It’s Official! US Constitution Second to Islam in Dearborn

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Gina Miller

So, have you heard?  The United States Constitution no longer protects freedom of speech and expression for American citizens on American soil.  Yep.  It became official this past Friday in Dearborn, Michigan.

It all started when Gainesville, Florida pastor, Terry Jones, of the Dove World Outreach Center and his assistant pastor Wayne Sapp planned to protest in front of the largest mosque in America, which is in Dearborn.  They applied for a permit to hold the protest, but not only was no permit given, they ended up in court and then in jail.  As Nina Shea reports at National Review online,

“On Friday, April 22, they had planned a two-man demonstration to protest ‘sharia and jihad’ during the weekly prayer service outside the Shiite Islamic Center of America, in Dearborn, Michigan. News of their application for a protest permit prompted at least four serious death threats against them from ‘metro Detroiters,’ according to the police chief.  They were told by authorities they would have to cover the costs of a massive security effort for their protest, amounting to $46,000.  They refused and were promptly prosecuted on the afternoon of the 22nd. They were found guilty of intending to disturb the peace, ordered by the court to stay away from the Dearborn mosque for the next three years, and briefly jailed for refusing to pay the ‘peace bond,’ to ensure there would be no public disturbance — a bond that the prosecutor had requested to be set at $46,000 but which the court had reduced to $1. It appears that the jury, judge, prosecutor and police chief, all feared that the planned protest would set off local Muslim riots or other violent actions.”

Islamic Center of America (Photo credit: Anne B. Hood)

This is beyond belief.  These guys had not even protested!  They merely applied for a permit!  So, they were prosecuted for something they had not yet done! And, the last I checked, protesting is not a crime in our country, or those entitlement union whiners in Wisconsin surely would have been thrown in jail.  This sounds like something that would happen in Europe or Canada, not America!

These men are controversial, no doubt about it.  After they staged a Koran burning back in March, maniacal Muslims went on a killing spree in Afghanistan in response.  As I have pointed out before, Islamists do not need an excuse to kill people.  The only ones responsible for the murders in the Middle East are the wild animal Islamists who did the killings, not Mr. Jones and Mr. Sapp.

This time, Mr. Jones did not plan to burn any Korans.  They planned a peaceful protest against Shariah and jihad outside the mosque.  City officials and the jury in Dearborn apparently let their fear of a potential Muslim backlash cow them into spitting on the U.S. Constitution in favor of the Muslims.

It probably did not help Mr. Jones’ case that he and Mr. Sapp represented themselves in court.  They would have stood a better chance had they retained a good defense attorney to point out the absurdity, and argue the unconstitutionality, of the whole case.

Mr. Jones heads Stand up America,  a Christian political activist organization.  On the website, he released a statement regarding the charade in Dearborn,

“We posted the bond.  We made it very, very clear that we posted this under the greatest protest!

The arrests, the whole proceedings, were a definite violation of our Constitutional rights.  As a matter of fact, we were arrested and had not even committed a crime.  It is a complete violation of our First Amendment Right of Freedom of Speech.

It was clearly influenced by the mosque.  We were told that we were able to present our message in front of one of the ‘Free Speech Zones’, but we were NOT allowed to present our message in the grassy area in front of the mosque.

Sharia is much closer than we thought.  The judge even made a statement, that if the mosque elders and leadership would have desired the restraints placed on us of not going near the mosque be lifted, then he would have taken that into consideration.

Thus proving that this whole thing is a direct violation of Freedom of Speech and that they are favoring the religion of Islam.

The City of Dearborn used the court as an instrument to prevent our protest from taking place today as scheduled, and has now violated our civil liberties by preventing us from exercising our freedom of speech as planned.  We will be in contact with legal representation and plan to protest next week in front of the Islamic Center.”

The Detroit News reports that Mr. Jones is planning to sue over his arrest.  He is in contact with the Thomas More Law Center.  As reported,

“Jones’ case is unique, said Richard Thompson, the center’s president and chief counsel. ‘There are legal experts and commentators from all sides of the political spectrum who agree that what happened to Pastor Jones was a violation of the First Amendment.’

Constitutional law expert Robert Sedler said he is glad Jones is challenging the ‘bizarre’ ruling by 19th District Judge Mark Somers requiring Jones to post a ‘peace bond,’ jailing him for refusing and ordering him to stay away from the mosque for three years — all before Jones held the demonstration.

‘The Supreme Court says you cannot deny a permit because of the message,’ said Sedler, a Wayne State University Law School professor. ‘The U.S. Constitution supersedes everything, which is why this is so bizarre.’”

