Hiding the Truth, Hiding From the Truth

Regular commenter ThisOldSpouse provided a reference last night in another discussion that I thought merited its own examination. It’s an article at Virtue Online by Ronald G. Lee (originally published at the New Oxford Review and reprinted there by permission) entitled “The Books Were a Front for the Porn: The Truth About the Homosexual Rights Movement.”

Lee tells the story of a homosexual book store in Austin, Texas called Lobo’s.  The front of the store had shelves lined with all sorts of books on “gay” fiction, gay history, gay memoirs, and all sorts of other books written by homosexuals or about homosexuals. Several rows behind these works of literature was another section which was out of view from the window: the pornography section.

Interestingly, Lee points out, you never saw anyone in the book section; they were all in the back checking out the porn. So why would the store owners waste all that money on books no one wanted to look at much less buy? It bought them respectability. It bought them legitimacy. It bought cover and concealment for the real purpose of the store.

Lee’s article is a lengthy one, but most assuredly worth the read. If you are a homosexual, I would encourage you to read it for some insight into your world that you may never have even considered.

If you are a heterosexual who has been taken in by the “it’s about fairness, it’s about equality, it’s about loving everyone” pitch from the homosexual movement, this is the “look behind the curtain” you desperately need in order to fill you in about the hidden truth.

If you are a heterosexual who is already well-informed about the threat the homosexual agenda poses to our society (and to people caught up in this lifestyle), you may still gain valuable insights by reading this article–insights you can take with you to help alert others to the truth. This article provides the insight into the self-deception and public-deception which is at the core of the homosexual agenda, told my someone who lived inside that world for many years.

Here are just a few quotes from the article I thought were particularly revealing:

…There are millions of well-meaning Americans who support gay rights because they believe that what they see looking in at Lobo’s is what is really there. It does not occur to them that they are seeing a carefully stage-managed effort to manipulate them, to distract them from a truth they would never condone…

…Ralph McInerny once offered a brilliant definition of the gay rights movement: self-deception as a group effort. Nevertheless, deception of the general public is also vital to the success of the cause…The gay Christian movement relies on a stratagem that is as daring as it is dishonest…

…This is how it works. McNeill reinterprets the story of Sodom, claiming that it does not condemn homosexuality, but gang rape…Getting at the truth about Sodom and Gomorrah, or correctly parsing the sexual ethics of St. Thomas, was never really the issue. Winning admittance to Holy Communion was the issue…

…Why would McNeill pretend to believe that homosexuals should restrict themselves to sex within the context of monogamous relationships when his life demonstrates that he did not? I can think of only one reason. Because he knew that if he told the truth, his cause would be dead in the water…

…On the basis of evidence no stronger than wishful thinking, Andrew Sullivan wants us to believe that legalizing same-sex “marriage” will domesticate gay men, that all that energy now devoted to building bars and bathhouses will be dedicated to erecting picket fences and two-car garages. What Sullivan refuses to face is that male homosexuals are not promiscuous because of “internalized homophobia,” or laws banning same-sex “marriage.” Homosexuals are promiscuous because when given the choice, homosexuals overwhelmingly choose to be promiscuous. And wrecking the fundamental social building block of our civilization, the family, is not going to change that…

… I met a man online whose fondest wish was to be spanked with a leather wallet. It had to be leather. And it had to be a wallet. And he needed to be spanked with it…So, is the desire to be spanked with a leather wallet a “sexual orientation”? If not, how is it different?…

…What I find suspicious is that the media ignore the existence of people like the two Harrys. The unhappiness so common among homosexuals is swept under the carpet, while fanciful and unrealistic “role models” are offered up for public consumption. There is at the very least grounds for a serious debate about the proposition that “gay is good,” but no such debate is taking place, because most of the mainstream media have already made up their (and our) minds…

…I am convinced that many, if not most, people who are familiar with the lives of homosexuals know the truth, but refuse to face it…It was about meat, and unless you were a good cut, don’t bother coming to the supermarket…

…I tried to date but, as usual, experienced the same pattern that characterized all my homosexual relationships. The friendship lasted as long as the sexual heat. Once that cooled, my partner’s interest in me as a person dissipated with it…

…The homosexual rights movement is rotten to the core. It has no future. There is no life in it. Sooner or later, those who are caught up in it are going to wake up from the dream of unbridled desire or else die. It is just a matter of time. The question is: how long? How many children are going to be sacrificed to this Moloch?…

Be sure to read the entire article to get the full context of each of these  revealing statements.

