Restoration Rally at the Capitol in Pierre

Pastor Dale Bartscher of the Family Heritage Alliance leading in prayer at the South Dakota Capitol

Christians from across the state of South Dakota came to the state capital in Pierre on a chilly day today to pray for lawmakers and the state government.  Today was the first day of the 2011 legislative session.

There were about 80-90 gathered for the “Restoration Rally” in the capitol building this morning, with about 45 of those coming from Rapid City on a bus.

Gordon Howie of BigHorn Canyon Ministries began the meeting under the rotunda with prayer, and several members of the Restoration Rally Prayer Team followed in prayer.  Others were invited to pray aloud, and most of those gathered did.

A special prayer was held for Pastor Dale Bartscher, Executive Director of the Family Heritage Alliance. Bartscher will spend a great deal of time in Pierre over the next couple of months, lobbying for pro-family issues with the legislature and providing updates to supporters about the ongoing legislative agenda.

After the main prayer time, several of those gathered did a prayer walk around the building in the near-zero-degree temperatures, asking God to bless and guide the government of South Dakota.

The event was sponsored by BigHorn Canyon Ministries and the Family Heritage Alliance.

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