Liberals Childishly Disrupt Special Olympics Ceremony

In Madison, Wisconsin, idiot liberals made themselves up to look like zombies (perhaps to illustrate to the world that they are the ignorant zombie voters who are responsible for putting an anti-American Marxist like Barack Obama in the White House) and interrupted a Special Olympics ceremony being officiated by Governor Scott Walker.

Have liberals no shame? I know: ask a silly question.

Still, to crassly interject yourself into a ceremony for Special Olympics participants? This is a distinctive moment for participants and their loved ones…and these liberals just have to choose this moment to prove what babies they are?

It would be pretty pathetic to disrupt such a gathering for any reason, but especially so simply to demonstrate that you are greedy and loathe fiscal responsibility.

It’s unfortunate for these people that their special moment had to be marred by a bunch of self-absorbed overgrown children, but it did at least provide a useful lesson to the American public: this is the kind of idiocy that is eating away at the infrastructure of our great country…and what we must resoundingly repudiate in 2012.

Appeasing, humoring and tolerating this nonsense in our public policy is on the verge of destroying our great republic. We can’t let them finish the job.

35 Responses to “Liberals Childishly Disrupt Special Olympics Ceremony”

  1. There is no gutter so low that these immoral cretins won’t sink to it.   I’m reminded of the Catholic Churches which have been invaded by similar protesters displaying the most vulgar misbehavior.  I really think their perversion is bottomless.

  2. There is no gutter so low that these immoral cretins won’t sink to it.   I’m reminded of the Catholic Churches which have been invaded by similar protesters displaying the most vulgar misbehavior.  I really think their perversion is bottomless.

  3. Here’s the real news story:

    And a quote…

    “Kelly Kloepping, vice-president of communications for Special Olympics Wisconsin, said the protesters were respectful and caused no disruption.”

  4. Making themselves up like zombies, standing in front of the crowd, blocking Gov. Walker from seeing the Special Olympics participants and blocking them from seeing him = “causing no disruption”?

    Once again we see reality through the painfully distorted lens of the liberal eye, aka liberal propaganda and revisionism.

  5. A clarification.  First, this was UW students demonstrating against the new voter ID law in Wisconsin ~ a new law which costs money and does nothing to affect fiscal responsibility.  As young people will do while at college ~ they can make bad decisions. This was one of them.  However, this was not part of a larger movement that this video would lead you to believe.  It was stupid and immature of the young people ~ many young college students fit that description.  Don’t be mislead by this article and video. This is primarily good for  manipulation ~ which this organization is good at.  I prefer straightforward facts to manipulation.

  6. Thank you for that clarification. We’ve seen so many self-centered socialists with their hands out in Wisconsin for the past 5 months, that’s pretty much what we’ve come to expect every time some idiot pokes their head up for some attention.

    Unfortunately, as you acknowledged, it was still pathetic behavior to interrupt this ceremony.

    And as to their cause, it is yet another promotion of lawlessness from the Left. I have to show an ID on any number of occasions where it is appropriate to prove that I am who I am (I even have to show my Sam’s card when I go in Sam’s Club), so showing an ID so that people can’t vote twice or misappropriate someone elses identity to steal their vote is completely reasonable.

  7. Your first sentence reveals that you are so childish, it’s amazing. You simply can’t scrape too low to excuse this boorish and immature behavior.

    it’s also quite obvious that Leftists don’t care anything about anything except their own petty desires; why else would they stoop so low as to disrupt a Special Olympics ceremony to act bratty?

    What is offensive is (a) this childish, self-centered behavior and (b) the general attitude of liberals that they are entitled to have the entire world pander to their small-minded ideas.

  8. Huge sercret…America is a socialist country. If we weren’t, the Special Olympians would have it a lot rougher.

  9. Huge secret: despite the fact that you are correct to a great extent that, contrary to the U.S. Constitution, we have allowed America to become a socialist country, the Special Olympics is a private institution made up of volunteers in the traditional American fashion–NOT a government enterprise (if it were, it would cost three times what it currently does, be bankrupt, and operationally inept).

  10. I love it…”the attitude of liberals”…

    really? Everyone liberal is ok with “marring” Special Olympics ceremonies? Wow, in comparison, this makes conservatives absolute saints.

