America is a Constitutional Republic

People often call the United States a democracy, but it is not.

One might loosely call the United States a democracy because, unlike many governments throughout history and around the world, the people govern themselves. We do not have a king, an emperor, a premier, a chancellor, a politburo, an oligarchy, or other autocratic governing center.

We have a republic, where the people elect representatives who will represent their interest and govern for them. But those representatives do not have blanket authority to do whatever they want. These elected representatives of the people are under the authority of a constitution.

The United States Constitution establishes limits on the power of government officials and government bodies. By law, neither presidents nor senators nor congressmen nor judges can do things that the U.S. Constitution does not give them authority to do. Our constitution limits government to a few specific areas of authority and no more. The power to do all other things that can be done and perhaps should be done is retained by the individual States and of course the people themselves.

The founders of the United States set up our government in this fashion to protect liberty, to keep government from growing large, to prevent us from being egregiously taxed as we had been by the British crown, to protect the American people’s God-given rights from being trampled on by an elitist government.

But in an imperfect world, even a form of government like ours can be thwarted, allowing tyranny to come in.  How can it be thwarted?  Short of an outside invasion where an enemy takes complete control of the country, there is only one way: the people allow it.  If the people do not stay alert and informed, if the people do not hold accountable those government officials who abuse their power and operate outside the authority of the Constitution, our government will start to feel entitled to trample our rights.  If leaders who act illegally (outside the authority of the U.S. Constitution) are not recalled, impeached, or elected out of office for their crimes, they and others like them will feel more and more empowered to violate the limits of the Constitution…and more and more empowered to violate our God-given rights.

That is the world in which Americans find ourselves today.  We have stood by and allowed our Constitution to be spat on and violated since the time of FDR, and we have reached the point where our government feels more than entitled to dictate to Americans how they will live their lives.  Our government now feels entitled to tell us that we must buy certain products, and we have a new Supreme Court justice who can’t even bring herself to say the federal government does NOT have the authority to tell Americans what to eat.

My fellow Americans, it is clear which elected representatives feel entitled to tell us how to live our lives, and it is clear which political party is eager to tell us how to live our lives.

We have an opportunity in a little more than a week to hold these usurpers accountable and regain control of our own government.  Let us put our hand to the plow and ensure we don’t miss this opportunity to restore our constitutional republic.  If we miss this chance, we may not get another.

2 Responses to “America is a Constitutional Republic”

  1. I absolutely agree. The Government has no right to tell a free man what he can consume.