Deficit Reduction Commission: Bring on the Death Panels

From Americans for Limited Government

Some people doubted me when I recently denounced the deficit commission panel as just another pantywaist liberal exercise that would do nothing to get at the heart of America’s fiscal hemorrhaging.  I pointed out that, in typical liberal fashion, they wanted to squeeze national defense–one of the few areas where the federal government is authorized by the Constitution to function–while ignoring the massive socialist entitlement programs that make up half or more of our federal budget.

More proof is in that I was 100% right.  It’s just a game with these liberals: what piddly crap (in terms of the money saved) can I toss overboard to impress people and get them to ignore the elephant that’s about to sink this ship?

Rather than recommend ditching as quickly as possible the unconstitutional trillion-dollar+ ObamaCare debacle, the commission wants to keep it. Well, mostly.

Remember when we told you that government health care schemes always and automatically involve rationing?  Remember when people like Sarah Palin and many others tried to warn Americans that socialized health care brings “death panels” who make fiscal decisions on what medicines are available and which ones are not, which treatments are available and which ones are not, which people are worthy of treatment and which ones are not?

Those are the kind of decisions liberals demonize insurance companies for making, but somehow the same decisions–when made by panels of government bureaucrats–become sanctified and wonderful.  Never mind that in a free market, a person is free to look for other insurance that may provide things that one particular insurance company might not provide–or they might even pay for it themselves or with the help of friends and neighbors.  But in a government health care environment, the decision of the death panel is final–you are locked out, regardless of whether you want to pay for it yourself.

Well, that is just what the deficit reduction panel is recommending: hard decisions about what to pay for and how much.

From Canada Business:

The plan leaves in place Obama’s signature health care law expanding coverage to more than 30 million uninsured, but it would repeal a new long-term care program included in the legislation, calling it “financially unsound.”

The plan tackles the unfinished business of Obama’s health care remake: how to keep it affordable. An advanced society that guarantees the latest medical technology to nearly all its citizens has to make hard choices about what to pay for and how much.


For the first time, the government would set — and enforce — an overall budget for Medicare, Medicaid and other federal programs that cover more than 100 million people, from Alzheimer’s patients in nursing homes to premature babies in hospital intensive care.

Palin attracted wide attention by denouncing nonexistent “death panels” in Obama’s overhaul, but a fixed budget as the commissioners propose could lead to denial of payment for medical care in some circumstances.

Those death panels were “nonexistent” when Palin warned about them…because ObamaCare was nonexistent then. It is a sad reality now–one that is already driving up health care premiums and costs, and will soon be cutting people off from health care they once had access to as (formerly) free Americans.

And the more they cut reimbursements for Medicare treatment and so on, the more private doctors and health care facilities will no longer be able to afford to operate…resulting in more and more shortages. We’ve seen it happen in every socialist health care scheme around the world, we saw it happen with RomneyCare in Massachusetts and pretended it wouldn’t happen on a national scale.  How arrogant!

Now will you listen, America?  I know many of you did–the polls show it–but virtually no one but slugs and hard-core socialists should have ever been in favor of this unconstitutional abomination.  Maybe now the light will come on in the minds of the few remaining Americans who thought ObamaCare was a good thing.

And if Republicans show any sign at all of getting weak-kneed about repealing this monstrosity, they need to hear from us LOUDLY and CLEARLY that we want this crap gone from our country, and move us back toward the free market model that made us the greatest and most prosperous nation on earth.

7 Responses to “Deficit Reduction Commission: Bring on the Death Panels”

  1. Bob, maybe you should talk to Jan Brewer over in Arizona. Oh, that’s right, it’s a States Right to do as they choose, even pull the plug on young fathers because money is more important than human life. I just wonder how the surviving family members will get by? Can you say “welfare?” By the way, do you know who headed up the “Deficit Commission?” Former GOP Senator Alan Simpson, who helped create the largest debt this nation had ever had to that time. Remember? Tripling of the National Debt during the eight years of Reagan’s Administration, a man for whom I voted.

  2. I’m afraid you lost me on Jan Brewer; what did she do or not do?

    And I do know that Simpson, like too many Republicans, is either a poor representative of his party’s values or is in the wrong party altogether.

