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Fear Monger Demonstrates Empty Liberal ‘Argument’

Fear Monger Demonstrates Empty Liberal 'Argument'

It isn’t often you receive such good live demonstrations of political truths. This is one that came earlier today as former Clinton advisor Simon Rosenberg and conservative talk show host Ben Ferguson went on Fox News to talk about the fear-mongering that Democrats are offering in response to our $1.6 TRILLION annual deficit, our $14 TRILLION national debt, and our entitlements implosion.

What Makes America ‘America’?

What Makes America 'America'?

Have you ever wondered what makes America unique among all the nations of the earth? Have you ever wondered why the United States has enjoyed prosperity and domestic tranquility unparalleled in the world and throughout history? Perhaps it has something to do with our recognition of certain fundamental truths. What might those fundamental truths be?

Producing Propaganda: ‘Mainstream’ Media Tactics

Producing Propaganda: 'Mainstream' Media Tactics

If you’ve never stopped to consider how the “mainstream” media manipulates your thoughts, feelings and reactions to elicit a response favorable to their agenda, you should watch this presentation. Watch this. Be on guard. Don’t let yourself be taken in by the pap. The greatest republic in history depends on your clear thought and clear grasp of the issues.

Suicidal Britain Continues Absurd Ban of Michael Savage

Suicidal Britain Continues Absurd Ban of Michael Savage

Do I also need to point out the sheer, mind-numbing lunacy of the British government here? Britain is run by suicidal, socialist leaders who have allowed their land and laws to be overrun by Islamists. They allow wild animal Muslims to throw frenzied temper tantrums in their streets and threaten the country with destruction—and, hey! That’s A-OK! But, they will not tolerate a law-abiding American citizen who simply speaks about the danger we face from the radical Muslim maniacs who are hell-bent on destroying the West. They fear that if they now remove Dr. Savage from the list, the Muslims hordes in their country will blow a gasket and “engage in unacceptable behaviours.”

Anti-Semitism Back in Chic?

Anti-Semitism Back in Chic?

It’s amazing the kind of despicable behavior you can get away with, if you just couch it in the right terms or follow in the footsteps of the “right people” when doing so. Some would say President Obama is making it fashionable once again to show disrespect for the Jewish people and put lipstick on the pig of anti-semitism.