Socialists in Washington: From Their Own Mouths

Below are some of the socialists who attended the “One Nation” rally for Marxism in Washington D.C. over the weekend.

We see proponents of fake “green jobs” (fake because they create jobs and services that are not needed, because the hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming is a hoax) riding pink bicycles. Another socialists admits he doesn’t know what he’s talking about but accused Glenn Beck of “making a mockery of Martin Luther King.” Another idiot in a Superman costume claimed Glenn Beck had advocated that no one should have to pay taxes “for anything.”  A union thug from the AFL-CIO talked about “coming together.”

Barack Obama’s Organizing for America was there, as were people advocating even more money be wasted on public education (because the results so far have been so stupendous. One woman with peace-symbol glasses raved about the “free bus ride” she got to come to the event (but they aren’t Astroturf).  Another gal tried to tell us how the Democratic Socialist Party isn’t a socialist group. There was some bashing of those evil “rich” people, to be sure.  A sign from the National Education Association (NEA), the nation’s biggest teacher’s union, was found but it looked as if it had been discarded.

And what America-bashing confab would be complete without the Left’s biggest blowhard Ed Schultz.   He called for jobs to be created out of thin air, as well as socialized health care.

I also saw a nice sign disparaging Christianity, the religion upon which our nation was founded and to which more than 80% of Americans still subscribe.  It said “Christianity=Freedom: To Rape, Pillage, Murder & Torture.  Burn in Hell”

Of course, there were Che shirts and shirts promoting socialism.

You know, it would be hard for patriotic Americans to ask for a better event to rally voters who love America than this.  This event was a great illustration, weeks before the election, of exactly what it is we must defeat at the ballot box on November 2.

Meeting the Socialists

2 Responses to “Socialists in Washington: From Their Own Mouths”

  1. Astonishing. The depth of deception of these people boggles the mind! I expect to see those kinds of words out of the mouths of 19-year-old college freshmen–not 50 and 60-year-old people who you would think would have lived long enough to know better!