Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending May 28, 2011

Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending May 28, 2011

These are the best of the best at Dakota Voice last week. These are the articles people came here eager to read. If you missed one the first time around, this is your chance to get caught up on the week’s most important happenings.

Video: Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Speech to Congress – Courtesy of The Right Scoop, we have the video of today’s speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the United States Congress. Benjamin Netanyahu is one of my very favorite world leaders, and this speech demonstrates why: he refuses to appease evil, he refuses to compromise with evil, he is committed to freedom, and he understands the principles that can make any nation great if applied.

Suicidal Britain Continues Absurd Ban of Michael Savage – Do I also need to point out the sheer, mind-numbing lunacy of the British government here? Britain is run by suicidal, socialist leaders who have allowed their land and laws to be overrun by Islamists. They allow wild animal Muslims to throw frenzied temper tantrums in their streets and threaten the country with destruction and, hey! Thats A-OK! But, they will not tolerate a law-abiding American citizen who simply speaks about the danger we face from the radical Muslim maniacs who are hell-bent on destroying the West. They fear that if they now remove Dr. Savage from the list, the Muslims hordes in their country will blow a gasket and engage in unacceptable behaviours.

Herman Cain: Don’t Mess With Israel – Israel is one of America’s greatest friends and allies in the world. Not only is Israel the only stable democracy in the sea of oppression and repression that is the Middle East, Israel shares the same values as the United States. The nation of Israel has stood by the United States through thick and thin, and has even taken it on the chin for us more than once. GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain made clear what the “Cain Doctrine” would be: “You mess with Israel, you are messing with the United States of America.”

When Radical Isn’t Radical Enough – Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich recently attacked House Budget Chairman Paul Ryans Medicare proposals as imposing radical change from the right. Given our nation’s astronomical debt and deficit, Ryan’s proposals actually are not radical enough.

Herman Cain #1 on Zogby Poll – Though the “mainstream” media continues to do its best to pretend that Herman Cain doesn’t exist, the “atypical GOP candidate” continues to rise in popularity with the conservative base of the Republican Party. Today’s latest Zogby poll has Cain ahead of Christy by 3 points in the #1 spot. Despite his millions and his backing by the GOP establishment fatcats, Mitt “RomneyCare” Romney continues to lag behind in third place.

The Imperial Presidency of Barack Obama – Last Friday, May 20, was the deadline for a report to congress from President Barack Obama on his engagement of U.S. military forces in the Libyan civil war. That deadline passed without the report required by the War Powers Act, making this administration once again a group of lawbreakers. When the chief executive of a nation takes it upon himself to act without legal authority and without the required consent of other areas of government, we usually think of such actions as imperial in nature.

Woe to You, Federal Fools! – You may have heard the passage from Matthew 23:13-33 where Jesus was talking to the pompous, self-righteous leaders of his day. What might that sound like if it was updated to send an appropriate message to the pompous, self-indulgent leaders of our day? Thanks to Frank Turek, we know what it would sound like.

Herman Cain Brings Needed Lift to Republican Race – America needs a president who will help turn us back from this slide into the socialist abyss and help shrink the size of the federal government. On the issues, he sounds like one of us: securing our borders, enforcing immigration laws, guarding against the Islamic threat, exploiting our own energy resources, and lowering taxes. He is certainly a much-needed lift in the bleak field of Republican presidential candidates.

Gov. Christie a Global Warming Disciple – I received some very disappointing news yesterday. It has to do with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, whom I’ve admired for some time. Though he is a straight-talking, no nonsense powerhouse for common sense and fiscal responsibility, apparently he supported a state-level cap and trade global warming tax, and believes in the hoax of anthropogenic global warming.

Government Regulations Don’t Make You Safer – The United States has three sectors of the economy suffering under regulatory red tape: financial services, energy and now health care. I’m certain the financial services regulations have caused more harm than good. Until voters recognize the unintended costs of regulations, politicians will continue to gain political capital by passing such feel-good legislation. Voters have to cultivate a mindset of freedom and deregulation rather than first thinking, “There ought to be a law.”

Thank you, faithful readers, for making these the best of the best!

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