Key Facts About Israel’s Borders

It’s quite possible that there are a lot of people out there who don’t realize the gravity of the threats faced by Israel, and why President Barack Obama’s call for Israel to retreat to the 1967 border is so unacceptable.

We in the United States have enjoyed tremendous peace and security due to our geographical distance from our enemies. Israel is surrounded on every side by nations and groups that have sworn to see her erased from the planet.  The borders of the United States are huge, we have oceans on two of our four sides, and the bulk of our land is hundreds if not thousands of miles from our borders.  Some parts of Israel are only a few miles wide, and modern weaponry can pound the majority of Israel from the borders.

The terrorist acts of 911 were particularly shocking to us because we aren’t used to being vulnerable in our own homeland. The Israelis, on the other hand, are vulnerable every day, as a part of life.

The original UN plan for Israel in 1948 also created a Palestinian state.  However, like everything the UN does, it was a complete goat-rope and a royal mess.  The borders for both states made no sense and were completely untenable. None of that was good enough for the Palestinians or the neighboring Arab nations anyway, so they proceeded to wipe out Israel from the beginning.

Unfortunately for them, as they would learn over several years and several attempts to wipe Israel off the map, Israel was a lot stronger than they realized. Every attempt they made to annihilate the Jewish nation ended with Israel gaining more and more territory–something common through thousands of years of warfare, and quite reasonable since the ancestral homeland of Israel had been much larger than the UN plan to begin with.

This short video from the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs provides an excellent overview of why Israel needs, at a minimum, the borders she has now.  Anything less leaves Israel wide open to attack from multiple directions, and history teaches that those avenues will be exploited if left exposed.

Of course, many people already understand these vulnerabilities…and just don’t care.  President Barack Obama is one such person.  With the information and intelligence resources of the United States, there is simply no way he could possibly fail to understand the circumstances here; indeed, even the average citizen who took half an hour to educate themselves could grasp this.  There are simply some people who are more sympathetic to the terrorists and Islamic radicals who want to wipe Israel off the map, than they are with the shining beacon of democracy and freedom in the Middle East known as Israel.

Hopefully you are not such a person.  Hopefully you will walk away from this short film with a better understanding of the situation in the Middle East than you had before, and hopefully you will get behind our ally Israel to support her defense against those who would destroy her.

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  1. NO to hussein’s 1967 FINAL SOLUTION !