American Terrorist Dohrn Slams Tea Party

Gina Miller

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Perhaps San Francisco police Sergeant Brian V. McDonnell could fully appreciate the depth of irony here.  The woman responsible for his murder now calls the peaceful, patriotic Tea Party movement hostile, unspeakable and “crazy-producing.”

Sgt. McDonnell was killed on February 16, 1970 by a bomb that was planted by the Weather Underground, a nutcase, American terrorist group headed by Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn, both of whom are buddies of Barack Obama.  There are FBI and police reports that assert Bernardine Dohrn is the one who built and planted the bomb that killed Sgt. McDonnell.

Now, Mrs. Dohrn has been interviewed by the leftist Indian news site, I call the website “leftist” because their “about us” page sounds like a “workers of the world unite” pitch, and some of the titles I saw on their homepage also tipped me off to their politics:  titles like, “How Western Anti-Muslim Bigotry Became Respectable,”  “Inside Israeli Land Grabs,” “Blackwater’s Youngest Victim,” and “Why Wikileaks Must be Protected.”  And, finally, Prabir Purkayastha, the guy who interviewed Dohrn, was pitifully sympathetic to her cause while he spouted the usual leftist, anti-American rhetoric.

image-Bernardine Dohrn

Bernardine Dohrn speaking at a Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) reunion held at Michigan State University, 2007. (Photo credit: Thomas Good)

The interview begins with him asking Dohrn how it feels to be again labeled a terrorist since Obama’s presidential campaign, after being just an innocent professor for so many years.  She spends several minutes downplaying her murderous role in the Weather Underground.  When speaking of how it feels to be thought of as a terrorist, she let go of this amazing whopper,

“I have to say the whole experience has been surreal, and uh you know, like watching a film where a caricature has been created… [and] has a whole life that has nothing to do with reality.  It’s built on a complete lie.”

What has nothing to do with reality is Bernardine Dohrn’s perception of reality.  For her to sit there and say that it’s a complete lie that she was part of a group that spent 11 years on a deadly bombing spree, planting more than 30 bombs in America, is profoundly dishonest or delusional, and more likely, it’s both.

When the subject turns to Barack Obama, she still clings to fantastic notions as she proclaims that Obama is a “moderate politician.”  I guess that depends on what she means by “moderate.”  Compared to Hitler, I guess Obama could be considered moderate.

Departing entirely from truth and reality, as she gestures with her grotesquely tattooed hands, Dohrn states,

“43 percent of white people voted for Obama, so that shows you how many people didn’t vote for Obama, even though it was in their interest, obviously, to vote for Obama.”

In our “interest” to vote for Obama?!  This woman is truly detached from reason.  She repeatedly harps on the notion that anyone who opposes Obama simply must be doing so out of racist motivation.  Surely no one could possibly oppose Obama based on his ideas and agenda—oh surely not!  She carries the racist theme to the war on terror, which she claims is the “new racism.”  In her pea-brain, we have no reason to consider Islam as having anything to do with terrorism—no, it must be racism against Muslims that motivates us!  Never mind that “Muslim” is not a race.  Anyone who is opposed to illegal immigration is also a racist, in her mind.

When speaking of the amazing rise of conservatism and the Tea Party in the past couple of years, she really shifts into overderanged.  Drew Zahn, writing for WorldNetDaily reports,

“Dohrn, however, told an Indian news and views website that she’s concerned about a new breed of protesters, the tea partiers, whom she describes as ‘a hard right emerging, an armed, new hard right with massive control of media.’

‘It’s racist, it’s armed, it’s hostile, it’s unspeakable,’ she said. ‘White people armed, demanding an end to this president – it’s very crazy-producing.’

Speaking of the polarization of the nation as evidenced by the tea parties, Dohrn told NewsClick India, ‘It generates thousands of death threats every day in its wake and hate mail and craziness.’”

