AZ Shooter of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords a Wack Job

Though Leftist blogs and commentators wasted absolutely no time in declaring the gunman who shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) was a Tea Party conservative (before anyone even knew his name), I held off on making any comments until a little more was known. It was automatically assumed that, since Giffords was a Democrat and that a (gasp) gun was used, the shooter must be an evil Tea Party conservative type.

Now details are starting to trickle in.

Fox News reports his name is Jared Loughner, though some other accounts now say it is Jared Laughner.

Business Insider reports he is an Arizona native and an Afghanistan war vet.

Some of the information coming out about him could fit in the profile of a conservative, but most of it fits the profile of a liberal…if not an outright wackjob that defies political categorization.

Business Insider also reports that his YouTube profile lists some of his favorite books including Animal Farm, Fahrenheit 451, Communist Manifesto, and Mein Kampf. (Though I’ve read all those, I don’t think I’d call ANY of them my favorite).

A WorldNetDaily article quotes someone on Twitter who says they knew him in high school and college, and that he was very liberal, a Leftist.

Another report says one of his videos contains railing about a “second United States Constitution,” and something about currency. He says he won’t pay debts with a currency not backed by gold or silver, and that he does not trust in God.

Another video below shows him in what appears to be Islamic garb and burning an American flag. That same video also contains an obnoxious heavy metal song that says something about “bodies.” UPDATE: Though Atlas Shrugs said Fox News stated, others have now pointed out that this particular video was merely one listed as a “Favorite” on the shooter’s YouTube profile. The Atlas Shrugs website does still state that the figure in the video is supposedly the shooter (video taken by a friend?).

Still another of his videos talks about mind control and also says that religion is a form of mind control. The video has background music that sounds like a hip-hop version of some sort of Islamic beat.

UPDATE: CNS News reports a former classmate of the shooter says he was a “pot smoking loner.”

UPDATE: A Tweet from Stars and Stripes (the official newspaper of the U.S. military) earlier stated that Army officials have no record of military service by this individual (it is being alleged that he is an Afghanistan veteran).

UPDATE: The Arizona Daily Star reports the Army rejected Loughner as a recruit in 2008.  Not surprising, given everything that seems to be coming out about this loon.   Loughner’s definitely been listening to Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin, hasn’t he (wink, wink)?

This guy seems to be thoroughly nuts. I don’t know of any remotely sane liberal or conservative who would approve of shooting innocent people as he has done.  So blaming people who had nothing to do with the crime as Leftists have rushed to do is of limited, at best, genuine value.

However, Leftists do in fact realize that, if they can spit it right and spin it often enough and consistently enough, they hope to successfully brand conservatives and Tea Party patriots as being responsible for this crime.  They will (and already are) saying that because conservatives have refused to go along with their socialist agenda, we have been “divisive” and “full of hate” and have thus created a “climate of hostility” that has fostered such crimes.

Never mind that conservatives are always the first to champion the law-abiding cause.  Never mind that conservatives are always the first to lift up the value of innocent human life.  Never mind that conservatives are always the most reliable advocates of law and order. Never mind that conservatives are always the ones who are toughest on crime.

No, facts and logic are unimportant (are liabilities, really) when liberals see something they believe they can spin to put their ideological enemies at a disadvantage.

Remember when Republicans swept congress in 1994 and the Democrats lost control of the entire congress for the first time in 40 years?  They were beside themselves.  And when that nutjob Timothy McVeigh bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City, what was the first blame-game played by the Clintonistas and other Leftists: blame the conservatives.  Blame Rush Limbaugh and “hate radio.”  Blame all those evil Right-wingers who refused to acquiesce quietly to their socialist agenda.

Back then, it worked.  It stopped the conservative agenda cold, and turned a Republican congress that was finally turning the United States back to its freedom and limited government roots into…a bunch of impotent ninnies afraid of their own shadow, lest someone call them names.

Of course, back then, Fox News was just getting off the ground, there was no real internet community to speak of, no blogosphere and no conservative news conduit.  That kind of crap isn’t going to fly today.  Oh, the Left will definitely try (they already are), but conservatives aren’t going to cower in the corner and give up like we did in 1995.

So if you’d like to change your mind and start acting responsibly, you liberals, and blame the person who committed this terrible act, fine.  But if you want to shamelessly use the blood of innocent people to fuel your vehicle to try and shut down people you cannot best in an ideological contest of wits, go for it.  Show yourselves for the shallow, shameless curs that you are.  And get ready to have your nose bloodied bad, because conservatives aren’t going to meekly put up with it this time.

28 Responses to “AZ Shooter of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords a Wack Job”

  1. You’re right that they will probably have that instinct to cower. But people like you and me need to help strengthen their knees.

