New Law Lets Liberals Put Money Where Mouth Is

We’ve all heard the liberals in society complaining that their taxes aren’t high enough, that they need to be paying more for government to do this or that, that we just may not be paying our fair share.

Well, Rep. Hal Wick of Sioux Falls has come up with a solution for South Dakota that should please these liberals and still allow regular citizens to keep more of their own property in their own pocket.

HB 1194 passed through the South Dakota Legislature and was signed by Governor Dennis Daugaard last week. The law establishes an endowment fund within the South Dakota Community Foundation to which liberals (or anyone else, for that matter), may contribute “to further the excellent quality of life which is unique to this state.” Those funds can then be appropriated by the legislature to carry out whatever purpose(s) they deem appropriate.

The Rapid City Journal reported on this yesterday:

When a man complained that his taxes weren’t high enough to repay South Dakota for all it’s given him, Rep. Hall Wick decided to help the man pay off his debt.

Wick, a Sioux Falls Republican, sponsored a measure that sets up a special endowment fund that will accept donations from people who want to support particular state programs or projects. Donors could designate that investment earnings from their contributions would be used for a specific purpose, such as aid to school districts, he said.

Now that we have this in place in South Dakota, it’ll be nice to finally hear South Dakota liberals fall silent about taxes not being high enough, and not having enough of their hard-earned dollars taken away from them to give to people who haven’t earned it, to give it to people who may or may not even need assistance, to spend on things we don’t really need or which already waste large amounts of money.  Liberals can offload their guilt about having too much wealth as easily as opening their wallets.

What’s that?  You say liberals really want to take my money?  That it really wasn’t so much about their money as it was my money?  Oh.

At least Wick’s bill can help expose some of these tax-and-spend hypocrites.  When they start whining about needing more money for government, we can always point them toward this fund…and ask for a tally of how much they’ve donated to it.

We could have some real fun with this fund…

2 Responses to “New Law Lets Liberals Put Money Where Mouth Is”

  1. Excellent development. Now there should be no more complaining about low taxes.