Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending Nov. 13, 2010

Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending Nov. 13, 2010

These are the best of the best from Dakota Voice last week. These are the articles people most wanted to read, and if you missed one when it came out, maybe you’ll want to catch up on one today.

George Soros: The Puppet Master Part II – Glenn Beck continued his expose on George Soros yesterday, examining Soros’ five-step plan to subvert a country, which includes pumping millions of dollars into a country’s political climate through “humanitarian aid” groups, distorting the media, and undermining free government. You might be surprised, but steps 1-4 are already well under way in America.

George Soros: The Puppet Master – Yesterday (and the rest of the week) Glenn Beck began taking a look at billionaire Leftist George Soros. Soros is the man with the millions behind several of the anti-American liberal organizations who have been attacking the American way of life for several years. Soros is free to use his money any (legal) way he wishes. But he is not free to deceive the American people, or to collude with our government to subvert our freedom.

Natural Law: What Conservatives Believe – If the U.S. House passed a bill 435-0 and the U.S. Senate passed that bill 100-0 and the president signed that bill into law, but that law said the First Amendment was overturned, that law would be illegitimate. It wouldn’t matter that it was passed unanimously and signed by the president. Thankfully, America could count on Tea Party patriots to rise up and ensure that “law” did not take effect. Why would normally law-abiding patriotic Americans vociferously reject such a “law?” Because such a “law” would violate a higher law.

State Says No to Shariah Law, CAIR Sues – Seventy percent of Oklahoma voters approved an initiative to amend their state constitution to exclude international and Islamic Shariah law, and immediately on the heels of the vote, the Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) announced it will file suit to challenge the will of the voters in Oklahoma. Well, isnt this just typical of the Islamists?!

The Fight for Modesty – Turn on the TV. Take a stroll in the store. Go to church and youll see it: Females dressing as though the new fad is straight hooker. That may be a little crass, but seriously, when you pick up a magazine or just try to watch the news, youre bombarded with an obscene amount of skin. Sex sells, so they say. And they be right. The only thing that has even a smidge of marketability the way a barely clothed woman will is a puppy. And puppies dont wear any clothes.

Kristi Noem on Cavuto’s Your World – Stuart Varney interviewed South Dakota’s Congresswoman-elect Kristi Noem on Neil Cavuto. He asked her about a statement made recently by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg that looked snobbishly at Tea Party people and other conservatives. He also asked about a leadership post for the freshmen, and who she might support for Speaker of the House.

New House Leadership Post Created, Kristi Noem Considered – The Washington Post blog, The Plumb Line, reports today that a new leadership post for House freshmen is being created, and South Dakota’s new congresswoman Kristi Noem has expressed a strong interest. If selected and she accepted, Noem would be the representative of the incoming freshman class of representatives.

Mystery Missile or Optical Illusion – I have read theories about the Chinese or North Koreans firing a shot across the bow just to let us know that our major cities are within range and vulnerable. Or, it was just some bungling ballistic missile crew aboard a naval vessel that got bored and lit off a missile just for kicks. Come on, this is silly. Let’s have the names of the airliner crew and the flight number and we can get on with more important things and quit our paranoia.

The United States is a Republic – Historian David Barton talks about the fact that the United States is a republic, not a democracy, and why that it is important. What is the difference between a democracy and a republic, and why is it important? It has to do with the source of authority, and the implications that source has for a legacy of freedom. One type of government has great stability, and the lessons of history teach that the other is doomed from the beginning.

Soros Global Warming Shakedown Aimed at U.S. – George Soros, the radical, far-left billionaire, with a long history of antipathy toward American interests, now sits on a United Nations (UN) panel charged with organizing a $100 billion wealth transfer from the developed world to the underdeveloped world in the name of environmentalism. News of his involvement here is buried away in a New York Times report but it should be the lead sentence.

Thank you, Constant Reader, for making these the best of the best!

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