A Liberal Explains Global Warming Science

Once again Robot Theater helps us to understand how liberals can buy into the silly idea of anthropogenic global warming.

It’s easy to see why the number of people who buy this bunk is falling–down to somewhere around 30%  of Americans now. Of course, it’ll probably never get down to zero; some people simply lack the intelligence to employ analytical skills, especially when emotionalism is so much easier than dealing with facts.

12 Responses to “A Liberal Explains Global Warming Science”

  1. That is superb, better even than mann-made warming song!

  2. A National Academy Of Science survey found that 97% of climate experts believe in a human caused global warming. Of the 3% that didn’t ,,, they weren’t so expert as their peers. Space News USA Today July 2010. 2010 was the warmest year recorded.

  3. I think they only surveyed scientists who believe in global warming to get that figure, with 3% of them accidentally circling the “wrong” answer.

    Meanwhile, over 30,000 scientists have signed a petition saying there is insufficient evidence to support the silly notion of anthropogenic global warming.

    Read the link embedded in the post above. You’ll find that the real evidence (not fudged computer models & socialist conjecture) points overwhelmingly to natural and cyclic temperature change going back thousands of years.

    The lib in the cartoon exchange sums up the “compelling” evidence for AGW very well.

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  4. Lucky for us the National Academy of Science is an unbiased organization who is not funded by research grants. ~barf~

  5. It is easy to shoot down a straw-person you, yourself, have set up. Why don’t you deal with the real issues, rising temperatures, melting ice caps, and all the rest. Oh, that’s right, all those scientists who say those things are wrong because they don’t agree with your preconceived notions.

  6. You mean the rising temperatures that have leveled off? The rising temperatures that were higher during medieval times than they are today–long before there were SUVs or evil capitalists to blame it on? Or the melting ice caps that re-freeze every year?

    I think nature is taking care of those quite well. I don’t think you or I need to deal with them at all.

  7. Only 3% of global CO2 emissions are attributed to human activities such as manufacturing, farming, and breathing. The rest is attributed to naturally decaying organic matter. While our climate is changing (and always is), it is not very likely due to man-made CO2 emissions. It is far more likely that climate change (i.e a slight warming of the oceans) is increasing the levels of atmospheric CO2.

  8. I have researched the subject of global warming extensively and have weighed the pros and cons on the subject to come to the conclusion that 90 percent of reputable scientist are denouncing the theory and the other 10 percent are going along with it for fear of loss of employment or sailing their profession short by taking the political stance in favor of a totally incompetent politician motivated by power and money.
    Good authentic science has overwhelmingly proven through creditable research that the earth has gone through 4.4 billion of years of weather changes, Out of that 4.4 billion years the scale measurement annotating the time that man has been on this planet is almost undetectable. Do we arrogant humans want to believe the earth climate has to remain the same because we don’t like to get hot or cold? Iit has varied from mild too extreme for a very long time – get used to it.

    The reality is this beautiful blue planet we call home has gone through uncountable extreme climate changes, none of which can be scientifically proven to be caused by manmade gases. If you want to measure something please get the correct tool and learn to read it – or shut up for God’s sake!