As Tea Party Celebrates America, Left Shows Its Disrespect

While patriotic Americans across our nation spent the weekend celebrating our unique heritage of freedom and protesting the socialization of our bloated big government, Leftists and other America-loathers were out showing how much they hate all that makes America great.

I try to keep Dakota Voice family friendly, but I decided to include a particularly nasty display of liberal behavior here for its educational value.  Don’t play these videos around children, but if you are an adult who loves America, you need to see them.

Most Americans are decent people who naturally assume that their fellow Americans are like them: decent people who love our country deeply, though sometimes disagreeing here and there on various “interpretations.” This otherwise commendable disposition of most Americans to think the best of their fellow Americans sometimes causes us to be blind to the vitriolic hatred and acidic loathing many on the Left has for our nation and our way of life. Patriotic Americans generally understand the principles upon which our nation was founded, so they find it hard to believe that any of their fellow Americans could hold such vicious animosity for our Christian heritage, our commitment to freedom, our foundation of limited government, our belief in personal responsibility, and so on.

You will see Leftists talk about how they wipe dirty body parts with the American flag.  You will see liberals carrying on like spoiled children during the Star Spangled Banner, booing and otherwise being brats. You will hear Leftists screaming profanity at a teen age Tea Party patriot.  In other words, you will see the face of the American Left with the mask off.

Hopefully these few videos below will serve to remind patriotic Americans of just what it is that we are fighting when we fight for the survival of the American republic–and remind us that the threat is very real.  Hopefully these reminders that America does indeed have enemies–and enemies within–who will stop at nothing less than the total destruction of our way of life, and that we must not hesitate or shrink back from defeating these enemies.

Some may be tempted to believe that after Election Day 2010, the work of the Tea Party, 912 and other patriots is done.  This proves more than ever that the work is not done; it has just begun.  Election Day 2010 was just the purchase of our opportunity to fight for America in the arena of ideas, not the end of the fight.  No, patriots don’t get a vacation, a furlough, a leave of absence, a sabbatical from the fight to protect our country from its enemies, both foreign and domestic.

As has often been said, the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.  Let’s get to the fight!

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3 Responses to “As Tea Party Celebrates America, Left Shows Its Disrespect”

  1. This counter-protesting isn’t free “speech,” it’s raw breach of the peace – illegal. They should all be arrested if they don’t have anything to say other than hurling obscene sexual invectives.