WI Dems Radical Enough to Surprise Communists

The Democrats in Wisconsin have been so radical in their efforts to maintain current levels of government largess and the power of Marxist unions, even card-carrying communists like Scott Marshall, Communist Party USA Vice Chair, are surprised.  But pleasantly surprised.

From the beginning the Leftist operation in Wisconsin to fight fiscal responsibility has been Marxist in nature.  They have employed all the classic American Marxist tactics: childish behavior,  threats of violence, lying and deception, promotion of envy, preying on the ignorance and self-indulgent mindset of people whose idea of fairness is summed up as “IwantIwantIwant!”

It doesn’t matter what a sweetheart deal these Marxists already have at the taxpayer’s expense; they will fight tooth and nail to maintain their full place at the trough, and the taxpayer’s interest is just trampled under foot.

Elected representatives–even Democrats–should know better than all this nonsense.  They should be capable of a higher standard and should be held to it.  Yet Democrat lawmakers have joined in these games, even promoting them and adding to them with their own irresponsible behavior.

And of course, communists–the most dangerous and virulent form of Marxism–love it.  The actions of the Wisconsin Democrats (usually more socialist than communist) have exceeded the expectations of the communists, who were also heavily involved in the Madison Mayhem.

It’s important that we know what we’re supporting when we get behind this cause or that cause.  A growing number of Americans are realizing that when they support unions, the politics of class envy, and actions like this, they are supporting Marxism–a philosophy completely at odds with the American way of life and the United States Constitution.

18 Responses to “WI Dems Radical Enough to Surprise Communists”

  1. This whole issue has been great for unions and Democrats in Wisconsin. The Republicans, once again, aren’t looking at the big picture and how this will ultimately doom the Republican Party in Wisconsin during the next elections. When will the next elections occur? As early as this year if the recall efforts are successful. And Walker may be out next year if that recall effort is successful. This whole issue has really affected Republicans negatively in Wisconsin. A poll released recently by a Conservative think tank in Wisconsin agrees that this has been horrible for the Republicans. The people of Wisconsin aren’t too happy with Walkers tax cuts for Corporations. It’s led to 1000’s of people joining the teachers union in just the past few weaks. Democrats have raised in two months more cash then for all of 2010. This has pretty much sealed the fate for the Republican Party in the next election, which could happen as early as this summer. It looks like there’s a great chance the Senate will be controlled by the Democrats this year. The poll numbers aren’t looking good for those Republicans facing recall. There is a reason why the Walker won’t allow a new vote on this issue. It’s because the votes aren’t there anymore. Too many Republicans have defected. Same is true in Ohio. That law will be up for recall by vote and the numbers don’t look good there for Republicans either. This is all wonderful news for the 2012 elections nationwide.

  2. Why are leftists so obsessed with “polls” but hate elections?

  3. Who said anyting about hating elections? I love elections. It’s part of the Democratic process and I always enjoy casting my vote.

  4. Please. You and the union thugs won’t recognize the legitimacy of the last election in Wisconsin. A legitimately ELECTED body, legitimately passes a law, and every ILlegitimate trick in the book is thrown in the works to gum it up. You have no idea how this looks to sane, decent people – and, yes, that includes people in Wisconsin. Good luck with your elections (only counts when you win, right?) and your polls.

  5. There you go with the polls again.

    If the election was legitimate, why are democrats trying to undo it? Why did they obstruct democracy by fleeing the state like cowards when they didn’t like the lay of the land? Nothing will ever legitimize this cowardly act, and yet Democrats use it extensively (Texas, Indiana, etc.)

  6. Pull your head out from wherever it is. Elections and polls aside, there’s no money! There must be cuts so quit whining about it.

  7. Apparently, there was enough money to give tax cuts you corporations. What about the legislators? Shouldn’t they be taking a cut in pay? It seems odd to most folks to give tax cuts to corporations and then expect teachers to pay for it. Reminds me of the youtube video concerning Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy (R). The GOP was quite anxious to remove the video from youtube, but it was too late. The video is all over the web. He is making $174,000 as a legislator, but complains it’s hard to pay the bills on that salary. Shouldn’t they be willing to take cuts as well?


  8. No, you have it backwards. Republicans are looking at the states and the nation bankrupt themselves trying to give everyone a free ride and plenty of fringe benefits, while the Democrats are stoking the fires of envy to secure as many of those goodies as possible.

    Will the voters see the difference? Will the voters opt for financial responsibility or the “IwantIwantIwant!” philosophy of the Left? Will the voters put the good of state and country ahead of their own short term desires?

    Time will tell, but I’ll bet the majority of voters will reject the politics of greed, selfishness and envy and will opt for financial responsibility. Polls are notoriously slanted Leftward as people often say one thing when a Leftist reporter is asking them a question and quite another in the the quiet of the voting booth. I think enough Americans have seen through the free-lunch fallacy to make the difference, and that number is growing all the time.

