LPGA in Lockstep Caves to Radical Homosexual Agenda

Gina Miller

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The world is wickedly insane, and America is not far behind.  I have watched for years as inch by inch our country has marched steadily toward immorality that would shock the Americans of only 60 years ago.  Things that would never have been accepted in the mainstream then are ho-hum routine today, and the rallying cry of the immoral left is, “We must move into the 21st century like the rest of the world!”  I’ll never buy that tripe, because I know that the foundation of truth and morality will never change, no matter what all the forces of hell proclaim.

The militant campaign to force the mainstreaming of homosexuality is one glaring example of America’s race to the bottomless pit.  Right now, we’re witnessing the aggressive, concerted effort by the left to force blatant homosexuality on our armed forces.  This is very bad, regardless of what the in-the-homosexual-tank media and leftist enemies within the high ranks of the military and government would have you believe.  There are many compelling reasons why this is a terrible idea, and Air Force veteran, Bob Ellis, of Dakota Voice has repeatedly outlined those reasons in clear terms.

For years we’ve been seeing “test cases” of homosexuals pushing the legal envelope to force their degenerate lifestyle choice on the rest of us.  Periodically we read about homosexuals suing small business owners—often Christian small business owners—for not bowing to the homosexuals’ demands, whatever they may be.  These test cases are getting more and more outrageous, and now we have one of the most over-the-top examples yet of homosexuality gone wild, and it’s certainly no surprise that it comes out of San Francisco.

The case is of a man who had himself surgically mutilated in the delusional desire to “become a woman,” and who proceeded to sue the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) for not allowing him to compete in their tournaments.  He claims that under California law, his “civil rights” are being violated by not being allowed to play with the women.  Before the lawsuit is even done, the LPGA, rather than fight this insanity with the voice of reason and truth, has instead chosen to cave in and join the delusion by voting to allow so-called “transgendered” men to join the LPGA.  The lawsuit, which was filed in October in San Francisco by a former police officer and SWAT team member who now calls himself Lana Lawless, is still ongoing, but LPGA members voted preemptively to strike from their constitution the requirement that members be female at birth.

This is wrong on so many levels that it’s hard to choose where to begin.  When reading articles about this topic—of men and women who insanely and vainly try to change their gender–I see that the media is so overboard in their fawning support of this spiritual and mental illness, that pretty much without exception, the stories are written from an accepting viewpoint, even going so far as to refer to a man as a “she” and a woman as a “he.”  Such is the case with this man who is suing the LPGA.

It’s not just the media that have signed on to this mass delusion, but the courts have also stepped right up to “validate” what could never actually be.  You may recall back about a year and a half ago, Sonny Bono and Cher’s daughter Chastity Bono had a so-called “sex change” operation.  Afterward, this past May, she proceeded to go to court to legally change her name and her gender. That’s preposterous enough, but the so-called judge didn’t blink an eye in declaring that the woman Chastity Bono is now officially and legally the “man” Chaz Bono.   As I said, this world is truly insane, but I for one will not sign on to that insanity.

Back to this man who has busted his way into the Ladies PGA; beyond the sheer madness of it, it is patently unfair in the athletic sense.  Despite years and years of the left trying desperately to erase the truth of the inherent differences between men and women, women will always be the weaker of the sexes; that’s just the way it is and has been since God made mankind male and female.  With rare exceptions, women cannot successfully compete against men in sports where physical strength is involved.  Golf does require physical strength.  A man will almost always have the strength to out-drive a woman when they start from the same tee box.

When you turn it around with women demanding to be let in to the PGA, well, it’s not the same thing.  Although I firmly believe that sports should remain segregated by sex, if the PGA says it’s alright for a woman to try to join their ranks (which they have), there’s no harm to the tour, because most likely, she would not necessarily even make the cut.  It’s not the same when you turn it around with men invading the ladies’ tour.

The man suing the LPGA is also suing the Long Drive Association (LDA) for re-writing its rules to adopt the LPGA’s stance of allowing only women to compete in the women’s competitions.  The LDA did this after he won the 2008 Women’s Long Drive Championship.  Well, who could’ve seen that coming?!  Who would ever imagine that a man would out-drive a bunch of women?!  Of course, the LDA read the writing on the wall and rewrote their rules.  Otherwise, it’s quite possible that no woman would win the Women’s Long Drive championship ever again.