    Is this what you want people to believe?

    Like I said before, if this was a planned attempt to disrupt this ceremony, then it was extremely inappropriate. But you say that this is just an example of how liberals don’t care about anyone. It saddens me that you’ll fool ignorant people into thinking that all liberals are like this.

  11. Liberals have pretty uniformly demonstrated for the past 5 months in Wisconsin that they are about just this sort of petty behavior–and I haven’t seen or heard a single liberal saying, “No, this isn’t us! This isn’t us!”.

    The American people have seen more than enough to understand what liberalism is all about without my help.

  12. You’re no longer commenting on this particular incident with the Special Olympics; you’re…

  13. I’m no longer commenting with you, period. My mistake was trying to engage in a thoughtful, intelligent discussion with someone possessed of the mentality of a spoiled 7 year old and a kinship with these and other malcontent liberals that have been plaguing Madison in recent months.

    I won’t indulge that mistake any longer.

  14. College students in my estimation did not show the best decision-making in dressing like zombies at this gathering.  However, more tasteful demonstrating in this forum is called for.  It  is certainly a constitutional right to demonstrate.  Demonstrating peacefully and appropriately is good and a right in a democracy.  Meanwhile an ID at Sam’s, your example, is to decide who can enter and who cannot.  However, if Sam’s altered the rules and the ID to keep paying members out of Sams, that would be a different matter. ID laws with required specific design elements of the ID that prohibit student’s for example, from voting is wrong.  They are voting age citizens.  It is not simply a picture ID, but an idea with particular elements not provided on the standard student ID.  The law is designed to steal the right of voters.  This is not the goal of a democracy.  You can dress it up anyway you like, it is manipulating the elections in general and particularly recall elections in Wisconsin.  The students did not make the best decision.  Nevertheless the decision of the Republicans to shut voters out of voting and thus rigging an election is even worse.  Shame on Walker and the Fitzgerald brothers.  History will deride who they are and what they have done.  The zombie students will be long forgotten.

  15. With rights come responsibilities. They should have employed some and not disrupted this Special Olympics ceremony.

    No one is trying to keep anyone from voting. I worked a lot of years in military security and law enforcement, and I’ve seen a lot of altered and fraudulent IDs. The voter ID law is designed to prevent voter fraud and sets ID requirements that ensure flimsy, easily altered forms of identification aren’t acceptable.

    It is no hardship to get an acceptable form of ID. At best, these people are simply too lazy to be good citizens, and most likely all the angst is nothing more than an attempt to continue to make it as easy as possible to continue vote fraud.

    I know liberals count on dead (zombie?) voters, pets, and multiple-votes to get their candidates elected, but we ALL owe it to democracy to ensure the rules are followed and everyone gets one vote apiece.

  16. Yeah, take care Bob, you wouldn’t want to “fool ignorant people” about liberals!  I’m sure none of those ignorant ones would be classified as a liberal, hmmm?  (Sarcasm intended)

  17. Maybe the term “liberal” doesn’t necessarily fit the actions of those in WI.  Leftist idealogues suits them better I think.

  18. Voter fraud is not a problem in Wisconsin. In 2008, the Wisconsin Justice
    Department conducted a study statewide that found two instances of “double” voting, six people committed voter registration fraud, and eleven felons violated the
    prohibition of felons voting.  Unfortunate, but not a huge problem deserving a multimillion dollar “solution” ~ especially in these times of tight budgets.  I do not intend to convince you.  However, the fact remains that this has more to do with rigging elections and disenfranchising voters than it does with making elections honest.  Sorry.  You will cannot convince me otherwise. 

  19. I understand. Most liberals are dedicated to maintaining as much lawlessness as possible in contravention of any appeals to responsibility.

  20. 😉  Silly.

  21. Vote fraud and the integrity of elections is never silly.

  22. Vote fraud and the integrity of elections is never silly.

  23. You’re getting off topic, but since you mention it, most instances of voter fraud, the type that voter identification is intended to prevent, are undetectable and untraceable.  There is no practical way to determine if a voter who signed the registration log is the registered voter without some form of identification proving this.  Since our elections are secret, once the ballot is cast, it becomes an untraceable drop in a sea of the ballot population.  No one will ever know.

