The Looting and Pillage of the Taxpayers

The Heritage Foundation’s blog The Foundry points out some of the absurd wastes of money going on in Wisconsin as a result of unionism and collective bargaining, as well as the socialist entitlement mindset behind them both.

  • Megan Sampson, named “Outstanding First Year Teacher,” lost her job due to lack of seniority in budget cuts brought on because the teachers’ union refused to accept a lower-cost health care plan.
  • A teacher in Cedarburg, WI was fired for watching porn on a school computer, then got reinstated thanks to a union arbitrator and ended up in a costly case that went all the way to the Wisconsin Supreme Court before he was finally permanently fired
  • In Wausau, WI unions stopped an 86-year-old volunteer from serving as a crossing guard so they could push for a union employee to fill the position
  • In Racine, WI a union employee filed a grievance because inmates were cutting grass for free when a union employee could have been making good loot for doing the same job
  • The single highest-paid employee in Madison was a bus driver who earned $159,258 in 2009

More examples of the wasting of taxpayer dollars at the hands of unions can be found at Governor Scott Walker’s site:

  • Under the Green Bay School District’s collectively bargained Emeritus Program, teaches can retire and receive a year’s worth of salary for working only 30 days over a three-year period.
  • Due to a 1982 provision of their collective bargaining agreement, Milwaukee Public School teachers actually receive two pensions upon retirement instead of one.
  • While the Green Bay Emeritus Program actually requires teachers to at least show up for work, the Madison Emeritus Program doesn’t even require that.  In addition to their pension payouts, retired Madison public school teachers receive annual payments of at least $9,884.18 per year for enrolling in the Emeritus Program, which requires ZERO days of work.
  • Some state employees, due to the nature of their positions, are required to carry pagers during off-duty hours in order to respond to emergency situations.  Due to the collective bargaining agreements, these employees are compensated an extra five hours of pay each week, whether they are paged or not.
  • Correctional Officer collective bargaining agreements allow officers a practice known as “sick leave stacking.”  Officers can call in sick for a shift, receiving 8 hours of sick pay, and then are allowed to work the very next shift, earning time-and-a-half for overtime.  This results in the officer receiving 2.5 times his or her rate of pay, while still only working 8 hours.
  • In Milwaukee County alone, because the union collectively bargained for paid time off, fourteen employees receive salary and benefits for doing union business. Of the fourteen, three are on full-time release for union business.  Milwaukee County spent over $170,000 in salary alone for these employees to only participate in union activities such as collective bargaining.
  • The Milwaukee Teachers Education Association (MTEA) tried to use a policy established by collective bargaining to obtain health insurance coverage that specifically paid for Viagra.  Cost to taxpayers is $786,000 a year.

They’re making out like bandits–and the taxpayers are the ones being held up.

I would be willing to bet you fraud, abuse and nonsense like this is going on all across our country and at the federal level.

Fed up with the “IwantIwantIwant!” entitlement mindset yet?  If not, what would it take to get you there?  Because our country can’t take much more looting and pillaging like this before it all falls down.

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