Are there homosexuals who will scoff, mock and deride Lee’s account? Of course. Lee has long since come to terms with the truth about this bankrupt lifestyle; there remain many homosexuals who aren’t even close to grappling with truth and reality.

There was a time nearly 20 years ago when I was drinking more than half a fifth of vodka a night, living a heterosexually promiscuous lifestyle that was not unlike a particular Confederate Railroad song. If you had asked me, I’d have said I was having the time of my life. I believed it, and I’m sure a lot of my friends believed it, too. But not all of them, and eventually, I didn’t believe it either.

I’m responsible for my own actions.  I now accept responsibility for them before God (though thankfully by the grace of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ I don’t have to pay the full penalty for them). But it sure would have been nice if even a few of the people who knew me would have had the courage to say, “Bob, what you’re doing is going to wreck your life.  Bob, what you’re doing is wrong.” Few ever did, and during the last couple of years of that hell-bent ride toward a cliff, none did.

I don’t know everything, but I did learn some valuable lessons from having my life fall apart–thank God, because the price I paid was high enough that I’m glad I at least got something useful out of the deal.

One of the things I learned is that you don’t do people any favors by remaining silent while they destroy themselves.  It isn’t a loving act to pat someone on the back for their sinful, self-destructive behavior and tell them “It’s a choice” or “You were born that way” or “I accept you the way you are” (meaning that you accept the bad behavior nonjudgmentally).

You also don’t do any favors to people who might be teetering on falling into this lifestyle.  Seeing bad behavior accepted and affirmed tells the swaying person that it’s okay to go with the flow and live that way–creating another suffering victim for the grist mill.

You don’t do society any favors either by whitewashing bad behavior.  Society (but corporately and the individual members) is left to deal with the destruction wrought by out-of-control lives of drunks, homosexuals and other self-destructive behaviors: lost productivity, broken families, diminished respect for the institution of marriage, hurting children, poor scholastic performance, domestic violence, assaults, increased medical costs, and so on down the line.

So isn’t it time we stopped being cowards, peer-pressure-driven weaklings who are too afraid of harsh words or not being liked to do the right thing?  Even if we don’t love the individual caught up in the bad behavior enough, don’t we care enough about society and the innocents in it to do the right thing?

If you won’t, who will?

24 Responses to “Hiding the Truth, Hiding From the Truth”

  1. To me, the article is moot, because in the United States, homosexuality and homosexuals promoting their cause are legal ,meaning they have the same rights as heterosexuals do when heterosexuals advocate for heterosexual causes. Homosexuality is not going to disappear in America, so it would seem that those who have a problem with it would have to make it unconstitutional or illegal in order to stop them from promoting their cause which is want the article above is wanting.

  2. Quite possible. Civilizations have turned around in the past and averted complete decay and collapse. I have confidence that by the grace of God, if enough of us will stand for what’s right, our society will eventually stop hiding the truth and hiding from the truth.

    You have a very low opinion of our country.

  3. Laws are fluid, and while it isn’t always true that “what is legal is moral” and vice versa, it should be. Homosexual behavior was once illegal, being recognized for the public health threat and the acid to society and public morality that it is. If we can cut through the propaganda so that Americans once again realize how dangerous and immoral this behavior is (to those who practice it, as well as society at large), it may once again become illegal.

    It is therefore legitimate to discuss its dangers and its evils. Of course, homosexual activists don’t want anyone to discuss it, because they realize that as long as it isn’t discussed (i.e. as long as everyone is focused on the first row or two of books in the book store), the public will never realize in significant numbers how grave a threat it presents.