    Tell me, do you have locks on the doors and windows of your house, even if you’ve never been burglarized and the crime rate in your neighborhood is negligible?  Why would you, if it’s not a problem?   Voter I.D. is solid, common sense.  If anything deserves to be secured from any possibility of theft, it’s our right to fairly elect the people who will make the policy affecting us.

    I’d also hope that voter I.D. would only be a first step in curbing voter/election fraud.  Absentee ballots, except in common-sense, reasonable circumstances, have to go.  It presents a smorgasbord of opportunities for fraud.  Extended “early voting” should also go.

  24. I was commenting on vote fraud and the integrity of elections.

  25. My mother is disabled and in a nursing home and cannot get out to vote. By disallowing absentee ballots, you take away her ability and thus her right to vote.  She was born in America and is a citizen. Are the disabled citizens lesser citizens?  Are the elders lesser citizens?  I am sure you did not intend that.

    “Some kind of ID. . . .”  Additionally, she no longer has a driver’s license.  No photo ID.  She is disenfranchised again.  To reiterate, she is a citizen. Remember, not any ID will do, it must be a photo ID in Wisconsin (along with other rules).  This is a real life example of a US citizen who will not be allowed to vote due to the ID rules.  She has voted her entire life.  Don’t offer a knee-jerk reaction.  Please think about it.

    Is this worth disenfranchising the disabled and the elderly?

    Must be. 


  26. Oops!  It must be bedtime.  I meant to say that I was NOT commenting on vote fraud and the integrity of elections.  Time for a good night’s sleep.

  27. I read the law just now and, as I suspected, it makes exception for people in your mother’s situation:

    …the person is an occupant of any nursing home, or is an occupant of a community?based residential facility, retirement home, adult family home, or residential care apartment complex where a municipality sends special voting deputies, in which case the person may submit a statement signed by the deputies verifying his or her identity.

    Surely if you were so concerned for your mother’s voting rights, you, too, could have taken the 3 minutes it took me to find and read this law and find the exception. It seems you’re joining with these lazy students who would rather promote an atmosphere of lawlessness and fraud than behave responsibly.

  28. Voting deputies being dispatched to visit the disabled and the elderly?!  You made my point.  They will be disenfranchised.  It is especially concerning because fraud is not a problem in Wisconsin.  Plus, whatever happened to less government and less spending?  Thanks again.  As I said, you made my point.

  29. As I pointed out, the law clearly contains provisions for people in your mother’s situation.

    And as you have clearly pointed out, you aren’t interested in the facts; you are only interested in promoting an atmosphere as conducive as possible to vote fraud, and won’t allow inconvenient things like reality to get in your way.

    Good day.

  30. As I pointed out, the law clearly contains provisions for people in your mother’s situation.

    And as you have clearly pointed out, you aren’t interested in the facts; you are only interested in promoting an atmosphere as conducive as possible to vote fraud, and won’t allow inconvenient things like reality to get in your way.

    Good day.

  31. I suppose you’ve never stopped to consider this real possibility, but then, ideological blinders prevent that, but negating someone’s vote with a fraudulent one is every bit as much disenfranchising as supposedly “preventing” someone from voting.  I’d much rather make it slightly, incrementally harder to vote (and the burden to prove that you’re the eligible voter on the voter roles is an infinitesimally incremental one) than to allow the wholesale negation of many valid voters through fraud.  An overwhelming majority of voters in this country think so as well.

    And as Bob points out below and elsewhere, voter I.D. advocates bend over backwards to accommodate these various situations in which common-sense should also rule.  Most states even get around the specious “poll tax” accusation (which doesn’t really hold any water) by issuing FREE I.D.’s to those who say they “can’t afford them” (give us a break with that lie already!).

  32. Somehow, I’m thinking that you’re probably voting for your disabled mother.  But if not, do the responsible, law-abiding things that are needed (planning ahead, arranging a voting deputy to visit, etc.) and then let her vote proudly.  Why are you resisting ANY requirements that are easily met?  I’m scratching my head wondering what there is to hide here.