Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending Jun 11, 2011

These are the best of the best at Dakota Voice last week. These are the articles people most wanted to read. If you missed one the first time around, this is your chance to get caught up on the most interesting things happening in our world.

Herman Cain Can Win – CBN’s Brody File recently examined Herman Cain’s campaign and the question of whether he can win–the GOP nomination and the campaign against Barack Obama in 2012. If you are a conservative, you owe it to yourself to watch this entire 28 minute look at this atypical Republican candidate. It’s time we the people chose the candidate who will win, not the “mainstream” media or the GOP establishment.

Only remedy for Weiner is limited government – The nation’s founders were realists, cynics if you prefer, regarding what to expect from human behavior. They created a form of government involving a republic, with a constitution limiting the powers of the federal government, which could protect from lascivious power seekers like Weiner and the liberals that have re-elected him seven times. The founders were right. Limited government enforced by a functioning constitution is our only hope.

South Dakota Joins Amicus Brief Challenging NLRB Action – Attorney General Marty J. Jackley announces that South Dakota has joined a multi-state amicus brief filed by Texas challenging the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) General Counsels action dealing with Boeing in South Carolina. The NLRB recently filed an action to prevent Boeing from opening a South Carolina assembly line claiming that the new facility would negatively impact Boeings unionized work force in the State of Washington.

Herman Cain: Bring On the Alligators – Once again GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain brings common sense to the issues. On the issue of illegal immigration and border control, while President Barack Obama is content to minimize the problem and joke about moats and alligators, Cain is ready to bring on the alligators or anything that will restore the security of our borders and respect for our laws.

Free Showing of ‘Blood Money’ – There will be a free movie showing of the documentary “Blood Money” at the Elks Theater in Rapid City, Sunday June 12 at 3:00 pm. The film is a tastefully done film that shows the devastation of abortion on the lives of Mothers and families. It also exposes the true agenda of Planned Parenthood. The event is being sponsored by the Faith & Family Foundation.

Rick Santorum Doesn’t Drink AGW Koolaid – Mitt RomneyCare Romney may be content to follow the herd of the cliff of belief in anthropogenic global warming, but one of his fellow GOP presidential candidates isn’t drinking that Koolaid. Rick Santorum, the former senator from Pennsylvania, recently called it precisely what it is: a beautifully concocted scheme to separate the American people from their freedom.

EPA Hypocrites – The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tows a strong line when it comes to mercury, issuing 946 pages of rules requiring the U.S. energy industry to sharply reduce already low emissions of mercury and 83 other pollutants. Interestingly, U.S. power plants account for less than 0.5 percent of all the mercury in the air Americans breathe. Those florescent lightbulbs that “greenies” love so much also contain the element the greenies want power plants to get rid of.

Electronic Palin Derangement Syndrome – I really can’t add anything to the analysis proffered by the Fox News folks in this clip, other than to say they hit the nail on the head with everything they said.

Time for a Return to Checks and Balances – In 2007, Candidate Obama made it clear that the president does not have constitutional power to unilaterally authorize military action, but should seek advice and consent from Congress. My, what a difference an election makes. The Senator who made criticism of George W. Bush’s “imperial presidency” a cornerstone of his campaign is now, as President, quite oblivious to his own constitutional limitations with regard to executive power.

Mitt Romney: Just Another Liberal With an ‘R’ After His Name – There’s a lot not to like about Mitt “RomneyCare” Romney for the real Republican voter, and the list keeps getting longer. Take your pick: his past support for abortion, his past support for the homosexual agenda, his support for socialized health care, or now his professed belief in the hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming. When you look at his record, Romney makes a better Democat than he does a Republican.

Thank you, faithful readers, for making these the best of the best.

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