Thus far, the LDA has not caved in and changed their rules, but the lawsuit was filed in San Francisco, so I would say the legal cards are stacked against them.

This disgusting story is just a snapshot of what’s wrong with our country and our world.  Rational people know that a man could never become a woman!  It’s impossible—no matter what is chopped off or sewn on a person’s body or how many hormones are pumped in, the DNA is unchanged; your gender will never change.  All the people who enable and encourage this kind of behavior, from the “doctors” who would perform such a needless and barbaric procedure, to the lawyers who file these ridiculous lawsuits, to the judges who proclaim by fiat that a sex change has legally occurred, to the media people who blindly affirm the lie in their coverage—none of those people are helping the person who suffers from the spiritual and mental illness of homosexuality, which covers a range of various manifestations up to and including the demented desire to attempt to change one’s gender.

Instead of helping people who suffer from such delusions, all those enablers only help further cement that delusion, and we end up with ones like this man suing the LPGA and the LDA as he proclaims,

“I have traveled a long road to get to where I am now, a place where I always belonged as a strong, proud, capable woman. I am, in all respects, legally, and physically female. The State of California recognizes me as such and the LPGA should not be permitted to come into California and blatantly violate my rights. I just want to have the same opportunity to play professional golf as any other woman.”

This man and ones like him need help, not false validation.  There are plenty of resources to rescue people who are trapped in the iron clutches of homosexuality.  Exodus International is one resource ministry, and Love Won Out is another.  And there are others that are always ready and waiting to offer the love, freedom and the power of Christ to help people escape homosexuality.  Of course it’s not easy, but with God on your side, all things are possible, according to His will.

Gina Miller, a native of Texas, is a radio disc jockey. She also works with her husband installing and repairing residential irrigation systems and doing landscaping on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

39 Responses to “LPGA in Lockstep Caves to Radical Homosexual Agenda”

  1. If someone thinks they’re something other than what their body shows them to be, it’s the mind that needs to be addressed, not the body. What’s so hard to understand about that?

    When the subject of “transsexuals” comes up, someone will inevitably bring up people who are born being somewhat hermaphroditic. I suppose there are rare cases where one of these people gets their gender “assigned incorrectly” at the beginning. But, strangely, no one who claims to be “transsexual” ever seems to actually be such a person.

    The concept of “one gender’s mind in another gender’s body” is a Hollywood myth and is not supported by science. A little knowledge of DNA and body chemistry leaves the concept in ruins. (This is one of those areas where the people who are usually the quickest to yell “science!” suddenly have no use for it because it doesn’t back them up.)

  2. “hermaphrodite” in human beings is a deformity, like where twins “go awry” in the womb, and one baby is born with part of another baby growing inside his body. Deformities are a sad part of this fallen world.

  3. Talk about a sandbagger. I wonder if this loser uses the ladies teebox at it’s home course?

  4. Gina: Your attacks against transgender people are not acceptable. You are speaking out of ignorance. The attacks say a lot more about you than about your victims in the attacks. Will you find other bigots to support you in your bigotry? Absolutely. Are you and your kind a disgrace, unenlightened, and hateful? Yes. Nazis demonized homosexuals just the way you do, FYI. You in your “philosophy” are a lot closer to the Nazis than to enlightened modern human beings. Frankly, shame on you for opening your pie hole on a topic about which you know less than nothing. Why are you so full of hate for people who have never done the least thing against you? Do you even know a transgender person personally? Have you ever sat down to coffee with a transgender person? These people are human beings and deserve respect and empathy just as much as anybody else. You are not “superior” to them, and when you characterize them as “defective,” people smarter and kinder than you see that the defect is in you, not them.

