Terry Lakin’s Day of Injustice and Ray of Hope

Gina Miller

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Today is the day a terrible injustice will likely be done to one of our finest Americans.  Today begins the court martial of Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Terry Lakin, a highly decorated Army doctor and flight surgeon, who, after repeatedly attempting to no avail to verify that Barack Obama is actually a legal commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces, decided to invite his own court martial, as he put it, and refused orders to deploy for a second time to Afghanistan.

Last March, WorldNetDaily quoted Dr. Lakin as saying,

“The Constitution matters. The truth matters.

“For the first time in all my years of service to our great nation, and at great peril to my career and future, I am choosing to disobey what I believe are illegal orders, including an order to deploy to Afghanistan for my second tour of duty there. I will disobey my orders to deploy because I – and I believe all servicemen and women and the American people – deserve the truth about President Obama’s constitutional eligibility to the office of the presidency and the commander in chief.

“If he is ineligible, then my orders – and indeed all orders – are illegal because all orders have their origin with the commander in chief as handed down through the chain of command.”

I have covered Dr. Lakin’s case before,  and I know how sharp the division is between his supporters and detractors.  His supporters are firmly convinced that he is indeed a brave hero for taking on the behemoth topic of Obama’s highly questionable eligibility to hold the office of president, while his detractors insist that he is nothing more than a coward in dereliction of duty.

A scanned image of United States President Barack Obama's Certification of Live Birth, as released by his campaign to Markos Moulitsas of the Daily Kos website. The Barack Obama campaign posted the same Certification of Live Birth image on its own website, labeling it as a "Birth Certificate" to counter rumors against the candidate. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Dr. Lakin’s cause is just.  Barack Obama’s past is almost completely hidden.  There is a reason for it being hidden.  I don’t know what that reason is, but I’m sick of answering all of Obama’s maniacal defenders who erupt in vicious babbling every time I write about this subject.  It’s always, “He’s already shown his birth certificate, you moron!”  No, he has not.  Or it’s, “If there were something to this eligibility question, Hillary Clinton’s camp would’ve exposed his past in the primaries.”  Is that so?  What makes you think that Mrs. Clinton has the power to take on a machine run by the most powerful men in the world, like George Soros?  What makes you think that Mrs. Clinton would even be allowed to reveal Obama’s past, if she wanted to do so?

Regardless, as I reported in my last column on Dr. Lakin, the shabby military judge who is presiding over his court martial simply denied his defense with no good reason given.  She just out-of-hand declared that his orders were lawful.  She refused to allow him discovery of any of Obama’s hidden past documentation that would actually determine if in fact those orders are lawful, and she refused to even allow expert witnesses for the defense, including retired Air Force Lt. General Tom McInerney.  It’s truly wicked what this so-called judge is doing.

The powers that be are so desperate to keep all of Obama’s past hidden that they will go to any length to safeguard it.  What is Obama hiding?!  It’s truly an outrage against our nation that Obama is allowed to get away with this, but I’ll tell you what—he won’t get away with it forever.  One day this charlatan Obama will be exposed for the usurping fraud he is.

Because of being denied any defense, Dr. Lakin will likely be convicted and will have to serve time at Fort Leavenworth.  However, there is a ray of hope.  WorldNetDaily reports that last Friday, Gen. Thomas McInerney was on Denver talk radio station KHOW on Peter Boyles’ morning show.  Gen. McInerney said some encouraging words about the future of Dr. Lakin’s case with the incoming Republican House,

“Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney predicts the incoming Republican-controlled House of Representatives will launch an investigation if Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin is convicted in next week’s court martial.

… ‘It looks like he’s not being treated fairly,’ said McInerney…

‘It’s important that he gets a fair trial, which means discovery. Since the Army will not allow that I believe in the final analysis that this will be overturned, but he may have to go to the slammer in Ft. Leavenworth.’”

Gen. McInerney does say that he probably would have advised Dr. Lakin to proceed differently in his attempt to determine if Obama is actually a lawful commander-in-chief, but Gen. McInerney acknowledges the importance of Dr. Lakin’s case.

It’s apparent that Gen. McInerney does not like the term “birther,” no doubt because of the disparaging way it is used by the left to label ordinary American patriots who only demand to know whether or not Obama is constitutionally eligible to serve as president.

Gen. McInerney continued,

“I told [Dr. Lakin] that I probably would have advised him differently, but he really had a very important point.  He is not a birther.  He is a constitutionalist.  Now, it shouldn’t be the job of a lieutenant colonel flight surgeon in the U.S. Army to be the constitutionalist.  It’s the job of the Congress and the executive agency to do that.  But, we’ve had 44 presidents of the United States, Peter, and only one, the current president, has not shown a valid birth certificate.”

This situation is truly like something out of a twisted nightmare.  The fortress protecting Obama’s past is almost supernaturally powerful.  As you may know, it’s not just Obama’s original birth certificate that is hidden, but pretty much all documentation of his past is a closely guarded secret.  We have virtually no records of who Barack Obama really is.  For that matter, we don’t even know if his name is actually Barack Obama!

