A Raw Look at the Leftist Entitlement Mindset

Wisconsin Marxist

This video by Christian Hartsock is a very revealing look inside the mind of the typical full-blown American Leftist.  Every conservative American–but more importantly, every middle-of-the-road American–needs to see this. The conservatives already know that this is how liberals think, but a good reminder to keep us focused and on task is never a bad thing.  Every middle-of-the-road American needs to see this so they can understand that, no, liberalism isn’t just “a difference of opinion” or a different “interpretation”…but is an assault on common sense, sanity, and the very American way of life.

Most average middle-of-the-road Americans may not be the most conservative people around, but they don’t even remotely begin to think like this.  It’s hard for them to imagine that an American could think like this.  Therefore, his video can be a cold bucket of reality to wake up middle-of-the-road America…and get them helping us to save our republic from these Marxists.

There is so much worth highlighting in this video, but one thing that really stuck out to me was a hallway conversation with one of these young anti-American (yes, they are anti-American because they oppose everything that makes America what it is) Marxists:

“Most people work for someone else in a way that they aren’t free. [I’m laughing myself silly from the first line]

“You don’t really get to decide your work.  For example, I work at Noodles the restaurant, and basically it’s a dictatorship there. [Because I don’t get to make my own rules, set my own hours, show up when I want, do what I want to do, and expect the owner to treat me as if every word that leaves my lips were the words of Plato]

“We are told exactly what we’re going to cook, how we’re going to cook it, what time we’re going to get there, and basically if they don’t like what we’re doing, they try to tell us what to do and if we don’t listen, they get rid of us.”

Yes, so the business owner–who put up the capital, who took the risk, who put in the hard work (probably 80+ hours a week) to create this business and make it work, and who provided an income for someone with minimal skills–the owner is supposed to just hand that business over to a bunch of self-centered, self-serving childish Marxists?

This is the mindset of the union drones and thugs marching and protesting and disrupting and getting fake doctor’s excuses in Wisconsin.  They feel entitled to have the world–regardless of whether it knows more or has more experience or has created more than them–to kiss their favorite part of the anatomy and listen to all their tripe and drivel about how much the world owes them.

In other words, they feel entitled–to everything their hearts desires.

Send this video to your friends–especially your middle-of-the-road friends.  They need to see it.

6 Responses to “A Raw Look at the Leftist Entitlement Mindset”

  1. Here is the result of 40 years of lying, Marxist public school indoctrination. These kids are delusional. The kid in the hallway is clueless as to how very ignorant he is.

  2. Yes, the stealth communists have been very effective, haven’t they?

    I have a pretty good memory of my school days, and I can remember a lot of things that were told to me in school that flew in the face of simple common sense and the worldview I was taught at home. I know it’s exponentially worse now, but the early stirrings of the Leftist mindset were even detectable back in the late 60’s and early 70’s in public schools.

  3. Yes, we barely escaped the indoctrination. I was raised in a conservative area in West Texas, so my public school education was less tainted than liberal cesspool areas.

  4. one day this boy is going to look back and realize how stupid, ignorant and naive he was.

  5. For all their talk about the need for workers to unite against the capitalists and their desire for an egalitarian economy, when he has something to sell (the socialist magazine) it’s a simple capitalist transaction.