This is indeed bizarre, but not surprising, considering that the Dearborn area is a stronghold of Islam.  I have written before about the deplorable treatment Christians have received in Dearborn. City officials there openly cater to the Islamists at the expense of the constitutional rights of Christian American citizens.  It is a disgusting, festering sore of an area of malignant Shariah law right here in America.

However, we the American people are to blame for allowing this Islamic cancer to metastasize in our country.  We have slept while the Islamists crept.  Their intention has always been the overthrow of western civilization, and we allowed them to flood into our nation with their subversive agenda flaming in their hearts.  We meekly embraced them and gladly extended to them the liberating freedom of our Constitution, all the while unaware that the fragrant freedom of our nation and American way of life is a stench to their backward noses.

The time for staying quiet is not only over, it never really was.  There are too many Americans who are still ignorant of the evil agenda of the Muslim world, and they need to be told the truth.  Muslim lobby groups like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) desperately try to paint us as racists or bigots when we tell the truth about Islam.  The wicked media and this un-American Obama administration are also on the side of the Islamists, so it’s up to America-loving patriots to sound the alarm, to warn the people of the danger to our country from the anti-Christian, anti-freedom, anti-American Islamic Shariah agenda.

Each time I say these things, I get bombarded with people claiming that there are many so-called “moderate Muslims,” and that only a few “extremists” are causing these problems.  But, as I have pointed out before, people who claim to be Muslim are bound by the dictates of the Koran and Shariah law.  There is no question that Islam commands its followers to make war against non-Muslims, especially Christians and Jews.  Therefore, anyone claiming to be Muslim who does not follow its dictates is an apostate Muslim, period.

This terribly wrong court ruling in Dearborn must be overturned.  There could not be a more clear-cut violation of the constitutional rights of Mr. Jones and Mr. Sapp.  Regardless of how you “feel” about the Koran-burning pastor, you’d better hope he prevails in this case.  Our constitutional freedoms are hanging by a thread against the evil and backward ideology of Islam.

Gina Miller, a native of Texas, is a radio commentator and disc jockey. She also works with her husband installing and repairing residential irrigation systems and doing landscaping on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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  1. State and local governments try this kind of thing all the time. Remember the Nazis in Skokie? Fortunately, state and local governments don’t decide the Constitution. Federal courts do. And in this case, as usual, it is the ACLU that takes point in defending free speech. The ACLU already has filed a brief for Jones.

  2. Yes, for once, the ACLU has done the right thing. As they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  3. I should have done just a bit more research. Apparently Pastor Jones does not have an “official” doctorate of theology, just an honorary degree. According to Wikipedia (which I hate to cite),

    “Jones received no academic degree in theology but was given an honorary degree from the unaccredited California Graduate School of Theology in 1983…”

    I simply took his word (from his website) where he signs his name, “Dr. Terry Jones.”

    Live and learn.

  4. I should have done just a bit more research. Apparently Pastor Jones does not have an “official” doctorate of theology, just an honorary degree. According to Wikipedia (which I hate to cite),

    “Jones received no academic degree in theology but was given an honorary degree from the unaccredited California Graduate School of Theology in 1983…”

    I simply took his word (from his website) where he signs his name, “Dr. Terry Jones.”

    Live and learn.

  5. Gina
    Help me out. You say there can’t be moderate Muslims because the Koran says certain things and if these moderates don’t follow them , then they are apostate Muslims. All the christian denominations don’t all agree either on what the Bible always says and means, so are they apostate also ?

  6. Brian, Christianity and Islam are not even in the same universe, ideologically. Christianity is clear on the path to salvation: Jesus Christ is it; there is no other way. Different Christian “denominations” do not disagree on that essential path to salvation–or else they’re not actually Christian.

    Islam is also clear about making war, jihad, against non-Muslims, anyone who leaves Islam, and–well, pretty much the entire world.

    Where are the Muslims who deny the plain language of the Koran which calls for fighting non-Muslims, Christians and Jews (monkeys and dogs in Islam’s estimation), subjugating and abusing women and other minorities, etc.? Where are those Muslims? They are not “true believers;” they’re apostate.

    Brian, if you are unable or unwilling to see what the Islamists in our world are up to, I cannot otherwise help you to “see” the deadly poison of their evil intentions for our nation, western civilization and Israel (as if the daily bombings, beheadings and other various murders and mayhem aren’t obvious enough to anyone with half a willing brain!). Can’t you see the “progress” they’ve made in Europe?

