Childish Liberalism Showcased in Wisconsin

This video contains more examples of the kind of values and behavior that made America the greatest nation on earth: pettiness, childishness, self-centeredness, egocentrism, disrespect for the law, disrespect for the property rights of others, contempt for fiscal responsibility, disdain for the needs of community and country…

Wait a minute.  That’s only true in the mind of juvenile liberals who imagine the philosophy of “IwantIwantIwant!” is the height of nobility and reason. Patriotic Americans realize the values that produced the greatest nation on earth are: sacrifice, hard work, frugality, personal responsibility, commitment, recognizing the source of all our liberties, an attitude of thankfulness, respect for property rights, respect for lawful authority…

This?  This is just a bunch of overgrown children being babies in public.

9 Responses to “Childish Liberalism Showcased in Wisconsin”

  1. LOSERS. Look at all the college “educated” neo-hippies. Here’s what we’re up against for the future–a bunch of amoral idiots.

    One good thing these punk morons are not counting on–America is watching this. Their retarded, piggish behavior will only steel our resolve to dismantle the socialist unions.

  2. What’s with all the angry white liberals?

  3. Yeah, it doesn’t “look like America” to me. What, no blacks?

  4. They may have lost a tiny portion of their bloated union perks but at least they kept their dignity.

  5. HAHAHAHA!!!

  6. I wish the TEA Partiers were that “well” behaved. 😉

  7. Yes, indeed. Their mothers will be so proud.