Let’s Vote for Liberty

This is a great election video ad put together by the Chicago Tea Party. As the ad says, Tea Party folks are not the radical racist-bigot-homophobes the “mainstream” media and the rest of the Left desperately wants uninformed Americans to think we are.  As the video says…

I’m a mother, I’m a small business owner, I’m a mom, I’m a social worker, I am a songwriter, I am an American and I vote. I’m not violent. I’m not extreme. I’m not funded by a corporation or foreign I’m not angry. I’m informed and I’m involved. The tea party movement is made up of individuals who believe in liberty, the Constitution and fiscal responsibility.

I believe our government is limited by the Constitution. I believe in less government and more freedom. But there’s a ruling class in Washington who feels differently. They say they don’t care about the Constitution. They mock the 10th Amendment and the Bill or Rights.

They think they know better than us. But we have a message for them: they don’t. We want more freedom, not more debt. We want more jobs, not more bureaucrats. No more takeovers, no more bailouts, no more spending and no more government control.

Washington needs to know they work for us, we don’t work for them. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Let them know our children and grandchildren’s future is at stake in this election. I’m voting for liberty in November — are you?

Let’s choose freedom over servitude. Let’s choose responsibility over taxation and largess. Let’s vote for liberty over socialism.

3 Responses to “Let’s Vote for Liberty”

  1. I agree that the TEA Party is not a racist, bigot laden group of homophobes. But I do wonder why those within the TEA Party don’t speak up more loudly or speak up at all when one of their own acts as if they were. Like the recent illegal handcuffing by Joe Miller’s staff of a reporter or the private staff of Rand Paul wrestling a woman to the ground and then stomping on her upper shoulders and neck region.

    Where is the TEA Party outrage against such thuggery ? Our Constitution doesn’t allow that type of wicked behavior. The TEA Party does often demand that moderate Muslims speak out against the radical, jihadist Islamists, so why not vociferously cry out the instances of thuggery I mentioned above occurring in their own ranks.

    They would sure get my support more if they did, rather than remaining silent or simply release some generic explanation to the press.

  2. Two reasons, basically.

    (1) Racism is rarely seen in Tea Party circles; unlike the Left, we aren’t obsessed with skin color.

    (2) We quickly and quietly eject them and don’t make a big deal about what virtuous people we are…again, unlike the Left.

    Regarding the incident at this event where Joe Miller appeared, these were security personnel, not Tea Party people. Further, this guy was being pushy and actually shoved someone. That is aggressive behavior, and handcuffing him until he either calmed down and/or his legitimate status could be fully verified (because shoving is not normal behavior for a legitimate journalist) was appropriate. You never know what kind of wackos are going to pull something at events like this.

    Further, unless I’m mistaken, Tony Hopfinger is white and the security guards, so there’s absolutely zero support for even a whiff of racism here.

    As for the event near Rand Paul, did you see the full video? The part that showed this activist running up to the window of the vehicle from which Paul was greeting the crowd? Where he tried to shove a sign into Paul’s face inside the vehicle?

    Again, you don’t know what some wack job is going to do, and restraining this aggressive woman was appropriate. The foot-stomping behavior by the guy Profitt was inappropriate and inexcusable–and the Paul supporters there told him to knock it off (but I guess that doesn’t count, since they didn’t wail and put on sackcloth and ashes and moan like liberals over what a terrible evil deed it was).

    Further, unless I am again mistaken, Lauren Valle is white and the people who restrained her were white. Once more, no support for even a whiff of racism here.

    Sorry, if you’re looking for the self-serving, “we’re so morally pure” public gnashing liberals like to display when they repent of what an evil people we Americans are (they never repent of their own misdeeds, only the real or perceivd ones of their diabolical country), you’re not going to see that from Tea Party folk. Bigots and troublemakers (whether they’re one of the few that might be in our midst as they are in the midst of the NAALCP, the Knights of Columbus, the NEA, the ACLU or any group…or whether they’re plants from the Left) will be quickly rejected and ejected, and any bad behavior will be quickly condemned without generating a self-serving circus of grief.

    When 19 out of 19 Tea Partiers display bad behavior (as 19 of 19 911 hijackers were Muslims), expect us to organize a grief circus. But you won’t see that, because unlike many other groups, bad behavior in the Tea Party movement is the exception rather than the rule.