People Jumped from WTC on 911

The scenes below of people jumping from many stories up in the World Trade Towers are very, very disturbing. I post it here not gratuitously, but out of great respect for the memory of these innocent civilians who were given the poor choice by Islamic terrorists of (a) burning alive in the WTC, or (b) jumping to their deaths.

Given the appeasement of evil we have seen surrounding the Ground Zero Victory Mosque and the Quran-burning hypocrisy, I believe it is more important than ever that we be reminded of just how high, how dear, how chilling and how bloody was the cost of our attempts to appease evil–when the bill came due on September 11, 2001. You probably don’t want children around if you view these.

For years we had failed to deal decisively with terrorism. For years we failed to take it seriously and mount the effort required to wipe it out, to make it too costly for the terrorists to wage. And Bill Clinton was too busy playing with his zipper to take even the first attempt to destroy the WTC in 1993. The check for out laziness and cowardice came due with interest on 911.

When you think about the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, think of these images of 100 or more of your fellow Americans, choosing between burning alive in the skyscraper Islamic terrorists attacked, or jumping 100 or more stories to their deaths–one of them killing fireman Daniel Suhr when they hit him on the ground.

Never forget.

Firemen in WTC Lobby Hear Bodies Crashing Down

Click here for more footage.

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