Socialists Trash America, During and After Their Rally

Thanks to Gina for sending this video below. This is from the socialist rally in Washington D.C. yesterday to bash the American way of life.  The aftermath reminds one of the aftermath of President Barack Obama’s inauguration less than two years ago, doesn’t it?  It also reminds me of some of the filth seen in Washington D.C. during those hippie peace protests of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Notice all the trash around the World War II monument–the one with all the granite columns around it? Nothing like trashing a monument to the veterans of WWII and America’s mighty effort to protect freedom worldwide.

This is a good illustration of how Marxists usually make an environmental nightmare of anything under their sway (in addition to the nightmare they make of freedom, liberty, and government).

It didn’t get much publicity after the Iron Curtain fell, but the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc nations were environmentally devastated during communist domination.  It also doesn’t get much publicity these days either, but communist China is a major polluter…with some environmental damage being done mining rare-earth elements which we use in our environmentally-friendly electro-cars in the West.

It’s also not surprising that these Marxists left our nation’s capital such a mess.  They trash the American way of life continually with their whining and griping and attempts to tear down all that makes America great; fitting that they would physically trash the center of America the way they verbally trash it.

It’s a rather stark contrast to the way all the evil capitalist wreakers of environmental doom left the capital after Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally.  By their fruits you will know them.

Remember this on election day. The choice for America’s destiny is clear, my fellow Americans.  Let’s get out there and support good patriotic, America-loving (not socialism-loving) candidates and GET OUT THE VOTE!

Update: William Beal pointed me to some more pics of this trashy event here. These people are Exhibit A in showing what happens when good people fail to pass on good values to the next generation (i.e. parental dereliction of duty): they grow up to be ignorant, ungrateful, socialist brats like these.

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Lincoln Memorial Trashed

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6 Responses to “Socialists Trash America, During and After Their Rally”

  1. In the past year or so I attended two Tea Party rallies and one SEIU event. I reported on these here at Dakota Voice and remarked that in the case of the Tea Parties the grounds were remarkably pristine–no litter or damage to property, while the SEIU event left litter and trash all over the grounds. It’s about respect, personal responsibility and pride in community, virtues often lacking among members of the Left.

  2. Does the Park Service keep/give out the figures for what it cost to clean up after the two events? That would be an interesting comparison.

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