Anchor Babies Present More Problems Than Previously Realized

Mark Krikorian at the National Review brings up some excellent and under-reported points in the illegal alien issue.

We’re all aware of the problem of millions of illegal aliens coming across our borders, many of whom are likely terrorists slipping into our country with ill-intent and who knows what else (maybe a suitcase nuke or a dirty bomb?).  Yet our federal government refuses to do anything about it.

We’re all also aware of the millions of illegal aliens who have been here for years, yet our federal government is unwilling to track them down, capture them and deport them.

We are also aware that many illegal aliens have “anchor babies” while they are in our country illegally, garnering sympathy and making it more difficult to send them home even after we identify them.  Many Americans are too soft-hearted and soft-headed to realize that even though the anchor baby might be an American citizen (depending on how you interpret the 14th Amendment), children should always go where their parents go, and if their parents are in our country illegally and need to be sent home, the children should, of course, go home with them (the American citizen children can always return to America when they get old enough to live on their own).

But as Krikorian points out, there are quite a few children born in America to legal aliens (tourists, students, workers on legitimate work visas, etc). A new report indicates there may be as many as 200,000 a year born in this status.

This complicates things somewhat, not so much with regard to dealing with illegal aliens (remember in these cases, the parents are here legally), but somewhere down the road when we may have to deal with a large number of people claiming already-existing American citizenship…when they may have not the slightest idea what it really means to be an American.

As Krikorian says:

the first decision policymakers face is whether they think it’s a good idea to give away United States citizenship promiscuously to any child born here to a Latvian tourist or Japanese student or a Mexican Border-Crossing Card holder, who then promptly leaves and raises the child in a foreign country.

This ultimately brings us back around to a problem we have in America which has both received a lot of attention and virtually no attention at all (no, this is not a contradiction).

First the facet of the problem that has received a lot of attention. As Krikorian alluded to, we may be inviting a recipe for chaos and disaster if we allow a large influx somewhere down the road of people who were raised entirely in a foreign country, learning foreign values, a foreign way of life, foreign priorities, and foreign allegiances…and suddenly extending to them the full rights and privileges (including residency) of a natural-born citizen.

The issue of Barack Obama’s birthplace continues to make headlines even after two years in the Oval Office.  Why?  Because our Constitution requires that our president must be a natural-born citizen.  If Obama really was born in Kenya, this would render him ineligible to be our president according to the letter of our nation’s highest law: the U.S. Constitution. But why did the founders install that requirement in the Constitution in the first place? Because they understood the critical importance of having the man at the head of our government be someone whose values would be 100% fully American, and whose priorities and loyalties would be 100% American. While someone foreign-born might come to adopt our values fully and love America with all the passion and commitment of someone born here (I know a few naturalized citizens who do indeed love America MORE than some natural-born citizens that I know), the odds are against this when you consider the millions of immigrants coming to our country.

Which brings us to the second facet which I said has received virtually no attention.  Regardless of whether he was born in Kenya or Hawaii, from the very beginning, President Barack Obama’s priorities have been completely out of whack with American values and priorities.  From his predilection to bow to foreign kings, to his Apology Tour around the world apologizing for the country he heads, to his casual disregard for our national defense, to his embrace of our natural enemies, to his eagerness to undermine military readiness, to his loathing for the most fundamental institution in American society, his animosity for our national borders, his contempt for our laws, to his contempt for the suffering incurred by this nation on 911, to his programs which force socialist schemes on America that would fit better in other countries, to his longstanding embrace of Marxism, to his contempt for the energy that powers our nation, to his personal associations with foreign and domestic terrorists, to building his administration with avowed communists, Marxists and other anti-American radicals.

It’s no wonder 55% of likely voters consider Obama a socialist (something directly at odds with the U.S. Constitution and the American way of life).   It is also no wonder that Dinesh D’Souza found so much evidence of anti-colonialist hostility in Obama’s background, or that he has been called the “Radical in Chief,” or even that he has been called the “Manchurian President.”  His ideals, values and principles simply aren’t in alignment with American values or principles, nor are they what one would expect from an American. Why is that?

The fact remains that whether he was born in Hawaii or not, he spent a great number of his formative years being raised in foreign countries with foreign values; even his own autobiography confirms this.  Having been raised in foreign countries around people who loathe the American way of life, it would be a miracle if Barack Obama’s values and principles actually did line up with American ones.

Hopefully most Americans still consider it important that our leaders hold to American values.  If so, this means it is important that we not allow the “anchor baby loophole” mentioned above to be used as a tool for anti-American foreigners (who have nothing more in common with America than having been born on American soil) to come into our country, influence our public policy and political system, and God forbid rise to a position of leadership in our country.

Even closing this loophole will not totally preclude the possibility of someone with un-American or even anti-American ideals from rising to power; sadly, there are a number of natural-born people who were raised here who have still ended up loathing our way of life.

But perhaps it will help reduce those odds.  People who become naturalized citizens have to go through an education course on what it means to be an American, and they have to pass a test. Then they have to swear loyalty to America–and as I said earlier, some of them love America more than some who were born here.  Those who were born here never have to go through that process.

Obviously this problem of illegal aliens and anchor babies is even bigger than we realized.  And of course the Left (along with a few soft-minded tools on the Right) will resist fixing any of this, but more Americans all the time are waking up to these problems.  We’ll get a chance in 2012 to take some of them out of office and replace them with leaders who will put our country first.

Let’s get ready to put hand to plow and secure our nation once again.

5 Responses to “Anchor Babies Present More Problems Than Previously Realized”

  1. Good stuff, Bob! This is a very important column.

  2. Fact: No competent authority has ever declared Obama’s jpg of an alleged birth document to be genuine or accurate.

    Fact: No competent authority has ever declared Obama to be born in Hawaii on the basis of verifiable, legal documentation.

    Fact: No competent authority has declared Obama to be a natural born citizen as defined by the Supreme Court of the United States.

    Fact: Birth in Hawaii is not sufficient to make Obama a natural born citizen as defined by the Supreme Court of the United States.

    Fact: The director of the DOH confirmed that Obama’s original birth certificate is not sufficient to prove where Obama was born.

    Fact: The HI DOH has refused to affirm that the cert. no. in the factlack dot org photos belongs to Obama, despite have legal authority to do so.

    Fact: Obama has been reported as being born in two different hospitals and three different countries by otherwise reputable news sources.

    Fact: Obama’s own wife says another nation is her husband’s home country, not the United States.

    Fact: Obama’s own website says he was governed by British law at birth.

    Fact: The Supreme Court declared that the 14th amendment does not create citizenship for natural born citizens and that persons born in the country of citizens are excluded from the operation of the birth clause of the 14th amendment.

    Fact: Obama is a listed as an Indonesian citizen on his 1968 school record.

    Fact: No record exists to explain if and when Obama ever gained U.S. citizenship.

  3. I know these people. Extreme poverty changes the way people think. We can’t expect them to choose the honorable way to immigrate when many feel like it is their only option and we leave our back door wide open. It may seem counter-intuitive but the most merciful thing we can do is to close the anchor-baby loophole and send every single illegal alien home. If that happened we could triple the number of legal immigrants and guest workers from Mexico that we currently allow and give these people an honorable path to citizenship.

  4. Poverty doesn’t constitute a pass on moral or criminal failure. I grew up pretty poor by American standards; poverty does not hinder the ability to grasp right from wrong.

    But I think you’re right that the best and most merciful thing to do would be to close the anchor baby loophole for certain and enforce all of our laws. You’re also right about the virtue of establishing an honorable path to citizenship; it’s something both established citizens and immigrants could all feel proud of.