  7. islam is a horrible ideology for human rights

    5 key things about islam

    1. mythical beliefs – all religions have these (faith) because its part of being a religion: having beliefs without proof until after the believer dies. the problem is people will believe almost anything.

    2. totalitarianism – islam has no seperation of church and state: sharia law governs all. there is no free will in islam: only submission to the will of allah as conveniently determined by the imams who spew vapors to feather their own nests. there are no moderate muslims: they all support sharia law.

    3. violence – islam leads the pack of all religions in violent tenets for their ideology & history: having eternal canonical imperatives for supremacy at all costs and calling for violence & intimidation as basic tools to achieve these goals.

    4. dishonesty – only islam has dishonesty as a fundamental tenet: this stems from allah speaking to mohamhead & abrogation in the koran which is used to explain how mo’s peaceful early life was superseded by his warlord role later.

    5. misogyny – present day islam is still rooted in 8th century social ethics: treating females as property of men good only for children, severely limiting their activities, dressing them in shower curtains and worse.

    conclusions ??

    there really are NO redeeming qualities for this muddled pile of propaganda.

    islam is just another fascist totalitarian ideology used by power hungry fanatics on yet another quest for worldwide domination and includes all the usual human rights abuses & suppression of freedoms.

    graphics version

    pdf file this essay – click download 6kb the google viewer doesn’t show fonts accurately, excellent 1 page flyer for printing & distributing

  8. Well,I don’t want to rehash this all again, but I would say that the millions of christians who do not think the Bible is the literal word of God is a pretty apostatic thing to say to those who believe the Bibleis the literal word.

    But all you and I have to go on is the internet and TV and radio and not what is ACTUALLY happening on the ground in Dearborn. If Sharia is replacing our Constitution in Dearborn ,I think it would be nice if someone presented one law or ordinance passed in Dearborn that shows that to be true.

    And with a population of over 100,000 people, we know there are many devout christians living there, but where are their protests that Sharia has taken over. I am just saying to know the truth, we would all have to go to Dearborn and talk to the people living there who know what is happening and not rely on biased views from the right and left media.

    How does that saying go ” Seek and ye shall find “. Let’s go to Dearborn and seek the truth and not what surfaces in the media, which isn’t seeking in my book !

    Again, I am no fan of Islam

  9. Brian, there is no need to bring Christianity into this discussion, because Christians do not have an agenda remotely related to that of the Islamists. It is the Islamists–in their own words–who are on a concerted quest to subjugate the world under an Islamic caliphate. They have repeatedly said so!

    Dearborn is just one place in the United States. The population of Dearborn is close to 35% Muslim. It’s not the only place in the U.S. where Islamists have been quietly and steadily positioning themselves and invading the city’s schools and institutions.

    There are plenty of sources for information and research to learn the steady progress of the Islamists in our nation–check out nationwide court cases for a start.

    Brian, as you said, I don’t want to rehash this same conversation again. You must know that since the Islamists do not have the ability to take us down with might and force, they are quietly running a stealth campaign to take us down from within. They have been doing this in Europe, and I’m sorry you are unable to see the progress they are making right here in America. Remember–baby steps. Eventually, baby steps become track sprinting.

  10. Having covered the Christianity and Islam not even in the same universe, I’ll address the issue of “Christian” differences.
    There is a core belief in Christendom that Jesus is the “Way the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except by Me.” John 14:6. Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and rose again. These are the things a Christian believes. Where the line is crossed to apostasy will vary depending on who you talk to. Heaven exists, and so does hell.

    “He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.” John 3:18

    I’d say if these things aren’t believed, you are an apostate.

  11. Sorry about bringing Christianity into the discussion. You are right. And I am truly concerned with any religion trying to bring its edicts into our laws. And with the way that many radical Islamists believe and feel today, I’ll have an eye on them as well.

  12. If someone claims to be a Christian but doesn’t believe the Bible is literally the word of God, then I have to seriously doubt their claim to Christianity. After all, how does one know what Christianity is, or how to be one, or who Christ is–without the Bible? And if you can’t believe the Bible (which itself makes the claim to be God’s word), how can you know that what you believe about Christ is true? How can you reliably know ANYTHING about Christ if you can’t believe the Bible? You see, there is a circular arc of credibility here. Saying you don’t believe the Bible is God’s word but that you are a Christian is like saying that you’re an electrician but you doubt that the books you used to study really contain accurate information about electrical work.

