Quote of the Day from Gov. Bobby Jindal

image-Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA)

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, as reported by CBS and The Hill, on new TSA invasive full-body scans and hands-on body searches:

“The American people are worried when they see an administration worried about reading Miranda rights to the underwear bomber. [They’re] so worried about rights of the terrorists, what about the rights of innocent American travelers?”

Well said, Governor.

3 Responses to “Quote of the Day from Gov. Bobby Jindal”

  1. Good for the Gov ! Yes and just what about the rights of American travelers ? I see where ‘ the Gov. ‘ nevers offers solutions of his own that would insure our rights AND still keep us safe. Wished he would offer something constructive than simply complain. Another whiner without answers ?

  2. How about common-sense profiling: someone from an arabic country, with an arabic name and background? It doesn’t seem like Sister Helen or Grandma Smith are even remotely likely to harbor a bomb, so why are these, and every other obvious citizen, run through the wringer with the terrorists?

    Ultimately, we can’t ever hope to be completely safe, and we shouldn’t pretend that we can, at least not by the government. Since common sense is anathema nowadays, I suspect we can expect to be less safe, unless sanity somehow makes a comeback.