    Free speech dictates that homosexual activists would always be free to advocate the free exercise of homosexual behavior, just as people are currently free to advocate legalizing dangerous illicit drugs, prostitution and other harmful things.

    But should society warn people about the incredible health risks of this behavior? As we already do with drug use, absolutely. Should society do whatever we can to discourage a behavior that causes such death and suffering, as well as threatens our cornerstone institutions of marriage and family (as the daily headlines reveal it does), and the moral fiber of developing children in our society? Oh yeah.

    Even if our society were to never again reacquire the moral certainty necessary to ban these behaviors once again, we still have an obligation to do whatever possible–even unofficially, even among personal relationships, on blogs, in letters to the editor, etc–to annunciate these dangers to warn as many as possible.

    In fact, our failure to do so over the past few decades displays a morally repugnant contempt for the well being of society as well as the welfare of those caught up in this behavior.

    Perhaps you should go back and read Lee’s entire article again. It seems you missed the impact of 99% or more of what he said.

    By the way, I noticed something about this comment that I’ve noticed about many of your comments. You seem to believe that once the Left has made a gain (i.e. overturning laws against abortion, overturning laws against homosexual behavior, forcing open homosexual behavior on the military, etc.) that this new status quo is set in concrete and cannot even be considered for change.

    What is particularly interesting about that attitude is that you don’t show the same respect for the existing status quo.

    If your expectation that we should never again revisit reinstituting laws against homosexual behavior or reinstituing the ban on this behavior in the military…if these expectations were applied consistently, then you would have to expect homosexual activists not to try to overturn the existing status quo.

    As you seem to expect people with a moral compass to shut up and live with the status of newly won and currently existing immorality, it would only be consistent to expect homosexual activists, etc. to shut up and live with the status of currently existing morality.

    It seems you believe advocates for immorality should have a right to usurp the status quo that is denied to advocates for morality.

    Something to think about…

  4. No no You misunderstood what my point was. I wanted to know since this issue bothers you so much, then what your solution would be to this problem and from what I can tell, it would be to make homosexuality illegal, because it is not just going to go away. If that is your stance , I respect your right to take that stance.

  5. I have a low opinion of many of the people inhabiting it. The country itself really isn’t so bad.

  6. Some time ago I read the full article by Mr. Lee. Much of it is about his journey through the “lifestyle” trying to find actual love. What he found was “It was about meat, and unless you were a good cut, don’t bother coming to the supermarket.”
    It’s a sad story. And it has nothing to do with outlawing anything really, it has to do with waking up to the truth.

  7. Too true!

  8. Too true!

  9. Those who “have a problem” with homosexuality have said problem not because of some fear or personal distaste, but because it does very real damage to those involved in it. I have seen it enough times for myself.

    Your reaction to the article, and those of Gabarus, basically amount to “LA LA LA I CAN’T HEEEAR YOU!” Not very convincing, to say the least.

    Of course “gays” will likely keep getting more and more of what they want. No one’s disputing that. What no one can show is any good reason why they *should*. Even more importantly, getting more and more of what they want will never satisfy them, because it only covers up their root issues.

  10. You can believe whatever you like about me. Really, I don’t care. I have plenty of opinions on these subjects, but I realized long ago that it’s pointless to attempt to bring them up here. Most people who read this rather trashy rag are nothing more than a bunch of like minded people who spend most of their time on the internet agreeing with each other. The condescending tone that I have received any time I’ve attempted to engage anybody in serious debate here is enough to stop me from desiring to debate with any of you. In short, you’re all a bunch of lost causes. No matter. The winds of change are blowing. And as it stands, those people with your views are becoming a rapidly dying breed. Eventually, most rational people will stop listening to your brand of shrill fire and brimstone ranting. And you can enjoy yourselves on these little message boards, clucking your tongues at the rest of the world and wishing for a past that never truly was. Agreeing with each other until the day your bitter, cold hearts cease to carry a rhythm. Sound in the knowledge, that you properly judged all the right people. Too bad the rest of us will have moved on long, long before then.