Unhinged is perhaps an understated description of this woman.  And, a further sickening thought is that she and her equally odious husband, Bill Ayers, are university professors in Chicago!  How many hundreds of young minds have been warped by their perverse “teachings”?  I shudder to think.

image-Bill Ayers trampling the American flag

American terrorist Bill Ayers trampling the American flag

Not once during the interview does Dohrn actually address a single argument that the Tea Party conservatives have against the radical policies of the Obama administration.  Not once!  This is typical of the left.  They have no substantive defense of the America-killing Marxist agenda of Obama and his fellow travelers in power, so instead they resort to their worn-out attempts to besmirch the character and intelligence of conservatives with false accusations of racism and ignorant name-calling.  And, let me tell you, America is not falling for it.

Those of us in the conservative Tea Party camp cannot be fooled by these lying hippie throwbacks.  They are a tiny minority compared to the millions of us who are working to take our country back from the jaws of socialism.  We have a long, hard battle to re-educate our young people.  So many young people are ensnared by the leftist indoctrination they get at the hands of college professors like Ayers and Dohrn.  It will be a massive fight to bring the kids back from these false teachings.

With the election victories we achieved on November 2nd, we have taken a first, small step in turning our country around, but it’s just the start.  The seriousness of this battle cannot be overstated.  We no longer have the luxury of sitting idly by and allowing our country to “run itself.”  It is paramount that we stay heavily engaged in the fight for our culture, our government and every institution.  This is long-term—for the rest of our lives—and we must never check out of the war.

The radical left made such deep inroads into our culture, our government, our schools, and other institutions during much of the 20th century that it will take decades to undo the damage to our country.  It will take many years and a trillion prayers, and our prayers must be that the Lord will have mercy on our country, which has collectively turned its back on Him.  We must pray that He will grant us a reprieve from the destruction that we face if we don’t turn back to Him.

Gina Miller, a native of Texas, is a radio disc jockey. She also works with her husband installing and repairing residential irrigation systems and doing landscaping on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

11 Responses to “American Terrorist Dohrn Slams Tea Party”

  1. We will PRAY here in Abilene, Texas and press on! Gina is so right. We cannot afford the luxury of letting our guards down with these insane leftist terrorists! Don’t comment on what I called them unless you can prove that they are not what I say. They are so guilty of being anti-American! So, the rest of us know by their actions past and present that they are the ENEMY. I don’t consider anyone who bombs anything in America to be my friend. God Bless Americans who are brave enough to fight this war for our freedoms. It’s a different kind of battlefield but just as important as what the men who fought for in other wars . God Bless them and their families. I can’t thank the Veterans enough on this “Veterans Day”!!… Thanks for another eye opener Gina. Good work.

  2. Thanks, Judy!

    You know, Ayers and Dohrn should have received the death penalty for treason and murder, or at least been given life in prison. The fact that they are walking free today shows how far our country has fallen.

  3. I seem to remember a news reporter, perhaps from Fox, trying to get an interview with Ayers during the Obama campaign and Ayers called the cops! How’s that for irony?

  4. I wonder what he was afraid of–being near a truth-teller?

  5. Just shows the ignorance and hypocrisy of the liberal left

  6. Comments like this from this woman is a compliment to the T-Party movement; however, listening to her is about the same as paying attention to Bonnie and Clyde.

  7. Can anyone tell me why this woman, and Bill Ayers, aren’t spending their lives in prison? Was there not enough evidence to convict them, or was the zeitgeist of the times just so lenient on leftist, America-hating terrorists?

  8. I don’t recall the details, but I do recall that the prosecution somehow screwed up the case/evidence, and since we have a judicial system that falls all over itself to let go people that the average 10 year old can figure out are guilty, these anti-American terrorists are walking around free.

  9. Bill Ayers had powerful family connections that kept his bacon from frying.

    An exerpt from “Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn: Cold Case Files”:

    “Did Bill Ayers’ wealthy father (Thomas) finance their trip to Cuba? Was it Cuban Nationals? Was it from bank robberies by the SDS, Black Panthers, or Black Liberation Army?”

    Website: WARNING! Extremely graphic photograph of Sharon Tate’s murdered body is included in this lengthy history timeline.

  10. You hit the nail on the head when you said “America is not falling for it” (the race-baiting and the character assassinations). America is sick and tired of the “politically correct” and we are no longer falling into that trap.
    Lefties are preaching to their own choir because no one else is listening.