Amazing Victory for Marriage in Maryland

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Gina Miller

There’s a bit of good news out of Maryland.  A bill legalizing same-sex marriage, which had been passed in the Senate, has been sent back to the Judiciary Committee, effectively killing it for the year.  That may not sound like a huge deal, but when you consider the circumstances leading up to this, it’s nothing short of amazing.

For months preceding the non-vote, it was widely assumed that this bill would sail through the Maryland congress, with the signature of Democrat Governor Martin O’Malley guaranteed after passage.  But, as the Washington Times reports, things didn’t go as the homosexual activists had planned,

The bill already had passed in the Senate, and approval in the full House along with Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley’s assured signature would have made Maryland the sixth state along with the District of Columbia to legalize such marriages.

The emotionally charged House debate Friday lasted for almost three hours before Delegate Joseph Vallario Jr., a Prince George’s Democrat and the Judiciary chairman, called for the bill to be returned to his committee, and delegates agreed on a voice vote.

Afterward, co-sponsors acknowledged the bill was returned to avoid outright defeat on the House floor and said the committee’s amending or resubmitting the legislation this year is unlikely.

‘Oh, it’s dead,’ said Delegate Curt Anderson, a Baltimore city Democrat and committee member who co-sponsored the bill. ‘When you resubmit a bill to the Judiciary Committee, you probably won’t see it anymore this year.’

The failed vote was a stunning turn of events, considering the Senate passed the legislation with little debate or opposition just two weeks ago. In fact, with predictions that the bill would have an easier time passing in the more liberal House, Republicans and other opponents began to turn their focus toward a 2012 referendum to overturn the bill.”

Brian Camenker of the pro-family activist website MassResistance reports,

All week it was predicted that it would pass. The hope had been to stop it in the Senate. When that didn’t happen it looked pretty bleak. But nobody gave up. It was an incredible and inspiring victory!

The move capped a week of across-the-board pro-family activism at a level rarely seen anywhere in America. There was a flood of calls to House members every day. There were daily demonstrations outside the State House, regular State House prayer vigils, and groups going office to office inside. A large number of groups, churches, and individuals independently stepped up and got involved, most of them only loosely coordinated (if at all).

As we recently reported, MassResistance had been supplying activists with materials and information, and had been on Baltimore radio warning people what would happen in the schools should this pass. We even provided copies of the current Massachusetts marriage certificates, with ‘Party A and Party B’ instead of husband and wife.”

Here is an example of what American patriots can do when we are unified under a godly cause.  We must not underestimate our power when we band together.  We greatly outnumber the radical homosexual activists in this country, even though they have a ton of money with which to work.  Money is an issue in the fight for truth and morality, so it’s always very important that we financially support groups like MassResistance in their tireless fight for marriage and family.

Mass Resistance reports that during the Maryland hearings, the case of David Parker was discussed.  He is the Massachusetts parent who was arrested and jailed when he demanded that school officials notify him when they were going to teach his 6-year-old son about homosexuality and transgenderism.  As MassResistance reports,

“David Parker, his wife, and another family sued the Lexington, Mass. school system over teaching homosexuality and transgenderism to their children in elementary school without their knowledge or consent. In 2007 a federal judge in Boston ruled (and it was upheld on appeal) that because of ‘gay marriage’ in Massachusetts, parents of elementary school children had no right to be notified or to opt their children out when schools teach them that homosexual relationships are normal and healthy. And since it’s a ‘diversity’ issue, the state sex-ed notification law does not apply.

It shocked members to the point where the pro-gay legislators began telling lies about the nature of the decision, which activists immediately were able to dispute.”

The hearings also included some very powerful testimony from ex-homosexuals who made clear and compelling cases that homosexuality, like other addictions, can be cured.  You should watch the videos linked in this sentence for the inspired testimonies of Greg Quinlan and Anthony Falzerano, two former homosexuals who have been redeemed from homosexuality, as they boldly speak the truth about the ability to escape the homosexual lifestyle and about the radical homosexual agenda.

Part of the success of the militant homosexual movement depends on the American public having the misperception that homosexuality is an innate, unchangeable characteristic, like skin color.  That’s why the homosexual lobby viciously attacks groups like Exodus International and Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays,  which help homosexuals who want to leave that destructive lifestyle.

