More US Companies Covering Transgender Surgery…at YOUR Expense

Argentinian transgender personality Monica León at the 2008 Gay Pride in Paris. (Photo credit: Marie-Lan Nguyen)

There are a great number of factors that contribute to the high cost of health care in America today.

Some of those include: defensive medicine practiced by doctors to prevent lawsuits, government regulation, government subsidized health care, government provided health care, research and development costs, fraud, waste, frivolous use of the health care system by people who don’t really need treatment…and “transgender” surgery to mutilate a perfectly functioning body based on a person’s sexual disorientation about their sex.

From CNS News:

Want to know why your health care insurance premiums–and the cost of health care in American in general–is going up?  This is part of the equation:

More and more large corporations, including Coca-Cola, Campbell Soup and Walt Disney, are covering surgery for transgender employees as part of their health plans.

The trend follows a concerted push by transgender rights advocates to get employers and insurers to see sex reassignment the way the American Medical Association does – as a medically indicated rather than an optional procedure.

Using a story on the Associated Press wire, the Daily Caller has more information here. Notice “mainstream” media AP’s typical one-sided (the liberal side) coverage of the issue.

It’s sad to see any person confused about reality. Our ability to function in a healthy manner depends on our ability to grasp reality, process reality and conform to reality. Some folks have difficulty doing that, for whatever reason, and for most of them, society works hard to help them with drugs and therapy to attain a working relationship with reality.

Unfortunately, if a person has a politically correct delusion, one that is politically correct because of an accepted sexual dysfunction, rather than helping the person re-establish contact with reality, the “professional” community indulges their delusion.

This indulgence is often taken to the extreme of cutting up a perfectly healthy and functioning body to make that body conform to the person’s delusion. For instance, if a man thinks he is or should be a woman, so-called medical professionals will now indulge this delusion by cutting off the man’s penis, injecting female hormones into his body, and so on. The reverse is done for women who think they are or should be men.

This indulgence has even been taken to such an extreme that a morally bankrupt judge has ruled that inmates in jail in Wisconsin are entitled to taxpayer-funded indulgence of their sexual delusion. Also, a New York juvenile detention facility will allow “transgender” males to wear female clothing and vice versa. The inmates are truly running the asylum. Our morally bankrupt court system even ruled that such mutilations are tax deductible.

While I have discussed the moral culpability not only of the individual who disfigures their own body but especially those “professionals” who should know better and steer the person right, the scope of today’s article looks merely at the health care cost of this unnecessary procedure.

Someone has to foot the expensive bill for allowing people to mutilate their bodies, and since the one demanding mutilation refuses to pay for it out of their own pocket, it’s going to be you, the fellow premium payer.  Any time expensive procedures are added to coverage, premiums have to go up in order to pay for these procedures. So fellow employees, fellow payers on that plan, are subsidizing sexual mutilation whether they want to or not.

With so many cries for  the reduction of health care costs, one would think that, as a minimum, people would be insisting that only therapy to help the disoriented person adjust to reality would be covered.  This would surely be cheaper than this sexual surgery as well as the accompanying hormone treatments. It would also be much better for the dysfunctional individual; since when has patting someone on the back and affirming their delusion been a compassionate act?

Unfortunately when it comes to politically protected behaviors, all common sense and fiscal responsibility goes out the window. Most people recognize that the herd is traveling in the direction of embracing every sexual abnormality imaginable, so unless one wants to be ostracized by the herd, one has to go along with or at least pretend to go along with expensive mutilations of this nature.  Most people find it more uncomfortable to speak the truth–and in doing so promote healthy attitudes and fiscal responsibility–than to go along with ideas that are patently absurd.

Of course in the world of 2011 where personal and governmental finances are stretched to the limit, and more and more Americans are waking up to the reality that they can’t sit quietly by as our culture goes completely insane, maybe there could be some hope that people who share in these insurance policy will raise what in the military we called the “BS flag,” and insist on moral and fiscal responsibility.  As you can see, if they aren’t hand in hand, they usually aren’t found too far apart.

Only time will tell…

58 Responses to “More US Companies Covering Transgender Surgery…at YOUR Expense”

  1. It’s sadly understandable that an individual who is so confused about their sexuality that they can’t even accept the physical evidence between their legs would indeed experience emotional turmoil.

    However, the answer is not to affirm their delusion, and certainly not to encourage they mutilate their own healthy bodies, but to help them come to terms with who they are.

    You are one of these very mixed up people, aren’t you Disgruntled?

  2. Bob Does this idea of just ‘look between the legs’ to see if maleness or femaleness exists apply to all God’s creatures ? Some species of snails start out as males with male genitalia and end as females with female genitalia. HMMM….seems transexuality is a part of God’s grand design.

  3. This is the last time I’ll say it: you will not be allowed to distract from the truth here by attempting to fool people into believing a rare medical condition is the case with most gender identity problems. You and I both know it is not, and I will not tolerate deception here. This is your last warning if you want to continue any discussion here.

  4. These people seek to have perfectly healthy and functional sex organs mutilated and foreign hormones injected into their bodies to make them appear to be a sex they are not.

    Gender identity is usually correctly established in the first few years of life for most of us. It is unfortunately distorted for some children (parental issues, sexual abuse, etc.) at a young age, but can be corrected.

    The case of David Reimer is very interesting. The poor boy’s penis was horribly burned when he was circumcised at 8 months. His parents made an agonizing decision over how to best deal with the situation and do the best they could to make a normal life for him. On a doctor’s recommendation, they got gender reassignment surgery for him and tried to raise him as a girl, but that never quite worked. When he learned the truth, he switched back to a male identity with the help of phalloplasty and for some 20 years as a happily married man.

    People can change. They are not the mindless animals you make them out to be. Of course, a person has to want to be what they really are, and it doesn’t help when so-called “professionals”, instead of helping them adjust to reality, affirm their delusion.

    You would condemn people to a life of perpetual delusion, and even encourage mutilation of their bodies to further perpetuate that delusion. That is a truly pathetic–intellectually and morally–position to take.

  5. When human beings’ genitals change of their own accord, then perhaps we might consider that it’s God’s will–if not yet another corruption of the design brought on by the Fall.

    We’re not talking about spontaneous changes in genitalia here, though, are we? We’re talking about deliberately mutilating a perfectly healthy and functioning body to conform to a delusion.

  6. When human beings’ genitals change of their own accord, then perhaps we might consider that it’s God’s will–if not yet another corruption of the design brought on by the Fall.

    We’re not talking about spontaneous changes in genitalia here, though, are we? We’re talking about deliberately mutilating a perfectly healthy and functioning body to conform to a delusion.