U.S. Military in Danger of Leftist Takeover

Gina Miller

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You may recall back during the presidential campaign of ‘08, Barack Obama was giving a speech in Colorado Springs when he said the following cryptic words,

“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

Ever since that speech hit conservative news outlets, writers and commentators have been puzzling over what the heck Obama meant by it.  I believe I have a clue.

Over the weekend (naturally on a weekend, or at night, as usual for the night crawlers in Congress) the Senate, against all sanity, put another nail in the coffin of America’s national security by voting to force open homosexuality on our military.  What a wretched and foolish thing to do to our troops, and especially during war time!  We can push for the incoming Republicans to work toward putting the door back on that despicable closet and reinstating the ban, but it would likely take Obama getting kicked out of the White House before it could be done without a veto.

We know the left despises our military.  They despise pretty much everything that America represents and that Americans hold dear–like God, family, truth, freedom and guns—oh, yes—guns.  The left has worked against our military for many years and has infiltrated it to the highest levels.  Just look at top guys like Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen, who came out saying that allowing open homosexuality in the military would be just peachy!  Look at that bogus “survey” the Pentagon did that supposedly “determined” a large majority of our troops had no problem at all with homosexuals wearing the badge of their perversion on their foreheads within the military.

Look at how the left has been persecuting our men for doing their jobs.  When a terrorist gets killed in a war zone, our men are brought up on murder charges!  It’s preposterous!  These Muslim terrorists behave worse than mindless, vicious animals, yet the powers that be treat them like garden variety purse snatchers who are entitled to be Mirandized and given all the rights that belong to American citizens, not foreign enemy combatants.

All these things are gradually building toward one outcome: the destruction of our armed forces as they exist and the replacement of America-loving troops and leadership with leftist goons.  This latest affront to our troops, the forcing of open homosexuality on our military, is one more step toward that destructive goal, which brings me back to my original point.  What does Obama’s mysterious “civilian national security force” have to do with all this?  What is just as strong, just as well-funded, and just as powerful as the United States military?  Why, the United States military, of course.

The communist enemies within our government and military mean to take over our military.  You think it can’t happen here?  You’d better think again.  Leftists are well on their way to that end.  They’ve been working steadily toward this goal for years.  They do things gradually, bit by bit, because they know most Americans would never allow the left’s hellish, degenerate, America-killing agenda to proceed.  This is not something that will happen tomorrow, but it’s the end result of their twisted social engineering—to transform our marvelous military into their own force for anti-American, police state evil.

The homosexuals are nothing more than useful idiots for the communist Democrats who are out to commandeer our armed forces, just as the homosexuals among the leadership of the SA storm troopers (the Brownshirts) were also useful idiots for Hitler until they outlived their usefulness to der Führer.  Their homosexuality was later used as a partial excuse to execute them.

The left certainly knows that the admission of open homosexuals to the military will drive out many God-fearing, America-loving patriots, who will leave the military rather than watch it rot from within by this invasion of homosexual degeneracy from the left, not to mention the suicidal rules of engagement imposed on our troops, plus the threat of being prosecuted for murder when you actually kill the enemy!  All these things are by design of the left, but understand, that also includes some in the Republican leadership.  Remember that our men were being prosecuted when President Bush was still in office.

I’m certain some of you believe this is the most far-fetched thing you’ve ever heard, but would you have believed 20 years ago that our government would take over car companies and banks and force socialized medicine on America, completely against our will?  Would you have believed we would have a Congress so utterly out of control as to spit in the face of the American people and regard the Constitution as nothing more than antique toilet paper, as they use mafia-type thug tactics to ram through one unconstitutional piece of legislation after another?  Why is it inconceivable that these same America-hating communist Democrats would seek to tear down our military and remake it in their own diabolical image?

You may say that’s not a “civilian” national security force, because it’s the military.  That’s an easy problem for them to fix.  By the time they purge the armed forces of the patriotic Americans who are against their evil freedom-robbing agenda and replace those people with their minions who will toe the party line, the rest is window dressing.  They can call it whatever they want.  Unless they are stopped, they will do as they desire.

