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We Got Him!

We Got Him!

Though it may seem morbid to rejoice and celebrate over the killing of a person, his demise offers those afflicted by the tragedy of 9/11 an important sense of closure, and the men and women who have put their lives on the line in the War on Terror a feeling of great triumph. It also offers an opportunity for moderate Muslims to reclaim their faith from a man who hijacked it in the name of global jihad.

Mother’s Day and the budget crisis

Mother's Day and the budget crisis

As Americans celebrate Mother’s Day 2011, I doubt many will be thinking about any connection between their Mom and budget negotiations in Washington. But there is a connection. Mother’s Day became a national holiday by way of a resolution passed by Congress in 1914. Although since then the country has grown to become the world’s undisputed superpower, at the same time key social realities that helped enable us to get to this point have changed and eroded.