    What is happening in Dearborn doesn’t have to replace the Constitution at this point to have accomplished a de facto replacement. In fact, that’s how erosions usually occur. Law is just ignored first; later it can be officially replaced. That is what has happened with the U.S. Constitution on a national level–we have been ignoring it for decades by implementing programs for which there is clearly no constitutional authority. Whether it is ever officially replaced or not, it has already effectively been replaced. This is what is already in an advanced state in Dearborn, and what many astute observers of current events see coming on the horizon in other areas of our country–it’s already even farther advanced in Europe.

    There have already been egregious cases of Islam-over-Constitution in Dearborn, and this one just upped the ante for outrageousness. If the citizens of Dearborn and Michigan don’t strike back by impeaching, firing or otherwise replacing the individuals who perpetrated this injustice, it will continue to get worse.

  13. Not censoring comments, Eagle Two, just moderating them. We have a fair amount of idjits who like to troll and waste everyone’s time, so we screen before publishing comments.

  14. Yes, you are correct. There is no need for a “doctorate of theology” to speak, preach or spread the Word of God.

    However, what happened with my column today was that someone on Free Republic challenged my labeling of Terry Jones with the title of Doctor. I did an ounce of research and learned that he did not have an “official” title of Dr.

    Therefore, I have changed the prefix to his name in this column.

    It’s not God’s requirement, of course, but men will hold you to account for using an “improper title” when addressing someone. Just a technicality–don’t let it bother you.

  15. All those that are part of this conversation are asking for the truth about what is happenning in
    Dearborn. I have a distinct advantage because I have lived in Dearobrn for almost 30 years. I am also a devout fundamental Christian. I can tell everyone that will listen that I am not aware of any islamic laws passed in Dearborn or any laws presently on the books that are ignored because of islamic law or tradition. Dearborn is a multi-ethnic community that respects all religions. Both my kids went to Deaborn public schools with many arabic kids. Christmas programs still included traditional Christian christmas songs, sung by all the children. Sports banquets included both Christian and islamic prayers. Now I will say that most school bulletins come home in both english and arabic text. There are arabic newspapers along with english papers that you would expect.
    I also know that islam is a false religion that requires harm to come to non-muslims. I have read the koran twice because I wanted to know what it really says rather than what others say about it. With that said, I have never had any problems with any arabic neighbors. I have had nothing but good experiences with all of them and am pleased that they take care of their home and property as well as anyone. I think that everyone gets along as well as anywhere else. Of course there are a few problems in the city, but certainly no more than any other older urban bedroom community.
    Tery Jones was treated wrong, but it was the county prosecutor (not the city) that pressed charges. He was tried in the city, but by the county DA.
    I enjoy living in Dearborn. I expect to live here as long as possible. I don’t want to move anywhere else.

  16. Well, Steve, you are a person who is right in the middle of the conquest, if you really are in Dearborn, and these people who are so determined to do what they want to do have you right where they want you.

    Why do you think that almost no one in America “sees” what the Islamists are doing? It’s because the Islamists are unable to take us by force. Therefore, they are steadily worming their way into our system like the termites they are, and before you know it, WE’RE EUROPE!!! They are stealthy, and unless we open our eyes to their intentions, we will eventually become another Islamic caliphate. DON’T DOUBT ME ON THIS.

    I understand that you have had “nice experiences” with your Muslim neighbors, but you need to wake up, and get a clue about their true intentions. You say you have read the Koran, but apparently you have missed some very significant points of Islam. You, YES YOU, are in their crosshairs, and you either don’t know it, or you’re just pulling our leg and are batting for the other team.

  17. Sorry, Joe, but your arguments don’t fly. There is nothing taken “out of context” from the ideology of Islam. What I said is most certainly NOT a lie.

    You are using the same lines that Muslim apologists always use to deny the plain teachings of Islam. We know better here.

  18. He most certainly has been denied his right to free speech and expression on a public street in Dearborn, Michigan.

    You may not realize that Mr. Jones being banned from the area around the mosque for three years is just exactly the way we end up losing our freedom of speech, altogether. Bit by bit our freedoms are restricted, until one day we wake up, and we are not allowed to speak out at all.

    And, thinking like yours is the way dictators get away with it, often unnoticed until it’s too late.

  19. What a surprise, in Britain today some mooselim guy has threatened to smear and ruin the royal wedding AND turn the British into a sharia law country. He also said they will jihad funerals and all public events in britain. and he was talking British, this tells me he has been there way to long and should be deported.

  20. Only way to get rid of this is to cut it out. This will not happen because blood will have to be shed. All the other nations that now have a large population really have a problem. They can’t get rid if them. The US will not even try. We will die with no freedom.

