Herman Cain Handles the Hard Questions on Fox News

Herman Cain on Fox News

Herman Cain appeared on Fox News Sunday yesterday, one day after making his official announcement that he is running for the GOP nomination for president in 2012.

He certainly didn’t get a pass on the tough questions, either.  Several of them dealt with the always-messy situation in the Middle East–a situation made even messier by our own President Barack Obama and his recent calls to put Israel in the untenable position of returning to the 1967 borders.

Of course, not being a government insider like some of the candidates, Cain doesn’t have access to security briefings and other reports that provide vital information for decision making.  While some might hold that lack of access against him, I find it refreshing that he’s willing to admit up front that he doesn’t know all the pertinent facts, and setting forth public policy without all the facts would be reckless.

However, he makes it more and more clear all the time that he possesses the moral and common sense principles that can and should guide a leader once they become armed with those facts. You can have access to the best of information, yet make a complete mess of things…as President Obama proves over and over and over.  That is the result of not having the moral and practical principles to help guide your decision making.  Herman Cain understands the principles upon which our country was founded, and how those principles made this young upstart country the greatest nation on earth in short order.

In addition to his “Cain Doctrine” on Israel which he has already made clear (“You mess with Israel, you are messing with the United States of America.”), he also made it clear that he doesn’t support trying to work with, make accommodations to or appease terrorists.  When asked what President Cain would offer the Palestinians to make peace, he said, “Nothing.  Because I’m not convinced the Palestinians are really interested in peace.”

Indeed.  They have repeatedly demonstrated this over the years.  The student of history will remember that in the waning days of the Clinton Administration, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak was willing to give up the farm to the Palestinians.  What did the Palestinians do in response?  Launch a new wave of bloodshed.  Yes, that is how interested in peace these barbarians are.

Watch the second video below.  In it you will see Yasser Qachlaq, a Palestinian-Lebanese businessman, talk about the “filthy Jews” and how the only thing acceptable to him is to drive the Jews out of Israel.

It’s no wonder Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu politely (far more polite than I would have been after having watched my “ally” cut me off at the knees” in favor of bloodthirsty terrorists bent on the destruction of my nation) told President Barack Obama to his face that his call for Israel to give a way the farm” “It’s not gonna happen.”

We need a president who understands right from wrong. We need a president who does not sympathize with terrorists and bloodthirsty barbarians. We need a president who will not sell out our allies to their enemies. We need a president who as a strong moral compass and common sense.

We need a man like Herman Cain.

Herman Cain on Fox News Sunday

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One Response to “Herman Cain Handles the Hard Questions on Fox News”

  1. I’m unhappy with Cain’s support of TARP, but there are very few areas where his actions and statements don’t reflect a thoroughly conservative candidate.

    I haven’t heard anyone claim the Constitution specifically authorizes the POTUS to use our military to defend Israel, but the presidency is a very powerful bully pulpit to call for this or that, and Cain would thankfully use it to spur Congress to support Israel any time they need backing. Israel has stood behind us, and we should stand behind them. We are both open and free societies and should work together where possible–especially when one or the other of us are threatened by bloodthirsty barbarians.

    The Middle East situation is a complex hairball that goes back more than 60 years. Obviously more knowledge is better. However, having the right principles is more important than having all the facts in your back pocket beforehand. One can have a wealth of facts in their head, but if they don’t have a strong moral compass and the right principles, those facts count for naught–and President Obama is a prime example.

    Cain has better common sense and a better grasp of foundational American principles than any other declared candidate, so I have no qualms backing him and expecting to see him resoundingly defeat Barack Obama in 2012.