One thing I do know about Obama is that he is one cold-hearted man.  He knows Dr. Lakin stands to do hard time because of Obama’s refusal to provide proof that he occupies the presidency legally.  Obama is a dirty rat for standing by and letting Dr. Lakin flap in the wind, when Obama could easily stop this nonsense from proceeding any further!  Whatever Obama is hiding about his past, it’s huge, and it’s obviously a serious deal-breaker, or all the America-hating forces of hell wouldn’t be guarding the secret so fiercely.

Gen. McInerney had some advice for the Army on how to proceed with Dr. Lakin’s case,

“McInerney suggested Lakin is certain to be convicted if the court martial proceeds.

‘The outcome is evident to me that this is a slam dunk,’ said McInerney. ‘They’re not going to let him really talk about it. They’re avoiding the issue.

‘The way they conduct themselves is going to be extremely important for the follow-on investigation for the House of Representatives,’ added McInerney, who said the House Armed Services Committee could hold hearings to determine whether the military handled the case properly.

‘The smartest thing the Army could do is not to have [the trial],’ said McInerney, who suggested the court should let the case go ‘low profile.’

‘I don’t think they’re going to do that. They’re going to make the mistake of trying him, and then you’re going to have a court of record that will condemn them for the way they conducted it.’”

I do hope the incoming Republicans will have the guts and the decency to review this court martial, and at least see that Dr. Lakin is being treated to a terrible injustice and overturn it if he is convicted.

So many of us are bone-tired of watching wimpy Republicans stand down in the face of the Obama eligibility question.  What are they all afraid of?!  Don’t you dare tell me they’re all convinced Obama is legitimate—there’s no way they all are.

The WorldNetDaily report continues,

“McInerney held up his own treatment by the trial judge to illustrate the unfairness of the proceedings thus far. Lind has refused to allow McInerney or any other expert witness requested by the defense to testify at Lakin’s court martial. She has also refused to permit Lakin to present any evidence or arguments in his own defense that might justify his decision to disobey orders.

‘The judge in this particular case said I do not know enough about the Army to be able to understand the Army’s position on the Uniform Code of Military Justice,’ said McInerney, who added he once commanded an army division in Alaska as part of a joint Army-Air Force command.

‘I am intimately familiar with the Uniform Code of Military Justice,’ said McInerney. ‘But you get a judge … who says that I as a three-star general who had general court martial authority do not know enough about the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Dr. Terry Lakin is not going to get a fair trial in this particular proceeding.’

McInerney was asked by the defense to testify about when a soldier is trained to disobey orders he believes are illegal.”

It’s apparent that the fix is in on this court martial, and unlike how the fix has been in, so far, on all other court challenges to Obama’s eligibility, a man’s freedom and career are on the line this time.  It is Dr. Lakin who is bravely taking a stand against the diabolical powers that protect Obama’s secrets.  Dr. Lakin needs our fervent prayers right now, and he also needs our financial support.  There is a defense fund for him at the website SafeguardOurConstitution.com.  His whole story is there, as well as any other information you might want to know about his case.

May the Lord bless and keep LTC Dr. Terry Lakin and his family.

Gina Miller, a native of Texas, is a radio disc jockey. She also works with her husband installing and repairing residential irrigation systems and doing landscaping on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

107 Responses to “Terry Lakin’s Day of Injustice and Ray of Hope”

  1. No, he’s not lying. A COLB is not the same thing as a long-form birth certificate, and you’re not going to be able to lie your way into proving it is. Sorry, pal.

  2. Mr. Lakin has been convicted and sentenced. He’s damn lucky he only got 6 months in prison. The man is a gullible fool, duped into disobeying orders for a “cause” that is tilting at windmills.

    In my book, Lakin is a traitor. He deserted his comrades in time of war. There is no excuse for such behaviour. In days gone by, such an act would warrant a firing squad. Mr. Lakin is lucky we now live in more enlightened times.

    There is no doubt that Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. We’ve all seen the legally notarized birth certificate that the State of Hawaii now issues instead of the so-called “long-form.” It, along with two independently published birth announcements, verifies that Barack Obama was born in Honolulu in 1961. End of story.

  3. If Obama leaves office for any reason before his elected term expires, Biden will become President. Will that make you feel better?

  4. It looks like the link in my article is not the “official” site for contributions. Here is the information according to WorldNetDaily. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=245529

    “Financial contributions should be sent to the Terry Lakin Action Fund, the only fund authorized by Lakin’s family. Donate online at Terrylakinactionfund.com using any major credit card, or mail checks made payable to the Terry Lakin Action Fund, PO Box 1116, Bel Air, MD 21014.

  5. Yeah. We’re damned lucky our constitutional republic has been thrown in the trashcan of hell.

    I hope you enjoy your coming servitude.