Cutting Through the Smoke in Wisconsin

The Heritage Foundation went out to the socialist protest in Madison, Wisconsin over the governor’s efforts to reinstitute fiscal responsibility to see what it was all about.

The first protester seen in the video likens unions which have received a massive free ride at the expense of the taxpayers, to the Jewish Holocaust in Germany. More than a little overkill in comparison here, I think.

Later the woman talks about how terrible it is that the governor “is going to tell us what we’re going to get.”  First of all, you have no God-given right to force an employer to deal with a union.  If a private employer wants to deal with a union of workers, he may do so; in a free country, since he owns the business, he should be able to tell them to take it or leave it, too. And since in Wisconsin we’re talking about people who work for the taxpayer, the taxpayers have a right to tell unions to take a hike, too.  We’ve coddled unions for far too long in this country, forcing private employers to deal with them and forcing the American taxpayer to fork over tribute to them…until the average government worker makes more than the average private sector worker–something that should not happen.

Signs seen among the protesters were interesting and often candid:

  • – This is class warfare and we are losing (the people who declared war on successful Americans, that is)
  • – Tax the rich instead (yes, stick it to my fellow Americans who have worked harder than I, and give me a free ride)
  • – This isn’t about the budget it’s about killing unions (why couldn’t it be about both–I’m an optimist, after all)

Some of the socialist protesters insist the governor is just making up the budget crisis, that this whole thing is a facade to kill the unions.  Well, when the unions are at the heart of what is busting the budget by overpaying government workers, you’d better believe they should pony up when it comes time for belt-tightening.

Some interesting facts

  • Wisconsin’s budget deficit is $137 million
  • It is projected to grow to $3.6 billion by 2013
  • Wisconsin public school teacher’s total annual compensation is about $78,000….for working half a year
  • Administrators make a far bigger haul than the teachers
  • Wisconsin public workers contribute less than 1% to their pensions
  • The taxpayers are on the hook for nearly 100% of the state government workers pensions
  • Gov. Walker’s proposal calls for government workers to pay 5.8% of pension plan, which is just a little below the national average
  • Wisconsin government workers pay 6% of their health care premiums
  • Gov. Walker’s proposal calls for them to pay 12%, still less than half the national average

State Senator Leah Vukmir is right: Wisconsin is now ground zero in the ongoing war in America between the producers and the takers. The takers have been taking for decades, to the point that our states and our nation are on the verge of actual, literal bankruptcy. The American people, the producing American people must shove these spoiled brats away from the trough and force them to grow up.

The American republic and the states that make it up are too precious to watch go down the tubes at the hands of the same people who killed the proverbial golden goose.

4 Responses to “Cutting Through the Smoke in Wisconsin”

  1. She doesn’t want the “Walmart Corporations or the Disney Corporations teaching the children of the United States.” Education would be much more efficient and engaging. They would likely do a much better job for the kids than teachers’ unions.

    I used to hold teachers in great regard as professionals that put education before everything else. Today, everyone in higher education knows what it means to be an education major–it’s party-time for the next four years and you’ll graduate with honors, no less. The education department is a joke in most universities and they are known for taking the weakest students and making few academic demands on them.

  2. No they haven’t. If they had, they wouldn’t be skipping out on work, getting fake doctor excuses and carrying on at the capitol.

    Conservatism is by definition compassionate. It is not compassionate to allow people to be self-centered; it isn’t compassionate to them, and it isn’t compassionate to those they leech off. Conservatism promotes personal responsibility, freedom, and hard work.

    And so what if a CEO makes 20x the average worker. What business is that of yours? Did he steal it from you? Or is it closer to the truth that you would like to steal it from him…with a little assistance from some government thugs, eh?

    That’s really what it’s about isn’t it? Good old Marxist class envy, right? Someone has more than you, and it doesn’t matter that they may have spent more time applying themselves to get a good education, worked harder, working longer hours, making sacrifices, taking risks with their own capital. No, none of that matters. All that matters is they have more than you, and that’s not fair! Waaaaaaaaa!

    Do us all a favor: grow up, quit your envying, get your butt in gear, and get something for yourself rather than looking to the power of government to steal it from someone else for you.