  21. I have listened and read your mayor, other city officials and your local laypeople on this and all the people who are actually there on the ground like you are, know that Islam is not overtaking your city. I honestly don’t see how someone could say it is, unless they put their feet in your city and find out for themselves. Instead they rely on the internet.

    I understand that Dearborn has designed areas where all are welcome to say what they want and some areas where a simple permit is needed. My city is the same. We don’t allow public debates, speeches or rallies to be held on public school playgrounds for instance.
    Jones didn’t have the simple permit to speak where he demanded and was told he could use the designed public areas that others used. He refused, so he suffered the consequences. Correct me if wrong.

  22. Brain, the short answer to your question is a resounding YES, though Christianity has no retribution for failing to follow the straight and narrow in the here and now save an individual’s personal concern as to which netherworld they may inhabit in the hereafter. Such, however, is not the case with islam. As we know, ‘da rule book in islam is chock full of do’s and don’ts with lots of unpleasant side effects for those who fail to follow the rules.

    I recommend you read an article titled “Good Muslim, Bad Muslim” written by Tariq Ramadan, grandson of Hassan Banna, founder of the muslim brotherhood. Mr. Ramadan explains that what the west describes as a “bad” muslim is actually what islam defines as a good muslim, and, yup, you guessed it, what the west describes as a “good” muslim is what islam considers a “bad” muslim.

    And this coming from a man the west considers a model of moderation! Mr. Ramadan presents himself that way, to be sure. He apparently finds it useful, but don’t be fooled. He is as much in favor of establishing a worldwide islamic caliphate as the most radical imam, the difference lies in the tactics. So stop asking silly questions, trying to get all technical and such and just start believing what the muslims themselves say. Like Mr. Ramadan for starters!

  23. Joe. Joe. I’m not promoting “paranoia.”

    I have plainly stated the truth that the world of Islam is at war the the “rest of the world.” That is a fact. Just because there may be apostate Muslims who only want to live their lives and be left alone does not mean that the majority of “true believers” of Islam don’t want to destroy all of western civilization.

    That’s just the facts, Jack.

    The body count gives the lie to your defense of the indefensible, pal.

  24. Yes, Ken, it must be cut out like the cancer it is, or we’re Europe, and worse than “toast.”

  25. The Islamist enemies of all that is right and true must have their apologists, and you’re certainly doing your part for the Grand Jihad.

  26. I’m not that concerned about the Muslims that Muslims have killed. It’s certainly sad and a tragedy, but since so few Muslims speak out against all the terrorism committed in recent decades in the name of Allah, I figure they must be okay with the bloodshed, and if they’re okay with it, how much can I do as an outsider?

    What I am most concerned with are all the innocent civilians Muslims have killed in the name of Allah, specifically the 3,000 or so murdered on 911, as well as all the other Americans they’ve killed in smaller numbers both before and since then.

    How many of the acts of terrorism committed against America in the last 30 years have been committed by Muslims? You really should look it up. Based on your myopic perspective on world events, I’m certain you’d be shocked–shocked into rational thought, I don’t know, but shocked nevertheless.

    Since your myopia seems to have left you somewhere in the neighborhood of being as ill-informed as a fence post, I should point out that President Bush did NOT invade Iraq “based on a lie,” but rather on multiple grounds of justification. Here is a little information to catch you up on things that informed people knew some eight years ago: and

    I should also point out (since you don’t seem to understand) that, unlike Muslim terrorists, the U.S. military does not deliberately target innocent civilians. Rather, we we target hostile military forces and terrorists; it is the terrorists who attack innocent civilians.

    Gina is also correct that “moderate” Muslims are actually apostate Muslims, akin to the “cultural Christians” common in the West who call themselves Christians while ignoring Christian teaching to lead moral lives. Likewise, these moderate Muslims fail to take seriously what the Quran, the Hadith and countless Muslim clerics teach about dealing with infidels and unbelief. Take a look and see: I think that any objective mind will find these values not only in contradiction to Western values, but corrosive to Western values when not opposed.

    It’s a pity that you seem too gutless to stand up to evil. Your own country is already caving to Shariah law (I see from your IP that you are from London), and here you are reaching half way around the world encouraging appeasement in America, too. You are apparently a part of the reason why innocent civilians continue to be slaughtered by terrorists: you and your ilk make it clear to these bloodthirsty barbarians that there are cowards infesting Western nation who lack the courage to stop them. To them, that’s more than enough license to kill and keep on killing. Take a look at your hands; I hope you’re proud of the blood that drenches them.