Staking the Future on the Unpredictable

Staking the Future on the Unpredictable

The powers-that-be, those who would cripple America’s economy, confiscate the wealth of the American people along with great amounts of their everyday freedom, would have us believe that “science” can predict what will happen with the earth’s planetary climate 100 years, 200 years, 500 years from now…and they would have us believe that unless the America people surrender our prosperity and our freedom, our world faces environmental apocalypse.

While I have pointed out ad nauseam in the past that the hypothesis anthropogenic global warming is a farce based on junk “science,” many who run our country embrace their socialist thirst for power and control over the lessons of real science.  They arrogantly insist that not only can humanity exert a critical influence on the climate of this planet, but that we can predict what that will be centuries in the future.

These are “interesting” claims…absurd and laughable claims, really, when you consider how often tomorrow’s forecast turns out to be wrong.

Or consider the recent hurricane report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and their amazingly specific predictions for this year’s hurricane season.

I’ll let the intrepid young reporter, Steven Crowder, in his latest “Louder with Crowder” explain it to you.

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