Do you think the Republicans will stop them?  Look at the Republican turncoats who voted to allow open homosexuality in the military!  The dirty rats!  It appears some Republicans are even in favor of the insane Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) with Russia!  The Wall Street Journal reports that Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer said that Mississippi’s own Republican Senator Thad Cochran has offered his support for START, as well.  I called Sen. Cochran’s office, and the girl who answered told me that he has not yet stated his position.  Why the heck not?!  His office is apparently getting swamped with angry voters, because she said, “I don’t know where all this is coming from.”  I told her it’s coming from the Wall Street Journal, that it was Schumer who said Cochran is on board with START.  She got pretty quiet at that point.

We are in a precarious place in our country where we’ve never been before.  This is not the business-as-usual of the past.  I’m not saying these things about our military to be sensational, but to offer a warning to those many America-loving patriots in our armed forces who are the only ones, with God’s help, who can stop the politically correct leftist onslaught of the military.  The left has invaded every other area of power in our country, so what makes the military immune from the communist claws of the left?  Nothing.

We can’t stop them on our own.  Without God helping us to thwart the evil plans of those on the communist left, there’s not much hope of stopping their vile agenda for our country.  Groups like the Tea Party are important, but this is about much more than just materialistic fiscal policies.  The moral foundation of our nation is rotten; the supports are crumbling away under decades of leftist termite infestation, and without a return to godly, moral principles in the hearts of Americans and those running our institutions, our whole country, including our military, will continue its relentless slide into the bottomless pit where darkness abounds and freedom does not exist.  May God save America.

Gina Miller, a native of Texas, is a radio disc jockey. She also works with her husband installing and repairing residential irrigation systems and doing landscaping on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

27 Responses to “U.S. Military in Danger of Leftist Takeover”

  1. No, Gina, you are not being overly sensational, or even sensational for effect, at all. We are at the cusp of the destruction of our country – literally. The “business as usual” fight with the nihilists used to be at the curb 15 to 20 or more years ago. Now, the barbarians are streaming over the threshold of the house, our house, and the they hold the initiative.

    I’ve been saying for years that homosexual activists and their leftist thug cohorts will one day soon criminalize Christianity and the Church if it won’t grovel before the left’s perverse agenda. People online called me craze. I still stand by my contention, because there is no reason they can’t with the illegitimate power they are now accruing. The issue of the right of the Boy Scouts of America to associated freely with only those willing to embrace its philosophy balanced merely on the razors edge of a decision (5 to 4) by 9 members of the US Supreme Court, a place that it should never have reached in a sane, Constitution-honoring society. Just imagine the result if a few more Marxist Justices like Ginsberg or Kagen had been installed instead of a Roberts or Scalia? This is unimaginable, but a real, horrific possibility. (Keep in mind that the case made it to the USSC because a lower court, A STATE SUPREME COURT, found against the BSA!)

  2. Interesting thoughts. And as to the marxists and leftists; we have from South Dakota a prime enabler of that ilk; Senator Tim Johnson! He voted for Obamacare, repeal of DADT, voted for leftists Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court etc. Isn’t it about time we did something about this blockhead who is supposed to represent us?
    The next legislative session is coming up, let’s get the ability to recall rogue politicians like Johnson. I’m tired of his antics in D.C., and his farcical claim to represent South Dakota!

  3. You’re right, Spouse. We’re just ONE Supreme Court Judge away from chaos.

    Please, God, help us!

  4. Nebraska has the same issue with Ben Nelson, who will sometimes give lip service to conservative principles, but in the end, always votes with the radical leftists. How does this happen in the Heartland?

  5. “Burn their f—ing churches to the ground and tax the charred timbers.” This is the left’s spoken attitude toward the Church. Don’t think they won’t realize it.

  6. God already did judge homosexual behavior to be wrong, and he made it clear repeatedly in his word. And Christ made it clear that his followers were to teach others what he taught us, and warn them from God’s judgment. You should stop being afraid to obey God.

    Bob Ellis/Dakota Voice
    –Sent from my Verizon Wireless Smatphone

  7. Actually they will. Our military is unlike most others. For one thing, the American people (of whom the military is made up) have a higher moral fiber than moat of the world. We also deploy more often & in greater numbers.

    Men aren’t asked about homosexual behavior when they sign up for selective service because few if any will ever be selected. We have, however, asked about it at enlistment in the past because then we were intelligent enough to acknowledge the problems it would cause.

    Now, we don’t care. Legitimizing an immoral, unhealthy & unnatural sexual behavior is now more important to us than military readiness or the well being of soldiers who understand proper sexual behavior.

