New Website Digs for Tea Party ‘Racism’

The socialist apostles of a Leftist status quo are having such a hard time digging up any real racism in the Tea Party movement they so loathe, they’re actually launching a new website with an appeal to videographers and bloggers to help them come up with some “racism.”

According to Fox News,  the NAALCP, Hillary Clinton’s Media Matters and several other Leftist organizations are launching a Tea Party “tracker” website to try to find some evidence for these claims of systemic racism in the Tea Party movement they’ve been making for a year or more now.

A new website sponsored by the NAACP and left-leaning media operations is seeking videographers and bloggers who will search out “racism” and “extremism” among Tea Partiers. will feature tweets, interviews with people at rallies, blog entries and a picture of a t-shirt they say someone spotted at a rally that reads “Blacks own slaves in Mauitania, Sudan, Niger & Haiti.”

The site, sponsored by the NAACP, Think Progress, New Left Media and Media Matters for America, will monitor “racism and other forms of extremism within the Tea Party movement. We call on the Tea Party to repudiate extremists among their ranks and join in civil dialogue with all Americans.”

I think the Tea Party movement needs to condemn any racists in their midst…right after racism is condemned from within the Chamber of Commerce, the Lion’s Club, Kiwanis, the ACLU, the book-of-the-week club, Toys for Tots, the local carpenter’s union, the Clark County Golf Club, and pretty much every other group in America.

As for slavery in Sudan and other places, blacks have sold other blacks into slavery for hundreds of years, and I’m pretty sure it continues in parts of Africa today. I don’t know what this guy mentioned in the article was up to for sure, but I would imagine he was trying to make the point that racist behavior and other horrible actions toward one’s fellow-man knows no racial boundary.

What will be interesting in this latest effort to slow the resurgence of patriotism and demand for constitutional government will be whether anyone can actually believe anything these Leftist put on their website in the first place.

Leftists have already let it slip that they plan to infiltrate Tea Party groups and events, display bad behavior, then blame their own behavior on the Tea Party movement. They’ve already been caught several times making stuff up, planting fake signs and trying to infiltrate with clumsy behavior.  Even if they did manage to capture any aberrant racist behavior by someone within the Tea Party movement, it would be challenging for anyone to believe it wasn’t planted “evidence.”

These liberals know they have no substance with which to combat the message of fiscal responsibility and constitutional government, and must resort to dirty, deceptive practices to even have a hope of fooling the American people.

Unfortunately for them, there are plenty of black conservatives within the Tea Party movement–people like Lloyd Marcus, Alphonzo Rachel,  Herman Cain and others–who are living proof of this lie of the Left.

You know the agenda stinks when those promoting it have nothing up their sleeve except lies and deception.  That is what the Left has delivered for the millions of broken lives and trillions of wasted dollars: an empty agenda of lies and deception.

America sees through you, Leftists, but go ahead and continue providing more evidence of your moral bankruptcy, lest people ever forget it.

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  2. I’m afraid I’m not getting your point at all. What kind of bread are you talking about–wheat bread, white bread, maybe French bread or even Texas Toast?