  5. Scott Rose,I am very offended by your uncalled for attack on Gina. You must think that you have some special right to be a bigot against regulargenders. We regulargenders are human beings too. It is a shame and very offending to us to constantly listen to the evil lies spewed from the mouths of LBGTQXYZ ignoramuses.
    Nazis? If I remember my history correctly, and I do, Hitler was quite accommodating to the gay community. He even let them have their own little brigade. The S.A. I believe it was called. Led by a mild mannered gay fellow by the name of Roehm until sadly he was relieved of duty.
    I for one Sir/Ma’am, will not stand silently by while the reputation of a good regulargendered person is attacked. Neither will I stand by while some “cheatin’ man” tries to weasel his way into a sport where HE has no business.

  6. Oh, that’s good, Logitech!

    I was going to post a smack-down to Mr. Rose, but I see you’ve taken care of it quite nicely!

  7. Incidentally, Mr. Rose, I saw on the pingback list that I have the unusual honor of being featured on you and your buddies’ prestigious website! I’m sorry that before today I had never heard of it, but hey–I’ve never had my writing written about, so it’s quite SPECIAL!

    Tell all those really nice, intelligent, caring, truth-hating people who posted comments about me: thanks! And, please tell your pals who run that websoot thanks for the publicity for Dakota Voice. We do appreciate the hits! ?

  8. Gina is not “attacking” anyone, and her truth is quite acceptable, at least anywhere truth is welcome.

    Homosexuals, especially those who want to mutilate their own bodies to better suit their delusion, need help, not accommodation.

    Why do you hate homosexuals so much that you would rather see them continue to live in a state of mental illness, perhaps even mutilating their own bodies, rather than get the help they need to live the way they were created to live? Is having ignorant, shallow people think well of you more important than the welfare of someone who desperately needs help?

    Apparently it is, for you anyway. I would encourage you to stop listening to peer pressure and quit seeking to have people like you, instead adjusting to reality and encouraging others to do so as well.

    Overcoming mental and sexual dysfunctions can be difficult enough on their own without people like you encouraging them to revel in their illness. If you truly cared about them, you would not be pretending all is well and would be encouraging them to get help, not encouraging them to remain enslaved to their aberrant behavior inclinations.

  9. Hey if it passes the phyicle let it be as John would say in the song.

  10. I think you’re wrong. There was not hate in this. Women do not compete well against men in most sports. Why don’t they start up a transgender golf? You know, TGPGA. This way all would be fair. Sorry you’re the one who sounds like the nazis.

  11. To my thinking, a person who undergoes the mutilation of trying to emulate the opposite sex is on par with these bizarre exhibitionists who mutilate their bodies with piercings, splittings, outrageous tattooing, stretching, sub-cutaneous implants and other abominable denigrations to the body to garner attention to “who they are.” I truly believe it is the last stage of acting out of a conscience that is completely seared and, beyond a heavenly miracle, immune from the influences of God. They are only now here to fulfill a final-day prophesy of wanton self-idolatry before the Final Judgment. This is a horrifying prospect, but glorious at the same time.

  12. For normal, well-adjusted people, sex and gender are synonymous. Those for whom it is not need help, not affirmation in their delusion.

  13. “Sex is between your legs and gender is in your head.”

    Yet another inane mantra from the mindless left. Reality is truly terrifying to you, isn’t it?

  14. Actually, the attacks against someone pointing out the stark truth about this obvious pathology speaks volumes about you, Scott Rose. If the idea of gender-“switching” is “enlightenment,” the word has lost all meaning. But I guess rendering once-useful words meaningless is a forte of the left.

  15. All people are born with a sex, and most of us adjust to it quickly and quite well. One need not have a PhD or years of training to grasp what our sex organs tell us about which sex we are.

    Even taking your definition and frequency of “intersex” at face value, you admit that it is an extremely rare and aberrant condition.

    And while it’s possible, I haven’t read anything so far that indicates this man calling himself “Lana Lawless” was actually born with a birth defect. Rather, he seems to be a convenient “bait and switch” vehicle for so-called “transgender” politics.

    People who are actually born with sexual birth defects are, as you admitted, very rare. Their parents and doctors usually use the best available evidence to help them determine their sex and move forward with their lives.

    Most transsexuals/transgenders, however, suffer from severe mental issues all the while their bodies continue to broadcast a reality they find difficult to accept.