  11. Oh, but you do care. Every new mandate imposing “respect” (as if that can be legislated) upon whole populations drives home the fact of how much you care what everyone thinks of your perversion. We are only a hair’s breadth away from Canadian- and European-style “hate speech” legislation; already individuals and organizations that breath the slightest disapproval of homosexual behavior are excoriated and attacked by homo-activists (ex: Chick-fil-A).

    So yes, as usual, you lie as you always have about “what you’re about.”

  12. You started off here in a condescending tone and now you lament receiving a condescending tone in return? Especially when you haven’t even attempted to offer any meaningful evidence to refute the primary contention?

    Perhaps you were simply looking for an opportunity to issue a smart aleck quip that wouldn’t be challenged. We’re just not that kind of conservative or Christian around here.

    Unlike those of just a few generations ago who were intellectually lazy enough to cede the field of ideas to the bankrupt ideology of liberalism, we’re here to take back what previous generations gave up without a fight. We mean business. We know our facts, and they’ve been checked out thoroughly. We’re not afraid to use them.

    Liberals are doing a lot of our work for us. They’re promoting the killing of their own children, and promoting homosexual behavior which cannot result in reproduction, so it won’t be long before your numbers dwindle through self-inflicted attrition. Then those of us who have cut our teeth combatting a liberal majority in academia, the media and pop culture will have the rest of you for lunch.

    Don’t worry, though. You’ll find that we’re a lot nicer and a lot more tolerant than the liberal establishment ever was. Heck, the tolerant and domestically tranquil America known throughout most of our history was created by Christians with a worldview like ours (rather, our worldview is like theirs). You’ll find us a benevolent majority. We won’t entertain your bankrupt ideas anymore or give them the time of day, but you’ll find that we’ll pretty much leave you alone so long as you don’t try to start corrupting our country again.

    Get ready for change. Who knows; if you learn to embrace logic and reason over emotionalism, you might find that you actually like it.

  13. Having only a couple of very short comments to go by, I really wasn’t believing much of anything specific about you. You, on the other hand, seem very quick to believe certain things about us and to state those things as if you know them for sure. Unfortunately, you show that you know nothing about our level of rationality, our motivations, or the learning and experiences that have shaped our views.

    So, if it makes you feel better, go ahead and fire your guns at the “dying breed” you think you’re shooting at. But, in the process, you’re not even coming close to actually hitting anything.

  14. I wouldn’t suggest you even try to argue these points because they are irrefutable, both by fact and logic. Why waste everyone’s time simply because you don’t like the conclusions?

    I actually like Canada a lot. I’ve vacationed there a couple of times and have Canadian friends. If for some reason I could no longer live in the United States, out of all the countries I’ve visited or lived in or know anything about, I’d almost certainly choose Canada as my next choice.

    But compared to the United States, you aren’t free. You live under a government that tells you what to do, what to think, what you can say, and manages your life for you. Granted, the American government is trying its hardest to emulate your government and those of Europe, but that is exactly what people like me are fighting.

    Being fiscally conservative is good, and I commend you for that. But it isn’t good enough to only be right about half of the issues. Social issues form the bedrock of any civilization, and social liberalism is acid to the foundation of any civilization. There have to be rules. There has to be objective truth. There has to be order. Social liberalism attacks all of these, and further promotes an atmosphere of rot to the fabric of society. That is why the founders of my country considered it of the utmost importance that our people continue to embrace religion and morality if we wanted to remain free, and remain a prosperous society.

    Worthwhile causes? Perhaps you haven’t seen the button soliciting donations for the Japan earthquake and tsunami in the upper right corner of this page. I don’t like to brag about it because the Bible says I shouldn’t, but since it is an issue for some liberals, I’ll say that I’ll hold my record of charitable giving and service up to anyone’s. In fact, based on figures released during the 2008 presidential campaign, I put President Obama and Vice President Biden woefully to shame. How is that possible when they make several times my income? Because, being a conservative and they a liberal, I believe in giving of my resources, not someone else’s, and I believe in doing so of my own free will, not taken from me against my will by government force. My way–the traditional American, Biblical way–blesses both the giver and the receiver; socialism’s way perpetrates theft, sloth, and a corrupt sense of entitlement.