  9. I might add that Democrats were fine with the polls in the 2008 California election regarding Prop 8 when the polls seemed to swing their way, but now they are trying to UNDO that election. There are numerous examples extant of Democrats’ contempt for the process of democracy in this country.

  10. Speaking of the voting booth, I hope there are plenty of poll watchers everywhere next week and in the event that any recall elections materialize in the months ahead. Light is always a good disinfectant against election fraud. Most of the pathogens seem to be Democrats, who invariably screech against any safeguards put in place, such as voter I.D. requirements.

  11. You don’t have to believe the poll, even though it was from a conservative think tank. The recall process is a legitimate process for angry voters. It’s been used by Republicans as well, so if you’re going to be angry with Democrats, you’ll have to be angry with Republicans as well. Otherwise, you’re being hypocritical. Fleeing like cowards? Well, I guess you believe Republicans are cowards as well, since they’ve used the same tactics in the past. There is a history of fleeing quoroms. Reminds me of Lincoln jumping out of a window in Illinois to avoid a vote. More recently, in 1988 when Republicans walked out of the US Senate to avoid a quorom. Senator Bob Packwood was actually carried into the Senate feet-first by plainclothes police officers.

  12. That’s a totally different topic, but actually Prop. 8 won with 52% of the vote, so that was within the margin of error in the polls that I remember. Hardly a resounding victory. As far as undoing an election, you can pass a law, but that doesn’t mean the law is Constitutional. What if a majority of Californians decided that Hispanics shouldn’t be allowed to vote?

  13. What is leftist about Wisconsin Policy Research Institute? It’s a Conservative think tank. If anything, you would think the poll would skew right. According to the poll, the enthusiasm gap favoring Republicans in the state in 2010 has vanished. Many people believe it’s greedy and selfish to give huge tax breaks to the rich. Many people believe it’s greedy and selfish to give Corporations huge tax breaks, while making teachers suffer. Many people believe it’s greedy and selfish to ask teachers to pay more, while the majority Republicans in the Wisconsin House and Senate aren’t doing anything to reduce their own salaries. They will be in for a big surprise when you see a wave of recall elections.

  14. Many people believe it’s greedy to want money you haven’t earned. Many people believe it’s petty to begrudge another American the property they own through their hard work and ingenuity. Many believe it’s unfair and un-American to treat some Americans differently by penalizing them for their success. Many people think it’s unfair that the taxpayers should have to pay for 94% of public “servant’s” health insurance and almost 100% of their pensions.

    Yes, it’s something called “the American way.” And yes, many Americans still believe in it over socialism, greed and class envy..

  15. Well, I guess we’ll have to wait for the recall elections to gauge how people feel in Wisconsin. I bet the majority in Wisconsin agree that it’s greedy and selfish to give huge tax breaks to Corporations and wealthy folks and expect the middle class to pay for it. There are Republicans in Wisconsin that are furious with Walkers overreach. I’m sure some of those Republicans furious with Walker are the ones that will be up for recall. Some of those Republicans are from majority Democratic districts and won by very few votes. Polling in those districts already shows those Republicans will have a very hard time winning. The enthusiasm for Republicans in Wisonsin has evaporated. I think the citizens in Wisconsin are tired of being lied to and tired of the political games. There is an election next week for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. It will be interesting to see how that plays out.

  16. I’m betting the voters will realize that it’s greedy and selfish for people who are only paying a small portion of what the wealthy are paying to force the wealthy to cough up even more to give to someone who hasn’t earned it.

    That’s really what this is about: Marxists want to continue the legalized plunder of people they envy.

  17. The Republicans control the Senate and the House. Don’t you think they should give themselves a pay cut? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right? They make way more than teachers. It seems pretty hypocritical to me. I respect your view, but I think you’re wrong. I don’t think the average citizen of Wisconsin is happy with giving tax breaks to corporations and businesses only to ask the public sector workers and the average man to suffer. Why isn’t everyone paying, including the wealthy? Anyway, like I said earlier, all of this will become more clear to the Republicans soon when they get voted out of office during the recalls. Signatures are being delivered today for the first victim, Republican Dan Kapanke. Those signatures are being delivered weeks ahead of schedule. He really doesn’t stand a chance as his district is very blue. This is really only the beginning. The citizens of Wisconsin are going to make the Republicans pay for this overreach. The same will happen in Ohio and several other states. I think this will affect the 2012 elections as well. Anyway, only time will tell, but the first election to watch is next week.

  18. They could. The question is, Do they need to? The first question should be whether their pay is not commensurate with the value of the work they produce. Next, there are only a few dozen of them compared to thousands of rank and file government workers, so any impact would be negligible at best–again, that’s even assuming their pay is disproportionate with the value of their work.

    I can tell you that few if any people in the private sector (you know, the taxpayers who pay the salaries and benefits of the public “servants”) get the kind of sweetheart deals these government union employees get like having 94% of their health insurance paid by their employer (the taxpayers) or 100% of their pension plan (which most private sector workers don’t have at all).

    Nope, it’s a racket. a racket of legalized plunder, and it’s time it came to an end for the good of the citizenry.