    Rather than feed this delusion, we should be helping them adjust to their apparent and very real sex.

    Playing along with sexual delusions is akin to humoring someone who thinks they are a certain French dicator. In other words, medically and morally irresponsible.

    Of course, you already know all this, Zoe (not the name you were born with, I’m pretty sure) because I have told you this many times before.

    Unfortunately you are one of those who suffers from this dysfunction and has been humored into accommodating it. It’s your call what you do with your life, but no one who cares about you should be playing along with you; instead they should be helping you. And any doctors who may have mutilated your body should lose their licenses.

    But that’s another story. Here, you will not be allowed to present propaganda and deception unchallenged.

  16. I agree, Spouse.

    The self-mutilation aspect of this is truly dark. People always scoff at me when I say this, but there is most certainly demon-possession involved in many of these people.

  17. I notice that several of you from that websoot which mimics the name of the Love Won Out ministry, attempt a pseudo-intellectual attack on my intelligence. Perhaps in your minds, it is a winning defense, but to those of us who do not lack knowledge, reason, clarity and truth, it is only a sad and shabby verbal eruption from a poor, lost soul.

  18. Intelligent and informed, Kim? Your definition of sex and gender is absurd and shows your own ignorance and intellectual laziness.
    sex: male and female forms. The act of reproductive intercourse.
    gender: (1) any of two or more divisions within a grammatical class that determine agreement with and selection of other words or grammatical forms. (2) sex.

    As you use the word gender, the proper word would be deviance.

  19. YES! Jesus, as God, has, does and always will discriminate. If your question was baited, which it obviously is, I’ll assume you don’t think He does, despite the volumous examples in Scriptures, which you apparently only give lip service to.

  20. Jesus wouldn’t “discriminate.” He would use good judgment and refer to, well, that moral standard that he codified himself in the Old Testament, and that he and his disciples confirmed in the New Testament: that God’s design for the expression of human sexuality is between a man and a woman in marriage.

    He would also note that, as Creator, he created men with penises and women with vaginas, and he intended for men to behave as men and women to behave as women. He might even recall th at he had codified this in his Word in both Old and New Testaments that men were not to act like women and women were not to act like men (ex. Deuteronomy 22:5, Romans 1:24-27, 1 Corinthians 11:3-15).

    The person who cross dresses–or worse, mutilates their body–is telling God, “You made a mistake. You didn’t know what you were doing. I was supposed to be a man/woman, and you messed up!”

    The incredible arrogance of a human being telling their Creator he messed up, that he didn’t know what he was doing! It shed a whole new light on Romans chapter 1.

  21. Dear Gina Miller: Your comments are more that disgusting. They show a total ignorance of the transgender paradox,in addition to a built in relogious bias that can only happen from not understanding that even persons like us are children of GOD. Thank heavens you are in the minority of people in this world who look down on others because they are not just like you.Peace be with you woman,someday.
    Lily B. McBeth

  22. Bob

    You mentioned the incredible arrogance involved of a human being telling the Creator He messed up. Also it was mentioned earlier about how their bodies get mutilated by surgery. I wish someone would explain, without hitting the ceiling, why most christians allow the body of their sons to be mutilated by circumcision. That is the body God them. Why change it ?( the

  23. There is no “transgender paradox,” only confusion and an inability or unwillingness to adjust to reality.

    If a human being has a penis, he is a man. If a human being has a vagina, she is a woman. That is how God created us.

    One should deal with that reality and not run from it, either on their own or with professional help. But either way, dealing with reality, not embracing delusion, is the right course of action.

  24. That’s a good question, but there are some key differences here that must be considered.

    First, as Creator of the human body, God is entitled to say “Do this” or “Don’t do that.”

    Second, circumcision was originally instituted by God with Abraham and his descendants as a sign of the special covenant between God and Abraham’s family. Why God chose that as a sign of the covenant, I haven’t a clue; God leaves me in the dust on a lot of things. But that’s what he chose, and as the designer and author of our bodies, he’s entitled.

