activists hell-bent on capturing our youngest generations for their diabolocal cause.

Today, morality is under attack on every front.  Right now, tireless warriors for truth in Massachusetts are bravely battling what may be the most radically extreme piece of “transgender rights” legislation ever proposed in our nation.

In Washington, Democrats are waging a campaign against House Republicans  who are attempting to put a stop to the horrible decision by the weasely, lame duck Democrat Congress that decided, against all reason, to force open homosexuality on our military with the repeal of the so-called “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” regulation.

And, yet another homosexual Obama appointee, the acting assistant secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHH), David Hansell, who (I shudder) runs the Administration for Children and Families, announced that the Obama administration is actively recruiting homosexual “parents” to adopt children. Oh, yes; it just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it?  You’ve likely heard the public service announcements for Adopt Us Kids.  Adopt Us Kids is part of Hansell’s Administration for Children and Families and the DHH.

We also have another one for parents.  Do your kids love Old Navy clothing?  Why, sure!  What teenager can resist the hip, stylish statement of cool Old Navy clothing?  Well, maybe it’s time to resist.  Old Navy, which is a division of Gap, Incorporated, in “celebration” of homosexual pride month, has released a limited edition run of homosexual pride-themed t-shirts, complete with the homo-hijacked rainbow.

Caroline May, writing for the Daily Caller, reports,

“As part of the celebration, Gap Inc. has launched their own campaign through Old Navy to promote gay acceptance called ‘Love Proudly: Pride 2011.’

For the entire month, or while supplies last, the clothing company will be selling rainbow colored gay pride t-shirts in 27 select stores with the slogan ‘Love Proudly.’ A portion of the proceeds will go to the anti-bullying ‘It Gets Better’ Project.

‘… Ready to make a fashion statement for a great cause?’ Old Navy announced on Facebook. ‘We’re carrying colorful Gay Pride t-shirts in select stores with 10% of the proceeds going to the It Gets Better Project!’”

What is the “It Gets Better Project”?  Mass Resistance reports,

“Although the clothes are for everyone from babies to adults, they are clearly focusing on ‘LGBT teens’ in their sales push.

Old Navy is also donating 10% of the proceeds from these sales to the ‘It Gets Better’ project, a homosexual organization that uses the ‘anti-bullying’ front to target kids and help them feel ‘safe’ in their homosexual identities.

‘It Gets Better’ was founded by Dan Savage, a vile, angry anti-Christian homosexual activist.”

When they say Dan Savage is vile, they’re not kidding.  The Mass Resistance column goes on to detail some of that vileness, and it will turn your stomach.

Gap and Old Navy are one of a staggering number of large companies that have signed on to the radical homosexual agenda. Those of us who know where the dead-end road of the radical homosexual movement will lead can certainly put our money where our mouth is and not do business with companies that openly support that degenerate lifestyle choice, although it’s a daunting task when you see how many hundreds of companies have bowed to the agenda.

We also must not allow ourselves to be intimidated into silence in the face of mounting pressure by these sodomite groups who desperately want mainstream acceptance of their perverse bedroom behavior.  They employ the very bullying tactics they claim to oppose.  How many times have we read about homosexual activists behaving like maniacs inside peaceful church services or toward Christian groups standing in support of marriage?  There’s no more time to stand down from vicious homosexual radicals.  Let us stand; let us pray; and with God’s help, let us squash this evil movement.

Gina Miller, a native of Texas, is a radio commentator and disc jockey. She also works with her husband installing and repairing residential irrigation systems and doing landscaping on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

5 Responses to “NBA, Old Navy Lend Support to Radical Homosexual Movement”

  1. “people who do not endorse bullying [of gays], but, in good faith, do not endorse homosexual behavior either.”
    I find it very telling that most people who defend homosexual behavior cannot even acknowledge the existence of people who fit the above description. How much basic reality can someone deny?

    “Gay kids” are not the only ones who need protection from bullying; they are not even the ones who *most* need protection from bullying.

    To those who think “gays” need special protection: how much opposition would you honestly have to, say, Christian kids being bullied? And when I say “honestly,” I don’t mean in a lip-service, making-a-point sense; I mean *honestly*.

  2. Excellent article, keep up the good work!

  3. Thank you, Mike!  Thank you for your contribution to the column.  🙂

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