  3. This will only get worse if the deficit panel gets its way and if ObamaCare is fully implemented. I assume you are an advocate of government health care, but you may not realize that you have condemned that system with the things you have cited here.

    I should also point out that using force to steal the property of other Americans is not a valid option. When government takes the property of one American and gives it to another American, that is theft. It’s something you or I would be arrested and incarcerated for, were we to do it on our own. Somehow when the government does it, that sanctifies the theft and makes it moral?

    Rather, we need to return to the free market model that created the greatest nation on earth and in human history. The free market model helps keep the cost of goods and services down, while socialist models only pumps them up.

    Under the free market model, which was the way of our nation until the last 50-70 years, we save and we provide for our own needs.

    When our preparations are inadequate to our needs, we should turn to our family. When those resources are also inadequate, we have our friends and neighbors to turn to; in my area, fund raisers are often held to help people in our community who are in need–and we should do this much, much more. There are also churches and private charities which can help.

    This the proper, legal and constitutional way in America. I would recommend an excellent book on this topic by Marvin Olasky called “The Tragedy of American Compassion.” It can enlighten you on how our country was designed to work, how it did work until the last few decades, and what we must return to if we are to (a) go back to showing some respect for the U.S. constitution, the highest law of our nation, and (b) resume fiscal sanity. Without both of these, we won’t survive indefinitely as a free republic…and probably not as a nation at all.

  4. Howard, it’s clear that you live in a fantasy world where the “government” is able to meet the needs of all the people all the time (I wonder where all that money comes from? Hmmmm). It’s too bad that dream world does not exist.

    You leftists can dream of a utopia on earth ’til the cows come home, but it will never be. This world is an evil place, and people will always die, but under the liberal’s socialist/communist program, people will die much faster.

    You really would serve yourself better to get your head out of… the sand.

  5. Yes, Howard, people did routinely save for unexpected adversities 70 years ago, and much longer ago as well. Please don’t insult my intellingence by claiming otherwise. You don’t have to like America’s history but you don’t get to rewrite it.

    It is true that there were far fewer medical treatments 70 years ago than there are today, but the principles involved remain the same.

    Medical costs began to get out of control when we started to remove the full economic involvement of the consumer from the goods and services rendered. This happened as a reaction to FDR’s socialist policies he forced on the business community; out of that came the system of employer-offered insurance plans. As these proliferated our medical and economic system, people became further and further removed from dealing with and preparing for the costs of medical care. It also served to artificially inflate the market because more could now be charged for the same goods and services because the padding of health insurance made the consumer more able to pay higher and higher costs.

    The government also got involved in the health care market, drastically inflating costs far beyond even the damage done by the advent of the proliferation of the health insurance industry.

    The only answer is to turn tail and return to the only system which can legally operate in this country: the free market system. We can stil retain a measure of the insurance industry (it is legal according to the constitution), but the plans that attempt to cover everything and completely remove the consumer from the financial pain of health care costs cannot be sustained indefinitely. High deductible plans are a good step in teh right direction. Getting government completely out of health care is not only a major step in the right direction, it is the only direction permitted by our Constitution.

    Regardless of the fantasies of socialists, this will never be a perfect world. People will always get sick. Some people will always get wiped out financially from adverse circumstances. And some people will always die. Only an utter fool or a very dedicated socialist could dream otherwise.

    In the mean time, we need to return to free market solutions, and return to an environment where families and communities help one another voluntarily when in need. We’ve had far too much of the government-enforced theft, and it’s a shame that you feel it is okay to steal from others.

    As if I had any doubt, you completely removed it with your asinine and typically liberal tripe about revoking women’s voting rights, oppressing people because of their skin color (things which were, incidentally, done by the same political party which now shows unbridled lust for socialist theft), blah blah blah.

    You’re nothing but an un-American socialist who lacks the guts and the intellectual integrity to truly get behind your corrosive ideas and admit that you laud theft, that you want force used against your fellow Americans to steal from them to enrich yourself.

    You should do yourself a favor, as well as people who still believe in America, and move to Cuba, North Korea, or some other nation more in line with your Marxist leanings. America has never been such a place, and by the grace of God, it never will be.