    Also, circumcision does not impair the proper function of the penis. When you chop off a penis, the proper function is impaired–to put it mildly. Or when we try to create a penis on a woman. Or inject volumes of hormones into a body for which that volume was not genetically designed. All of these distort the function and perception of the body, and God designed both women and men for certain roles, and doesn’t like it when we try to deceive (ourselves or someone else) about the true nature of our sex.

    Finally, what is the attitude involved in both? Is the attitude of the circumcision the same as what it is when someone fundamentally changes their sex organs to be the opposite of what they were born with, i.e. “You messed up, God. I was supposed to be a _____!” Or is it an attempt to be obedient to a commandment God once issued to the people of Israel? Or is it because medical authorities have for decades said it was more healthy? Or is it because “everybody’s doing it?”

    I would submit that even though “everybody’s doing it” is a pretty weak excuse, it would be in an entirely different league as viewed by the Creator than “You messed up, God!”

    When your boss tells you to do something a certain way, you might respectfully disagree with him but in the end, you do what your boss says–you DON’T tell him, “You screwed up when you came up with this, Boss! I’m going to completely change it.” You can try that, but you’ll find yourself out of a job…and trying it with the Supreme Boss stands a good chance of getting yourself out of Heaven permanently.

  25. As usual, you guys miss the whole message and shoot the messenger with dumb accusations of ignorance. I’m not ignorant, and I don’t “look down” on people who are not “just like” me.

    This guy, besides having serious mental and emotional problems, is a cheater. He is using the courts to try to break into a women’s sport where he has no business.

    Ultimately, the old saying will prove true: cheaters never win.

  26. Sir, you are desperately attempting to justify your aberrant behavior. All the like-minded homosexual sympathizer “scientists” in the world will not change the TRUTH. You can sit there all day long and wallow in your delusions and even incorrectly attempt to use the Bible to justify your position. You can sit there at your keyboard with your search engine blazing and try to “out-intellectualize” us, but you will still never change the TRUTH.

    You can try to fool yourself until the day you die and tell yourself that all is well and that you’re completely happy with your chosen lifestyle, but that will never make it so.

    I’ve pretty much had it with reading you guys’ retarded and insulting comments. Your stupid, juvenile “You think the earth is flat” and other dumb*** comments only show your desperation.

  27. And what happens if they have neither? Or both? Or female genitalia at birth, that changes to masculine genitalia later? That is how some people were created. To keep on accusing others of delusion is uncharitable, as well as inaccurate. Please, study the biology! The approximations that are good in daily life, that everyone is either male or female, that the Earth is flat, that Pi is about 3, they’re not universal truths.

  28. Sorry, Zoe (or whatever your name is). If you have a penis, you’re a male; if you have a vagina, you’re a female. It’s pretty simple. I know you can find some idiot savant with a degree somewhere who will declare that the sky is green polka dotted if you look long enough, but that doesn’t change reality.

    The sooner you come to grips with reality, the sooner you’ll do yourself and the rest of the world a great favor.

  29. I believe even you admitted earlier that such birth defects were extremely rare. And I told you what you already know but don’t want to admit: doctors and parents help them make the best adjustment possible according to the circumstances.

    Most people want to correctly ascertain realty and adjust to it; you insist that the universe must play along with your fantasies. You’re using rare birth defects as a vehicle to excuse self-destructive delusion and you should be ashamed. You really should be.

  30. The paradox is why is it that so many of these comments by the “practitioners of tolerance”, regard our position as ignorant, unenlightened, biased, arrogant, weak, uninformed etc. Obviously you have some kind of chip on your shoulder that needs attention. Jesus loves you ( and we do too) even if you don’t like yourself.

  31. We all, even you, know full well that the condition you mention of hermaphroditism is extremely rare, usually medically remedied early in childhood, and is almost never the case with those who claim membership in the “transgender” club, including this man who wants to be considered a woman and play a professional sport in a women’s organization.

    This is not science, but politics, pure and simple. The evidence to this is that those states and political subdivisions that pass “anti-discrimination” ordinances in favor of these sex-confused people do so without any requirement that they prove a medical condition or undergo any physical “modifications” – the laws and ordinances always allow a person who simply “feels” or “identifies” with another gender, even if only on a fleeting whim (cross dressers), to do so unhindered.