    I hope someday you can realize what history has proven over and over: socialism and modern liberalism is a pox to any society, and is an enemy to freedom and prosperity. And specifically, homosexual behavior is a detriment to the health of the body, and the health of the soul–something we should always warn people against.

  15. “I’m not going to argue your silly points (And believe me, they are silly, every last one of them)”

    And yet you have done nothing to even remotely demostrate them to be “silly.” You haven’t even attempted to address the devastating evidence that the article presents against your position.

    My position on homosexuality is based on my learning everything about it that it can, as objectively as I can, without worrying about who might or might not agree with me.

    You say we’re not willing to listen to reason. But you haven’t given us any to listen to.

  16. No, I’m afraid I’ll never get how some people can be attracted to the submission and slavery of socialism, or to the moral and intellectual rot that is social liberalism. I’m afraid the same is true of homosexual sex; I’ll just never get how someone could consider a man sticking his penis into another man’s anus as normal, natural or healthy.

    You have a great day, too!

  17. Hate to break this to you, but “disagrees with your position” doesn’t equal “does not get it.”

  18. Nope. Not anymore. Not bothering to waste my breath. Like I say, I tried that in the past, with no different results than what I see today, at the bare skim I give it. You two lovebirds have fun agreeing with each other now! I’m gonna go on enjoying life.

  19. Ah, yes, the old “I don’t care” mask. I recognize it well, and I’ve seen what kind of things lurk behind it.

    I doubt you’ll be doing any of the kind of “enjoying life” that I’d want anything to do with.

  20. To those who hold the “gay is OK” position: Keep in mind that your words are being read by the rest of us in the light of what the article by Mr. Lee says. You cannot just wave it away as easily as you’d apparently like to. It is coming from a man who’s been there and experienced the “gay” world for itself, and it lines up perfectly with all of the many glimpses beneath the surface of the “gay” world that I’ve had.

    So you can try to call us irrational, closed-minded, or whatever you want. But the truth is there, hanging right over you, even as you try to deny it. Your inability to change our minds is not because we’re unwilling to learn; it’s because you don’t have the ammunition to make so much as a scratch on what we already know.

  21. Probably not. I enjoy fun things, music, cooking, being in nature, laughing with friends, you should try at least a few of them at some point however. Would be far more enriching to your life than attempting to denigrate people.

  22. Then why do you work so hard at denigrating people?

    Anyway, all that “enjoy” stuff sounds fine to me. I get the impression, though, that your list was written more to make my post sound stupid than to make any actual statement about your life. At any rate, just know that I’m not some hateful, closed-minded, unhappy, judgmental person, and no one who actually knows me would ever accuse me of being any of that. So I don’t know why my having an opposing position from you on a key issue would require you to assume otherwise.

  23. Meh,as I said, not going to get into it with you, I just don’t have the desire to have an in depth conversation with you. I learned all I needed to know about you two when I attempted such a conversation ages ago. You may not think you are judgmental, or close minded, but the judgmental and close minded never believe that they are. I do believe that you at least do not hate outright, but rather, are driven by sheer ignorance as to what homosexual people truly are. And please, don’t bother “informing” me as to your opinions. I’m well aware. Though you, yourself may not be hateful, the very words you both write on a daily basis promote hate in other people, towards other people. You’re stoking a fire that needs not be stoked.

    In case you hadn’t noticed it already, but your country is in the fiscal toilet. And all anybody seems interested in doing is trying to assign blame for the situation. A useless indever. Now is not the time for finger pointing. Now is the time for all American people to pull together, no matter what belief system, colour, or sexual orientation. The only way your country will ever save itself from splintering, and continue to be a major power on the world stage, is if your entire populace smartens up, and stops playing this whole silly “liberal vs conservative, us vs them” game. It’s never going to generate anything good for anybody. Period.