    Bob Ellis/Dakota Voice
    –Sent from my Verizon Wireless Smatphone

  8. “Get over” myself? Your snide sarcasm is wasted here.

    This is not about my “luck on this issue.” You’re blind to not see what’s coming in our country.

  9. “Get over” myself? Your snide sarcasm is wasted here.

    This is not about my “luck on this issue.” You’re blind to not see what’s coming in our country.

  10. Of course, I disagree with what you say, but after reading your column, I agian was left with a smile. The terms ‘ nightcrawlers’ and ‘termites’ used to describe our Congress, brought me down laughing.

  11. …And I was being nice!

  12. You mean Gina Miller held her tongue! Please, Gina, see your doctor today

  13. You mean Gina Miller held her tongue! Please, Gina, see your doctor today

  14. You mean Gina Miller held her tongue! Please, Gina, see your doctor today

  15. I had to hold my tongue, Brian–this is a family website! 🙂

    But, if I need to see a doctor, you’re here, and so is Dr. Theo.

  16. May God Save America. We pray this to Our Father Who Art In Heaven. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen

  17. Will greatly discount my fee, and know dr theo would as well, if you promise more landscaping tips in the future.

  18. Deal! 🙂

  19. Nail – You started off sounding OK, but then you started spouting popular but utterly mistaken ideas about homosexuality — particularly the line that people are “born that way,” etc. The people you’re addressing here already know that stuff isn’t true. Do you think none of us have ever learned anything about the actual life of a “gay”-identified person?

  20. Nail – You started off sounding OK, but then you started spouting popular but utterly mistaken ideas about homosexuality — particularly the line that people are “born that way,” etc. The people you’re addressing here already know that stuff isn’t true. Do you think none of us have ever learned anything about the actual life of a “gay”-identified person?

  21. I agree, Steve!

  22. To hold politically conservative positions is all good and well…but when you post some of that “the NAZIS were Gay” crap, you discredit yourself with all but the lunatic fringe. (no need to quote the discredted author who tries to push that nonsense…that was my point, he is a DISCREDITED author)

    There is a reason conservatives are not winning the culture war.

    You are a part of it.

    Gina, your tone, and your over the top statements turn off a lot more people than you realize. I would be concerned about your influence, but, in truth, I really think you are better as a source of humor. And as my cousin Robert will attest, you DO help people change their minds about gay people. Thanks again for that Gina. He is new on good terms now with several of our gay relatives, which was not the case till he read your anti gay diatribe several days ago.

    I am in your debt for that.
    Thank you

  23. Ummm, sorry, Boy, but you don’t get to rewrite history here. It is a commonly-known fact that a number of members of the SA were homosexuals, and it’s not just one author who documents that truth–check multiple WWII histories to see it. During the weekend of the so-called “Night of the Long Knives,” the SS even pulled one of them out of bed from his young boyfriend and executed him immediately. Röhm was also well-known as a homosexual.

    Of course, nowhere did I say the Nazis were homosexual. I said that a number of SA members were widely known to be homosexuals, and they were indeed useful idiots to Hitler.

  24. Oh Gina…try pushing that at 99% of the universities in the USA. You are correct, I don’t get to rewrite history. But, I do have a degree in it, and you are way off base in your implications.

    As per the rest, once again, thanks. Your being so over the top as to be in stationary orbit has already helped me personally, and, odd as you may find it, I AM indebted to you for that.

  25. Are you trying to tell me that colleges are teaching false history? Oh, say it isn’t so! I thought colleges stopped actually teaching history at least 20 years ago!

    History is a dangerous thing to teach, because it actually clues dumb, young schmucks in to the fact that all those of you on the communist left have actually been around before with your murderous, failing policies.

  26. Dear Gene,
    I don’t know which discredited author you are refering to since you don’t say, but I am very offended by the tone of your post. Why must gay people always hate on us? It is very disturbing and hateful because we just want to be respected and loved. If gay people would just accept us (we were born this way) the world would be a much more nice place to live in. I’m not sure what it will take to change your mind about heterosexual people, but your anti-straight comments make you seem very intolerant and hateful. I feel sorry for your hateful nature.
    From a PROUD unhomosexual

  27. Hateful heterophobe bigots want to force their beliefs on the rest of us and have no interest in
    exercising tolerance toward others.