Why the Tea Party is to Blame for Arizona

Robot Theater features a discussion between a liberal and a normal person about the blood smear campaign from the Left against Sarah Palin, the Tea Party movement and other conservatives in the wake of the Arizona shooting last weekend.

It’s about as close as you’re going to get to rational comments out of a liberal on this issue.

5 Responses to “Why the Tea Party is to Blame for Arizona”

  1. Let me start off by saying that any attempt to blame what happened on Sarah Palin is inappropriate. No one can know for sure what prompted this deranged individual.

    However, I find it quite disturbing that the calls for civility in our discourse are being met with mockery or just ignored on this website. A perfect example exists in this post. “Between a liberal and a normal person.” Are liberals not normal people? I know lots of liberals. I might even be characterized as a liberal. Am I not a normal person?

    While this might be your way of insinuating that liberals are stupid, to an unbalanced person it might mean that liberals aren’t normal people. It dehumanizes them, and that might make it OK to harm them. I don’t mean that someone is going to kill someone else just because you posted that, but it is an example of how rhetoric can influence the unstable.

  2. “No one can know for sure what prompted this deranged individual.”
    By definition a deranged individual is irrational, which would render a rational explanation useless. Lets just go with demon possessed.

  3. I can understand why you would find calls for “civility” to be disturbing.

    The Left regularly calls for “civility,” meaning “Conservatives should shut up and acquiesce to the liberal agenda.”

    Sorry to disappoint you, but it isn’t going to happen.

    No, liberals aren’t normal people. Normal people understand right from wrong. Normal people are law-abiding people who respect the law and morality. Normal people try to employ logic and seldom pursue completely irrational arguments. Normal people do not accuse others of things that have absolutely no basis in fact whatsoever.

    Liberals dehumanize themselves with their irrational behavior, defense of immoral behavior, disrespect for the value of human life, mockery of our God-given liberties, and frequent insistence that people are nothing but highly evolved animals.

    As the past five days have illustrated with crystal clarity, liberals do not fit the definition of “normal people.” If liberals want to be treated like normal people, they should act like normal people. As it stands so far, the Left has shown an astonishing disconnect from reality.

    So no, we will not shut up and allow such a vile, un-American agenda to succeed–which is what the nonstop stream of bilge from the Left for the past five days has been about.

  4. I don’t know what it will take to make these people that believe the mentality of “what’s right for you might not be right for me” is utter stupidity. I guess all we can do is keep telling the truth until they wear out. I seem to just be only able to counter them with absurd criticism. God bless you Bob. Don’t ever stop.