Tea Party Cleans Up After Wisconsin Socialists

I’m pretty sure it’s more than a little “PR coup,” but it’s definitely a good one.

The socialists have been showing us their underwear in Madison, Wisconsin as they demanded their full cut of the loot in the middle of a budget shortfall, and now they’ve left behind a mess…as socialist groups usually do.

I can remember seeing on the news as a kid when socialists held one of the first Earth Day events, the massive amounts of trash that was left behind in the wake of their effort to save the planet.

In fact, as we’ve seen from many Leftist protests, it’s pretty normal for these most conscientious of environmentalists, these most sensitive of Leftists, to leave behind massive messes for other people to clean up.

This one in Madison is apparently no different, and the Tea Party folks there are going to clean up behind the socialists. It’s a good thing to do, and it’s symbolic of what patriotic Americans have been doing as long as socialists have been infesting our country…and it’s a good PR coup as well.

16 Responses to “Tea Party Cleans Up After Wisconsin Socialists”

  1. This is exactly why Republicans are going to lose some of their senators. If you had been following what was actually going on in Wisconsin AT ALL, you would know that tens of thousands of ordinary folk, teachers, nurses, small business people, firefighters, sanitation workers, public and private servants from all walks of life are protesting. You shame the state of Wisconsin and all Wisconsinites with your reporting. On Wisconsin!

  2. Oh, we saw alright. We saw a bunch of petty, greedy people demanding their full cut of government loot at a time when their fellow Americans realize we all need to tighten our belts. We saw self-centered people demanding that which someone else had earned, with a gleam of envy in their eye if someone else had more than they. We saw people receiving fake doctor excuses from lying professionals to help perpetrate a fraud to their employers and gain still more of what someone else had earned.

    Yes, we saw the naked face of Marxism in Wisconsin, and it was very educational. Many of us already knew some of our fellow Americans were this self-centered and contemptuous of the American way of life…but many other Americans were blind to this fact. Not any more. Many of them are now onto you…and I’d be they’ll be voting in 2912.

    Which is why Democrats are going to continue their losing trend. Our country just can’t afford to coddle socialists anymore.

  3. Not to mention vile, obscene people uttering outright threats of violence and sexual assault on elected officials. Why any of these thugs weren’t arrested or investigated is beyond me.

    Williams Ayres would be proud. Of course, they probably followed his play book.

  4. I see that you have the socialist “talking points” down pat. You like to say there are all kinds of “ordinary folk” out there protesting. Yet, we have seen the footage of a number of those “ordinary folk” who had no idea why they were even protesting. Do you know how many of those “ordinary folk” were bussed in from out of state by Obama’s Organizing for America? Hmmm?

    No, we certainly DO know what’s going on with these greedy union protests, and Americans are fed up with feeding the union trough. We simply cannot afford it anymore.

  5. I’ll vote for the side who best knows how to work well with others. Any kindergartner knows if you are cleaning up, it’s best to treat it as the responsible thing to do without trying to also use it as a hurtful opportunity for name-calling.

  6. Hopefully kindergarteners do understand that.

    Grownups also understand childish, self-centered behavior when they see it and condemn it accordingly in the hopes of quelling future like outbreaks–which is the purpose of this brief article.

  7. I hope that in the future, you use the maturity you describe, and eliminate the name-calling that is not consistent with that.

  8. So you consider calling a socialist a socialist “name calling”? You consider calling childish behavior “childish behavior”?

    How very convenient…as a childish attempt to excuse childish behavior.

  9. Actually no, these protesters railed against paying more than 1% (yes, 1 PERCENT) of their own pensions, or more than 6% (yes, 6% of their own health care insurance premiums).

    Also, unionization and collective bargaining is a privilege, not a right.

    I hope you’re not saying that you think the American Revolution is on a par with greedy union violence, or that you don’t think the American Revolution should have happened. I know Leftists loathe America a great deal, but hopefully not that badly.

  10. Not to be obtuse here, but… What “side” do you suppose “best knows how to work well with others”?

    Surely that’s not the Left which calls for violence and revolution at every turn. Whoever “works well with others” is no one who stands for his convictions, whatever they may be.

    Those of us here on the Right do not advocate “reaching across the aisle,” in case you haven’t noticed.

  11. The entire union/socialist/anarchist rebellion in Madison was a PR stunt, Slamfist. Yes, we want to draw a distinction between the tactics of the Left and those of real Americans that desire peace and equality and Constitutional law.

    Wouldn’t it be perfect irony for union government janitors/custodians to bitch about citizens voluntarily cleaning up messes on public property. I truly hope they do.

  12. There are no right wing talking points here, only facts and truth.

    These benefits are indeed a part of their compensation, but you seem to be under the impression that they have some sort of inherent right to both these benefits and to the privilege of bargaining for them collectively. No such right exists.

    In the private sector, in a free country, if a group of workers wants to organize and attempt to bargain collectively with their employer, they are free to try. They do not have a right to force their employer to deal with them collectively at all, much less expect that their demands be met.

    Government service is different from the private sector. It is just that: service. A servant should be able to expect fair recompense for their labor, but the relationship remains one of servant. One should not expect the competitive wages a private sector worker may come to expect, for there is not the same operational goal at work, i.e. a private company exists to make a profit, while government offices exist to do the business of the taxpayers at the lowest cost possible. It is not reasonable to force the taxpayers to negotiate (through their elected representatives) with their servants for higher and higher wages and benefits–especially since several studies now show that the servants are better paid than their employers, the American people.

    It is right and fair that collective bargaining–and unionization altogether for that matter–for government employees be done away with. It is an indulgence for which the taxpayers have been on the hook or far too long.

    I’m curious why you hold such animosity toward America since your IP address shows you reside within this great country. Are you a foreigner in our country who is willing to leech off the blessings of liberty while simultaneously despising those blessings as well as their origin?

  13. The last time I checked, poll numbers did not magically make something right or wrong. Usually they are only an indication of how deceived people are, and in this case, many are quite obviously deceived into thinking people have rights that they do not have, and that financial responsibility is a bad thing.

    That’s interesting that you’ve just admitted to using fraud and deception to get on my website. Someone who is willing to misrepresent their own identity carries very little credibility.

    I thought I detected a familiar whiff of Leftist arrogance and contempt for truth from you, but often people make threats like yours without following through on them. It seems I’ll have to waste a little more of my time watching out for future deception and misrepresentation from you.

  14. Those nasty, crazy, racist Nazi Tea Partiers are gonna clean up after the peaceful, mature liberals?! How DARE THEY???

    There’s gotta be some way the media can vilify this act of outrage . . .

    Failing that, they can just ignore it. That works too.

  15. Those nasty, crazy, racist Nazi Tea Partiers are gonna clean up after the peaceful, mature liberals?! How DARE THEY???

    There’s gotta be some way the media can vilify this act of outrage . . .

    Failing that, they can just ignore it. That works too.