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Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending May 21, 2011

Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending May 21, 2011

These the the best of the best articles at Dakota Voice last week, including: The Evil Lie of Diversity; Liberals Trash Church Service to Trash Israel; Govt to Private Business: Shut Up; Herman Cain: To Know Him Is To Get Excited About Him; Why Are Unions That Fought for ObamaCare Getting Waivers From It?; Restoring the Social Good & Moral Potential of Business; and more!

Herman Cain: Don’t Mess With Israel

Herman Cain: Don't Mess With Israel

Israel is one of America’s greatest friends and allies in the world. Not only is Israel the only stable democracy in the sea of oppression and repression that is the Middle East, Israel shares the same values as the United States. The nation of Israel has stood by the United States through thick and thin, and has even taken it on the chin for us more than once. GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain made clear what the “Cain Doctrine” would be: “You mess with Israel, you are messing with the United States of America.”