  2. Read the information, follow the links, and use the intelligence God gave you.

    I don’t vouch for the authenticity of anything here; I’m just compiling some of the information that’s coming out.

    Unlike Leftists, I at least waited until there was something at all before I started talking about it.

    You sound a little desperate to defend your fellow Leftists and the campaign of hate and deception, eh?

  3. Your hostility is inordinate. Are you a friend of the shooter?

  4. Thank you for posting this to counter the rampant raging of the liberals blaming people who would NEVER advocate such lunacy as has been committed by this young man.

  5. Yeah, only Liberals spin things to fit their political agenda, Conservatives would never do that. (That is said with a heavy dose of sarcasm just in case you miss it.)

  6. Actually liberals have had control of congress most of the last 50 years, even most of the time Republicans were in charge. They’ve been trying to tear down our country the whole time, to remake it into one of their socialist utopia.s

    And I’m afraid I must condemn liberals’ shameless use of this tragedy as a vehicle to try to silence their enemies. They didn’t even wait for the media–or for any facts whatsoever or media conjecture at all–before blaming conservative disagreement with the liberal narrative. Facts were irrelevant; it was a chance to smear their enemies.

  7. You seem awfully swift to run interference for the libs. Sounds like liberal behavior to me.

  8. I didn’t miss it…even though it was empty of any truth. Sorry, for sarcasm to be of any benefit to anyone, there has to be an element of truth behind it. Unfortunately for you, there was none here.

  9. You are right Bob, the left has not wasted a moment blaming this tragedy on the usual suspects (in their minds). This is a battle of good vs evil as it has always been.

  10. How dare you come in here with your mindless sarcasm when people have been murdered and are lying dead at the hands of an evil, insane, young loon?!

    Your stinking agenda is more important than dead Americans! GET AWAY FROM HERE, YOU COMMUNIST FREAK!

  11. Gun analogies are as old as guns themselves. Guns, war, fighting…they are all legitimate terms to use even in the political realm (e.g. a candidate’s campaign funds are referred to as their “war chest”). Like guns themselves, gun analogies are not evil or harmful; what we human beings do with them, for good or evil, is what matters.

  12. Maybe you missed the part about the dope-smoking, flag burning, Communist Manifesto-loving,God-hating and other liberal behavior…as well as the statements of people who knew him who called him a Leftist wacko.

  13. Maybe you missed the part about the dope-smoking, flag burning, Communist Manifesto-loving,God-hating and other liberal behavior…as well as the statements of people who knew him who called him a Leftist wacko.

  14. Maybe you missed the part about the dope-smoking, flag burning, Communist Manifesto-loving,God-hating and other liberal behavior…as well as the statements of people who knew him who called him a Leftist wacko.

  15. Don’t you think it’s about time put the blame where it rightfully belongs? After all the perp pulled the trigger. The blood is on his hands alone.

  16. With a swift kick to the backside?

  17. Sadly, the news yesterday wasn’t the shooting and killing of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and several others, but the acrid hatred of the left is violent fits of accusation toward any and every representative of conservatism. Truly scary and disturbing.

  18. I can remember several years ago when radical leftist Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone’s plane crashed, the immediate reaction from the left was vicious accusations of sabotage by the Bush Administration and conservatives in government. The left never misses an opportunity to capitalize on a tragedy to up the hatred meter; even over the tragic death of one of their own. This was made abundantly clear during Wellstone’s memorial service, which became a pathetic circus of a political rally.

    Expect the same with Rep. Giffords.

  19. Thank God Congressman Giffords is still alive. She made it through surgery.

  20. Let’s hope the damage isn’t as bad as it could have been. Our prayers go out for the other injured, too, and to the families of those who didn’t survive.

  21. I read that she was shot in the temple and the bullet exited her forehead.

    God bless those grieving families, and heal the wounded!

  22. This has nothing to do with this guys political ideology ( conservative vs. liberal ), but merely that he is severely deranged. Conservatives blaming it on liberal ideology and liberals blaming this on conservatives is so silly,desparate, ignorant and pathetic . Reminds me of the childish, uninformed finger pointing one finds in first graders.

    There is only one thing at fault here and it is called mental illness. charles Manson ranted and raved about God/Jesus etc and we all know religion had nothing to do with what he did. Lets at least discuss this like semi-knowledgeable, sane adults.

  23. Unbelievable breaking news: The leftist maniac Fred Phelps is planning to protest at little Christina-Taylor Greene’s funeral. This is wickedness born in the pit of hell.

  24. Your sarcasm is wasted. You’re upside down, and the fact that you are still here making your ridiculous comments when people are DEAD and wounded because of that lunatic, says volumes about your character, or lack of it, rather.