If it is widely understood that homosexuality is a chosen behavior, then the radical homosexual lobby has a much harder time trying to get their behavior legitimized by legislation that damages marriage and children.  That’s why they’re so rabid about insisting they are “born that way,” when it simply is not true.

While we’re on this subject, I want to tell you about an excellent book I’m currently reading.  As we head into the 2012 presidential election season, we’re looking at a pretty lame field of contenders; two of the worst and most dangerous to conservatism, in my opinion, are Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney.

We now have a new and invaluable resource for understanding who Mitt Romney is, and who he is does not at all square with conservative values.  Amy Contrada, of MassResistance, has written an extensive, detailed and intensely researched book about Mitt Romney and his fervent support of the radical homosexual agenda.  The book is titled Mitt Romney’s Deception: His Stealth Promotion of “Gay Rights” & “Gay Marriage” in Massachusetts.

The book is currently available on Amazon as an e-book, but a print edition will be released within a few months.  Readers should note that the book can be purchased and read on a PC, and it is not necessary to have a Kindle reader to download and read the book.

This book is a must-read for all voters, especially those who are enamored with Romney as a potential president.  Don’t be fooled by Mitt Romney!  Read this book.  In it, Ms. Contrada demonstrates Romney’s unwavering alliance with the radical homosexual movement’s goals, despite his professing to stand for traditional conservative values.

She details Romney’s history of support for homosexual “rights,” what he has said about the issue, his record of support for the homosexual and transgender movement as Governor, how his administration promoted the homosexual and transgender agenda in Massachusetts schools, and his role in same-sex marriage ultimately being forced on the people of the state of Massachusetts.

As in her book, Ms. Contrada also notes in an interview with Jan Mickelson of Iowa’s News Radio 1040 WHO, that Romney has never said homosexuality is immoral, and as governor, he has appointed openly homosexual judges.  Does that sound like a conservative to you?  Me, neither.  I highly recommend that you read her book.

While last week’s victory in Maryland is sweet, the sweetness will be short-lived.  Those who wish to undo the societal fabric of our great nation have no intention of stopping their relentless assault on marriage and family, and they will redouble their efforts in Maryland—you can count on it.  It is incumbent on us to stand unwavering against the aggressive program of the militant sodomites in America.

In the meantime, congratulations to the hard-working patriots of MassResistance and all the other Christians and marriage supporters who came together in prayer and activism to achieve a miraculous victory for marriage in the Maryland General Assembly.

Thanks, also, to Amy Contrada for a tremendously valuable reference guide about the real Mitt Romney, which contains critical information for American voters.

Gina Miller, a native of Texas, is a radio commentator and disc jockey. She also works with her husband installing and repairing residential irrigation systems and doing landscaping on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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  1. Because she is Mrs. King, she can’t be wrong, how?

  2. She could be, but she’s not. Under the law, ALL Americans are entitled civil equality, regardless of the religious beliefs of the majority. That is what makes America, and the U.S. Constitution, so valuable.



  5. Corretta Scott King is right, as was MLK Jr, that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

    However, there is no injustice here to homosexuals. The only injustice being advanced here is the attempt to devalue marriage, undermine the stability of our society and undermine the institution which is critical to the healthy development of our culture’s next generation of children.

    Homosexuals have the same right to marry, subject to the same requirements, as heterosexuals. The sad fact is, they don’t want the same right everyone else has; they want the right to call something “marriage” that clearly is not marriage. In other words, they want to counterfeit marriage. Sorry, we don’t allow people to counterfeit our currency for obvious reasons, and we don’t allow people to counterfeit marriage for the same reasons.

    In fact, MLK’s niece Alveda King, articulated one of those important reasons why the state has a compelling interest in not allowing marriage to be counterfeited: “It is statistically proven that the strongest institution that guarantees procreation and continuity of the generations is marriage between one man and one woman.”

    The truth is, we don’t know for sure how MLK would have viewed the homosexual agenda, as it had not really manifested itself at all before he died. Those who knew him best could possibly extrapolate a good idea of how he might have felt about it, but at the same time it is easy to superimpose our own ideas onto someone else, especially in the absence of that other person’s voice.

