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Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending Dec. 4. 2010

Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending Dec. 4. 2010

The best of the best at Dakota Voice last week, including: EMP: Death of America in the Blink of an Eye; DOD Homosexuality Survey: A Closer Look; Hoyer: Freeze Military Pay of Some to Balance Budget; ‘Islamophobia’ and Taxpayer Funding of the Ground Zero Mosque; Global Warming Apostle: Wealth Redistribution Via Climate Policy; SPLC: The Wolf Who Cried Hate; and more!

Spencer’s Gifts Submits to City Ordinance

Spencer's Gifts Submits to City Ordinance

The headline in yesterday’s Rapid City Journal says it all: Spencer’s ends sales of adult items. This unexpected action by the giant corporation — Spencer’s Gifts LLC — is a testimony to the positional strength of Rapid City’s Adult Orientated Business Ordinance (AOB). In 2003 the Rapid City voters overwhelmingly approved restrictions on AOB’s. This was done in order to protect our community’s children from the destructive nature of pornography. Our community standards were set in place and our city officials have been diligent in the enforcement of them.