  32. Appreciate your thoughts. The foreskin has a well known function, so not sure functionality of a body part is a good argument on whether a person should mess with God’s design. Just appears than when God puts a foreskin on a male for a distinct reason, that when people have it removed at birth, they are indeed saying ” God, you screwed up when you gave my little Freddie this tissue ”

    i am not saying circumcision is the equivalent of a sex change, but in both circumcision
    and sex change procedures, functional tissue given us by God gets mutilated and changed from the original design of God.

    And since the
    Bible doesn’t address specifics like sex change procedures, how do we know that God is against someone having it done

    And thirdly and most importantly, my computer can no longer get to Dakota Voice, much less comment, so having to use wife’s laptop and it is driving me nuts ! Hope it has nothing to do with the IP address problem you contacted me about.

  33. The functionality aspect may not be a good argument regarding why God chose circumcision as the physical sign of his covenant with Abraham’s lineage, all I know is that God chose that. As Creator, that’s his prerogative.

    If Jews do it as an observance of that covenant, they definitely aren’t telling God he messed up. If Gentiles do it out of (a) a health justification or “just because everyone’s doing it,” they may be uninformed but they also aren’t doing it because they think God messed up.

    But when God established the sexes, he had very distinct roles and responsibilities in mind for each, and because of that, he isn’t keen on his creations interfering with, distorting or perverting that–which is why he considers homosexual behavior an abomination (it is an egregious and contradictory use of the sex roles he designed). The Bible doesn’t mention sex change procedures (something that was essentially impossible at the time it was written), but the principle is more than clear enough.

    Hard to say about your computer and that IP address problem. You have my email address from when I emailed you a few days ago. When you get a minute, go to http://myipaddress.com on your computer and write down the IP address it returns for your computer. Email me that and I’ll do some research from this end and see if we can get that computer back on with DV again.

  34. Right, Steve! That “Nazi” comment really came out of left field! 🙂

  35. I can’t wait until your cousin, nephew, son, or daughter comes out as gay or transgender. Then it will be personal, and might actually get to know a trans person. You might actually talk to one and learn something. You’ll be forced to choose to keep your hateful stance, or love your family member. You can choose to disown or embrace. You can open your mind and heart, or lose a loved one because of your ignorance.

    My Christian family chose to love me and embrace me. We are all happier for it. I am relieved that neither they nor I are trapped by an ideology that requires us to hate, discriminate, and belittle people.

    Maybe when you are personally effected by this, you’ll embrace love and leave behind the hate.

  36. We have had a homosexual in our family…who died of AIDS. Love for him didn’t stop the self-destructive consequences of his behavior, though being honest about this unhealthy behavior could have, had he heeded the warnings.

    Knowing someone who is confused or disoriented doesn’t change the truth of the dysfunction one iota, though loved ones can certainly choose to join the confused person in their delusion.

    The clear-thinking may someday get through to the disoriented one, but if they join in the delusion, there is little hope for a return to normalcy for anyone.

    It is not an act of love to encourage someone to continue in delusional, dangerous behavior.

    Bob Ellis/Dakota Voice
    –Sent from my Verizon Wireless Smatphone

  37. There you are with your ignorant and baseless accusations of “ignorance” toward someone who opposes the homosexual lifestyle choice.

    No, Logitech is not wrong about history, nor is he lacking in education. He is actually very well-read, and he knows that Hitler killed all manner of people, including his fellow countrymen. Hitler killed Germans, Austrians, Christians, Jewish people, homosexuals, handicapped people, heterosexual people, perfectly healthy people, children, the elderly–you name it, Hitler spared no one he deemed worthy of death.

    As for the S.A., you might want to jump in your Prius and cruise to the bookstore where you will find a plethora of information that could open your eyes, if they had the ability to see. It is a commonly-known fact that a number of members of the SA were homosexuals–check multiple WWII histories to see it. During the weekend of the so-called “Night of the Long Knives,” the SS even pulled one of them out of bed from his young boyfriend and executed him immediately. Röhm was also well-known as a homosexual.

    As I told another one like you, you don’t get to rewrite history here, pal.