    Ultimately, it doesn’t matter one single bit even if MLK had supported the homosexual agenda. Had he done so, he would have been in complete opposition to the clear instructions of the God he followed. While it’s possible he might have defied God’s clear standard regarding human sexuality and marriage, I doubt he would have. And even if he had, he would only have succeeded in making himself wrong, for the truth of the issue remains clear: marriage can only be formed between a man and a woman.

  6. I considered the potential for double entendre there, and forged ahead anyway. 🙂

  7. Indeed she should not segregate moral concern. Too many people believe moral concerns should be kept within the four walls of a church and never influence our opinion in the political realm.

    Unfortunately it seems she is doing what she simultaneously condemns. Because if she is still a Christian, then the instruction book of her religion makes it clear in both Old and New Testaments that God’s design for the expression of human sexuality is between a man and a woman in marriage, nothing else. God makes it clear in both Old and New Testaments that marriage is between a man and a woman, and that homosexual behavior is a sin.

    Mrs. King should take her own advice, brush upon what her God says, and take her moral concern into the public square to oppose the evil homosexual agenda that is attacking marriage, family and the very moral fiber of our society.

  8. All Americans are already entitled to equality before the law, and have it. Homosexual activists want the “right” to counterfeit marriage, however. That is not equality, but an attempt to subvert a critically important institution.

  9. My loving, committed marriage is not “bad behavior”. Sorry that you have been poisoned by toxic indoctrination to make such a sad conclusion that two people living and sharing their lives is “bad behavior”. My love for my husband is no different than the love for your spouse(assuming you are married).

    I don’t want, need or expect any special treatment. Just equal application of the law.
    And you can kick and scream all you want, it is happening! God bless the U.S.A!!

  10. Your spamming of this comment section will not negate the truth.

    Your delusional ideas of reality will not help you in the end.

    No matter how much you proclaim that your perverse behavior is “love,” it will not change the fact that what you are seeking is something that will end very badly for you, unless you escape the clutches of your sin.

  11. Nothing is inevitable, especially evil. People got a real good look at the true colors of the homosexual agenda when Proposition 8 passed a couple of years ago

    Right now, reports show that young people are actually becoming more sexually responsible, not less, so anything is possible. Remember, while civilizations do go through declines, sometimes they go through revivals, too. I’m betting that with God’s help, we can become better rather than finish sliding into the cesspool.

    And lest the public forget the true face of the homosexual movement shown after Prop 8 passed, , people like me will be there to remind society of that ugly face, as well as the lies that try to hijack the discrimination black Americans have historically suffered and use it as an excuse to counterfeit marriage.

    I know how things will ultimately end anyway, and it isn’t good for those who insist on doing evil. You should repent and switch sides now, while you still have time.

  12. Your homosexual behavior is indeed bad behavior. Every major religion in the world recognizes that it is a sin, a violation of God’s design for human sexuality. Science itself indicates the behavior is abnormal, aberrant, and contrary to the obvious design and function of the male and female sex organs. Every major health organization and publication recognizes the elevated health risks associated with this dangerous behavior.

    You need to face reality: homosexual behavior is just bad all around.

    You already have equal treatment. You should avail yourself of it and marry someone like everyone else does: someone of legal age, not a close relative, and of the opposite sex. You are biologically incapable of joining your body to someone of the same sex. You cannot join yourself in marriage to someone who lacks the complimentary equipment.

    Stop trying to counterfeit this important relationship, get your heart right and do what’s right for yourself and the society in which you live.

  13. Oh, but you are very, very wrong. The United States was founded by Christians on Christian principles. Once you become aware of even a fraction of the evidence, you cannot rationally deny this. And no, we are not and never have been a theocracy; the nation doesn’t need to be a theocracy to be founded on Christian principles.

    If God were truly “everything to you,” then you would seek to obey his standards in civil law as well as in your personal life. That is what the founders did (see the evidence linked above). Yet you don’t even live as if God were everything in your personal life. God has clearly stated in both Old and New Testaments many times that his standard for human sexuality is between a man and a woman in marriage. Yet you openly and proudly rebel against what God has said. You seem to be either schizophrenic or a liar; in either case, it’s difficult to have a rational conversation with such a person.

