Senator Johnson’s Good News

Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD)

Sen Johnson says “A year later, Health Care Reform helping South Dakotans” His email to South Dakota sings the praises of Obama Care…  

Senator Johnson says “As we pass the one year anniversary since health care reform was signed into law, it is increasingly clear just how much this law has benefitted thousands in our state.   South Dakotans now have a fair shake when it comes to buying health coverage and increased protections from some of the worst abuses of the health insurance industry.”

The Senator recently sent me a personal letter(addressed to “Dear Bighorn”). He didn’t ask about my health insurance rates.  The premium just went up significantly and the benefits were reduced, just like THOUSANDS of other South Dakotans.  Maybe he has a new definition of “fair shake”.

Senator Johnson says “Since the President signed the Affordable Care Act into law a year ago, the economy has grown at an average rate of 2.7 percent, and nearly 1.4 million private sector jobs have been created.”

Senator Johnson doesn’t like to talk about the unemployment numbers… still around 9.5%.

Our Senator reassured me, “As Congress looks for ways to get our deficit in line, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office recently estimated that reform will reduce the deficit by a total of $210 billion over the next 10 years and by more than $1 trillion over the next 20 years.”

The Senator must have been out sick a few days ago when the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says the federal budget deficit would be $2.3 trillion — yes, trillion — higher than the Obama administration predicted for the plan the White House submitted to Congress last month.

The difference, the CBO says in a report released Friday, stems from vastly different projections about the effect of current law on revenues and mandatory spending, and also differing projections about the effects of Obama’s own policies.

Altogether, the report raises significant questions about the administration’s projections, as well as the White House’s mantra of responsibility in government.

Let’s see how the Senators math works for America… His $1 trillion in 20 years, subtracted from the likely $2.3 trillion this year times 20 years (totaling $46 trillion) =  $45 trillion dollars further in debt.  Now that is savings the Senator can write home about!!

Gordon Howie is the CEO of the Life and Liberty Group, LLC.  He is a former South Dakota state senator, former president of a South Dakota Tea Party group, and lives in Rapid City, South Dakota.

One Response to “Senator Johnson’s Good News”

  1. I’m unsure how long it’s been to actually get a message from the real Tim Johnson. Since it appears he supports EVERYTHING Obama or the democratic leadership does, no matter how ridiculous, I wonder if Tim really thinks for himself. I sometimes have doubts Tim is even involved in the process. Someone knows.