This is What They Think of You; Prove Them Wrong

image-janeane garofaloThis is what the Leftist elitists think of people who love America, believe this is the best place in the world, are convinced the U.S. Constitution should be followed by our leaders, treasure freedom, and insist on moral and fiscal sanity.

The “mainstream” media thinks you are too stupid to run your own life, too stupid to even vote, too stupid to know what’s good for you, that you need Leftist elitists like themselves to make decisions for you and run your life for you (as they do with government health care), that if you don’t worship our Marxist president you are a racist, that you’re a tea-bagging redneck clinging to your guns and Bibles, a hillbilly, who doesn’t understand the complex issues of the world of grey in which they live.

Today is your chance to send them a message. Make sure they get it–loud and clear.

4 Responses to “This is What They Think of You; Prove Them Wrong”

  1. I recognize Heidi Fleiss, but I didn’t know she wears glasses. Who are those other people?

  2. Sorry, Haggs, but I have to go with what you do, the positions you advocate and the goals you clearly seek. Talk is cheap; you may say you love America, but are you working to preserve America, her ideals, her values, the American way of life?

    No. Liberals consistently bash America with an endless stream of not only revisionism about our Christian heritage, but an endless stream of bad things to say about our country, all the way back to the beginning and through today. If I talked about my wife the way liberals talk about America, I wouldn’t have a wife–she’d leave me, and rightly so, because it would be obvious I didn’t love her.

    Liberals also despise the values and principles which make America great, and make her what she is. You despise personal responsibility, you despise freedom, you despise independence, you despise our Constitution, you despise the limits placed on government to protect the liberty of the people. You demand that America be like one of these bastions of socialist mediocrity in Europe, that we surrender the moral fiber that holds our nation together on the altar of license and convenience. If I insisted my wife be something she is not and has never been, if I insisted she start living a life of dependence, if I expected her to start looking and acting the whore…I wouldn’t have a wife for long, because it would be clear that I didn’t love her for who she is, or have her best interest at heart.

    So no, you don’t love America, and you prove it every day. You want America to be something it is not and has never been. You want this country to play the whore and put out on demand so you can feed your hunger, all the while showing no respect whatsoever for her dignity or who she is. Lie and protest all you like; your deeds prove you the liar.

    What brought the victory last night was the fact that an unprecedented number of people have become completely fed up with the behavior from the Left I just described, and though they’ve been sitting on their hands in incredulity for decades, they finally realized the Left was never going to grow up, and they were going to have to do something to get the adults back in charge.

    And we’re not even close to done. We’ll be working over the next two years to hold these elected officials’ feet to the fire, and to replace another crop of these socialists in 2012 (including our Marxist president), and again in 2014, and as long as it takes to get an overwhelming majority of elected representatives into our government who will again show respect for our Constitution and respect for what America is.

  3. There is only one test as to whether one is a patriot and loves this country. The United States Constitution is the singular element of America that makes us unique and exceptional. It is a document designed to limit government and to extend as much personal freedom to its citizens as possible. If one does not love and honor the Constitution for what it is and what it says, he can hardly claim to “love his country.”

    That the Constitution has been corrupted, perverted and ignored does not change anything. Only a Constitutional Amendment can change the Constitution. Precedents are opinions, many of which are wrong and patently unconstitutional. We should not hold precedent to be established law that preempts the clear meaning and intent of the Constitution. Americans are beginning to wake up to the fact that our federal government has strayed far from the constraints laid down by the Constitution and we are demanding that our leaders begin to honor their oath of office. That’s what the majority of Americans expressed yesterday, and we’ll do it again in 2012.

  4. I heard that liberal bloggers are really bummed out today. Being bummed out is one thing; being delusional is another. If you honestly believe that Bob Ellis is “getting dumber and dumber,” then you’re a perfect illustration of the degeneracy that comes from a mind which calls good evil and evil good.