    This will be the third time I have tried to explain the nature and purpose of marriage to you, so I’ll just copy and paste my last explanation to save time:

    Once more, as we have examined above, male and female bodies were obviously designed for each other sexually. The natural outcome of this union is offspring. The best environment for the development of healthy, stable offspring is a committed home where both biological parents are present to love and care for the children, as well as to model the healthy and complimentary interaction of males and females. Such an environment is created by the marriage relationship, and is ultimately the primary purpose for the institution.

    This really isn’t difficult at all. Just as it isn’t difficult to see that there is no legitimate comparison between the innate, morally neutral physical characteristic of skin color and the behavior of homosexuality. A black & white male and female couple’s sex organs function just as God intended them to, joining their bodies together in a natural and complimentary fashion which usually results in offspring; the color of their sex organs is irrelevant, and thus an irrelevant attempt at comparison to a homosexual couple whose sex organs will never fit together in a natural and complimentary fashion. The best homosexuals can do is insert a penis into an orifice designed for the expulsion of feces, or engage in behavior that, among a heterosexual couple, would only rise to the level of foreplay.

    In other words, homosexuals are biologically and scientifically incapable of forming or consummating a marriage, and can’t even join their bodies together sexually in a natural or functional manner.

    If you refuse to acknowledge facts and reality, no one can force you to. But the rest of us are not obligated to share in your delusion or affirm you in it.

  14. I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you, but if you are having sex with someone of your own sex, you do not have a marriage. It takes a man and a woman to form a marriage (as I have explained several times before); you are missing one or the other required elements.

    I realize the state you live in and perhaps even some others have joined your disconnect from reality and affirmed it, but that does not make it so. Sadly, governments can and do lie to their citizens and others with disturbing frequency.

    There was a time in Germany when the government said it was okay to confiscate the property of Jews, imprison them and murder them. This delusion on the part of the government did not change the reality one iota that it remained wrong to steal from, imprison and murder an innocent segment of their society.

    There was a time in Russia when the government said it was okay to imprison at hard labor and even execute citizens who disagreed with the leaders. This delusion did not change one iota the truth that this was wrong.

    There was a time when the communist portion of Germany known in the West as East Germany was called by its government the “German Democratic Republic.” This was an oppressive regime that imprisoned its own citizens behind walls and fences, spied on them and regulated every aspect of their lives. Clearly, this was not a “democratic” anything, nor was it a republic since in a republic, citizens can freely elect their representatives in government. Though the GDR perpetuated the delusion that it was a democratic republic, that did not change one iota the fact that it was an oppressive totalitarian regime.

    So it sadly should come as no surprise that certain governments and government officials, morally bankrupt and more interested in political correctness than in doing what’s right for society, would affirm the delusion that two men could form a marriage. But like the previous examples I cited, that does not change one iota the truth that it takes a man and a woman to form a marriage.

    And actually Alveda King’s statement is backed by scores of studies done over decades–which are, of course, backed by thousands of years of experience and common sense. Children are always better off in every way (academically, mentally, emotionally, etc.) when they are raised in the home of the mother and father that created them. Further, since homosexuals are biologically incapable of creating even one member of the next generation of any society, even when both sets of sex organs are in perfect working order and no contraception is used, just as they are biologically incapable of joining in marriage at all.

    Like all these things I’ve discussed, it’s a simple fact. You really should stop trying to rebel against reality and get with the program. I know that somewhere along the way, some experience has distorted your ability to appreciate human sexuality as it is, but you go to such extreme lengths to deny obvious realities that it only makes you look silly. Come on; you can do better than that, and God wants better for you than that.

  15. As I explained earlier, your state is only affirming the delusion that you are married. It takes a man and a woman to create a marriage and you have intentionally excluded one of those necessary elements.

    Fortunately, the federal government is not playing along with this delusion. It has spelled out in the Defense of Marriae Act what human beings for thousands of years understood instinctively and naturally: that it takes a man and a woman to form a marriage.

    You have attempted to counterfeit marriage, and your attempt to deceive yourself and others should not be recognized by any government, any more than a fake $20 bill should be accepted as a legitimate one. To accept a fake item as a real one is to devalue the real one. Marriage is far too important to society, the state, and developing children to allow it to be countefeited and devalued.

