Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending May 14, 2011

These are the best of the best articles from Dakota Voice last week. These are the article people read and talked about the most. If you missed one the first time around, this is your chance to get caught up!

Herman Cain Rockets Up GOP Presidential Poll – The “mainstream” media desperately wants us to think that Barack Obama has already won the 2012 election, that Republicans should just give up now because the Obamessiah is unbeatable (in their minds). But with a good conservative candidate like Herman Cain launching to near the top of the polls, there is renewed hope that not only can a Republican win, but a real Republican can win.

Family Defenders Insulted, Homosexual Activist Confirmed to Mass. High Court – The Soviet Union is history, but the ways of it are alive and well right here in America. Im talking about the diseased scourge of political correctness, which is nothing more than speech fascism. The relentless assault continues on the freedom of Christians to express their beliefs and speak out against the radical homosexual agenda that infects our society, and has largely succeeded in capturing the sympathy and even the lives of many of the young people in our country through years of public school, media and entertainment indoctrination.

President Obama Invites Racists to White House – It’s hard to believe that after all the guff the “mainstream” media and the rest of the Left has given the Tea Party movement for supposedly being racist President Barack Obama, America’s second black president (Bill Clinton was the first, you will recall) has invited a couple of bigoted racists to the White House for a poetry event.

Don’t Bring Back Slavery to America – As the states’ lawsuit against the imposition of the unconstitutional ObamaCare works its way through the appeals process, Senator Ron Paul (R-KY) hit the nail on the head concerning the abomination that is ObamaCare during a hearing in the Senate HELP Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging today. He called it “slavery,” amounting to the conscription of doctors against their will. Indeed. It also enslaves every American taxpayer, forcing them to work for the benefit of others against their will.

SOS: Speaking of Seniors – Helping the Veterans – Last year, a senior citizen woman who was a client brought her grandson to our agency for health insurance. The young man was in his twenties and had served our country in Afghanistan. His TRICARE coverage ended in late 2010. Carol Quaglia was able to help the man get a short term health insurance policy that lasted six months. He had trouble getting health care because he was still under medication for post traumatic stress disorder from his service in Afghanistan.

It’s Time for Christians in the Public Square – In this video clip, we learn of the patriot pastor John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg who took off his clerical robes to don the uniform of an American soldier in the American Revolution. Who says pastors shouldn’t get involved in politics? This great patriot is honored with a number of statues about our nations’ capital. Our nation is teetering on the brink of disaster. Isn’t it time pastors and laymen once again got engaged in the fight for what God has given us in America?

For My Mother – Matthew Henry, the eighteenth century English preacher and author of the renowned commentary that bears his name, began his examination of Proverbs 31 with the following words: When children are under the mother’s eye, she has an opportunity of fashioning their minds aright. Those who are grown up, should often call to mind the good teaching they received when children. King Lemuel concludes his well-known description of the virtuous woman taught to him by his mother and recorded in Proverbs 31 with these words: Give her the fruit of her hands, and let her works praise her in the gates.

Is Lawless Obama an Unstoppable Dictator? – How many more times do we need to see Obama thumb his nose at the Constitution and the rule of law in America for us to understand that he is a man of lawlessness? There is no need for me to do the laundry list rundown of the outrages wrought by this administration and former Democrat Congress, because you have watched them happen one by one since Obama took office.

Pulling the plug on Obamacare – Obamacare is like turnip greens: bitter and hard to swallow, but Mommy made you choke them down anyway. The difference is that turnip greens are constitutional (though perhaps they shouldnt be). When ones stated goal is to fundamentally transform America, the U.S. Constitution, as intended by our nations founding visionaries, becomes a significant encumbrance rather than an instrument of freedom. Its little wonder that exceeding constitutional authority has become the defining hallmark of this, the most radical presidential administration in American history.

Different Presidential Visions on Immigration – President Barack Obama and Herman Cain, the man who would replace him in 2012, have two very different views of immigration and border control for America. We already know all too well what President Obama’s vision entails: amnesty, and refusing to enforce the law. Herman Cain, however, has a four-pronged approach to deal with border security, law enforcement, citizenship and hiring practices, and empowering the states.

Thank you, faithful readers, for making these the best of the best!

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