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Full-Scale Noah’s Ark Planned in Kentucky

Full-Scale Noah's Ark Planned in Kentucky

Governor Steve Beshear of Kentucky and Answers in Genesis recently announced a partnership between AiG and Ark Encounter to build a full-scale recreation of Noah’s Ark in northern Kentucky not too far from AiG’s $27 million, 70,00 sq. ft Creation Museum. In addition to a full-scale ark, the 800-acre complex will include a replica of the Tower of Babel, a 5-D special effects theater, an aviary, and much more.

Standing For Our Standards

Standing For Our Standards

Pastor Dale Bartscher of the Family Heritage Alliance says the city of Rapid City did the right thing in seizing the sexually-oriented materials at a local Spencer’s Gifts store. The materials were in violation of an Adult Oriented Business ordinance passed by Rapid City in 2003, and the city made numerous attempts to resolve the issue with Spencer’s Gifts before taking the action.