    If you want to marry, find someone of the opposite sex who is not a close relation and is of legal age. That is what everyone else is required to do in order to form a marriage, and you’ll find that applies equally to you.

  16. Even if religious reasons were in fact the only reason to oppose homosexuality (which is not the case, by the way), that would be more than sufficient.

    Our nation is founded on the Christian worldview and Christian principles. That philosophy, that religion forms the bedrock of what makes our society work (every society has a religious value system of some sort at the foundation). The Christian principle concerning sex and marriage teaches, well, what we see in the real world: that as the design and function of our sex organs indicates, sex was designed to be between a man and a woman. The natural outcome of sex between a man and a woman is a child. The best environment to raise a child is in a committed relationship where both biological parents are present to provide for the child, discipline the child, and to model healthy interaction between the sexes. You see, reality lines up with the Christian belief system.

    (Homosexuals, on the other hand, cannot create a single child by themselves, even if they wanted to and their sex organs were in perfect working condition. Further, even if they adopt a child or otherwise bring a child into a homosexual home, the child will be deprived of either a mother or a father–intentionally deprived–as well as the example of healthy interaction between the sexes).

    If you so despise religious opinion as the basis for civil law and propriety, perhaps you are okay with murder, theft, rape, perjury, vandalism, and so forth. After all, these are all “religious opinion.” There is no reason why they should be any more or less valid as a measure of right and wrong than the recognition that homosexual behavior is contrary to the natural design for human sexuality. Somehow I don’t imagine you’ll be lobbying to end laws against murder, theft, vandalism and so on any time soon, though.

    But as I’ve pointed out before, there are additional reasons why homosexual behavior should be given no special legitimacy by society whatsoever. Biologically and scientifically, it makes no sense at all; the male and female sex organs were obviously make to work together, while the penis and the anus, well, obviously weren’t.

    Further, the drastically elevated health risks associated with homosexual behavior (AIDS, other STDs, hepatitis, depression, anal cancer, suicide, etc) would indicate to any rational person that we should be discouraging this dangerous behavior just as we do with drug use, drunkenness, etc.

    So you see: morally, scientifically, medically, there is no reason at all why homosexual behavior should be viewed with any legitimacy, much less regarded as a valid foundation for marriage.

    BTW, I’ve spent more than enough time providing evidence of an overwhelming case against the legitimacy of homosexual behavior or the counterfeiting of marriage. I simply don’t have more time to spare, and I won’t allow falsehoods and deceptions to go unchallenged on my domain, so this was the last of your comments to be accepted.

    I hope you’ll sincerely give these things some serious thought. The information was provided for your good as well as the good of our society. Healthy individuals prioritize dealing with reality and doing what is right over personal desires. I hope you’ll consider joining the ranks of those who are dedicated to preserving our great way of life.

  17. Two women in advanced age are sisters. They find that they can live more economically by pooling their resources and living together in a shared apartment with shared expenses. Should these two sisters be able to “marry” to tap into this “bucket of federal benefits” just like you say homosexuals should be able to? If not, why?

    A man and his grown son also live together to economize on living expenses for the same reasons as the example above. Shouldn’t they be able to “marry” for the “goodies” that you so covet? If not, why?

    The above man and his grown son and an old family friend share living accommodations to economize. Should the three of them be allowed to “marry” each other for the same reasons you give to redefine this institution? If not, why?

    By the way, all of the above individuals work, pay taxes, vote, and contribute to their communities. Please explain the rationale for not allowing them to marry each other, if you don’t think they should.

  18. Homosexuality is so bad, it’s branded with its own rampant disease – GRIDS – or better know by its politically correct name as AIDS. The homosexual community OWNS this disease, by their own admission. You won’t find a major homosexual group without some arm of the organization involved with some form of AIDS activism. Its not that they just so happen to be benevolent in this area, by happenstance. They are deeply vested in this disease.

    And HIV/AIDS is just the most conspicuous face of homosexuality. A host of other maladies are experienced at much higher rates among homosexuals than among the general population, even in the most “gay” friendly locales in the United States and the world.