Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending Feb. 19, 2011

These are the best of the best articles at Dakota Voice last week. These are the articles people were most drawn to, and read in droves. If you missed one the first time around, this is your chance to get caught up.

O Canada, You That Censors the Christians – In Canada, free speech is being cast aside if it offends a “protected class” of people. Certain statements and subjects cannot be broadcast if they offend protected groups. This situation serves to illustrate how fragile our freedoms are. America is next in line for theft of our freedom of speech, and we must be vigilant against this encroaching speech fascism.

University Specifically Excludes Christians from Anti-Discrimination Policy – One of the most brazen and outright examples of anti-Christian discrimination I think I’ve ever seen is going on at the University of California at Davis where the nondiscrimination policy specifically excludes Christians from anti-discrimination protection.

Maintain South Dakota’s Voice by Maintaining the Electoral College – On Monday Feb. 14 the South Dakota Senate State Affairs Committee will consider SB 138, a bill to “enact the agreement among the states to elect the president by national popular vote.” This bill would have South Dakota join a movement of others in the United States to abolish the Electoral College method of selecting the president of the United States. The founders set up this system to give smaller states more consideration in presidential elections, and also to safeguard against the fires of direct democracy being manipulated…as Electoral College opponent George Soros would love to do.

Liberalism on Parade In Wisconsin, Reveals More Than Anticipated – The government of Wisconsin is providing both the people of that state and of the rest of the United States a great illustration of the high level of contempt liberals have for the people who employ them (the citizens). As you may have heard by now, Wisconsin is trying to deal with the out of controls pending that plagues most state governments as well as our federal government, but they are being fought by union protesters and Democrat lawmakers who have fled the state.

Stand With Wisconsin – I received this note from our Tea Party patriot friends in Florida tonight. The good folks in Wisconsin are doing a brave thing by insisting on fiscal responsibility and an end to the free money carnival we’ve had for so many decades. As self-centered people with an entitlement mindset will do, the takers in Wisconsin are throwing a hissy fit. The Florida Tea Party is right: let’s send a note of encouragement to the courageous folks in Wisconsin to stay the course and do what’s right!

Republican Legislators Again Shoot Down Illegal Alien Bill – Last week, the “Republican” controlled House State Affairs committee shot down HB 1199, a bill to prevent illegal aliens from using their children born in the United States as a vehicle to escape judgment for breaking our laws and violating our national borders. Today, the same “Republican” controlled committee shot down another bill designed to deal with the problem of illegal immigration–a job our federal government has demonstrated contemptuously that it will not do.

Churches Under Attack – No, this headline isn’t talking about churches in the Middle East, Indonesia or some other foreign location. It’s talking about right here in the United States. Many people find it hard to believe that Christians and Christian churches could be under attack in a nation founded by devout Christians who declared their firm reliance on God at the founding of this nation, but it is sadly true.

Why Does America Have So Many Problems? – Why do we have a $15 TRILLION national debt with no way in sight of ever being able to pay it? Why do we have a $1.6 TRILLION annual budget deficit, and no one in our government seems to be willing to shave off more than a few tiny crumbs? Why have we slaughtered some 50 million innocent children in the womb in the past 40 years? Why do so many people in a nation with more affluence than in all of human history spend so much time and money on antidepressants and therapists? There is an answer, and we received it 215 years ago.

Democrat Distortion Poll Taints the Tea Party – DakotaPoll.com supposedly did a poll of the Tea Party movement South Dakota and came up with some interesting findings. While some of the answers sounded typical for what you’d expect from Tea Party people, a number of others seemed very suspicious. A closer look at some of the poll questions raises further doubts, as does the uniformly liberal background of all those involved in conducting and commissioning the poll. Is this a fair representation of Tea Party sentiment in South Dakota?

Gaffney Warns Conservatives for 2012 – If the conservative movement which has come roaring back to life in the past couple of years hopes to survive and prevail, it must be united under a solid platform, not divided by conflicting ideologies. I have written previously about what I call Americas great unbridgeable divide. Its a division of massive proportion between lovers of God, family and American freedom and haters of God, family and American freedom. It really is that simple, and the contrast between the two sides could not be more stark.

Thank you, faithful readers, for making these the best of the best!

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