LaRouche Squad Identified, Ejected From Tea Party

Remember how the Left is desperate to find any material for their charge of racism against the Tea Party movement–no matter how infinitesimal, misconstrued, out of context, contrived or manufactured?

I hope you also remember that when the Left gets tired of looking in vain for this widespread racism of which they claim, they just send in some infiltrators who pretend to be limited government constitutional patriots so they can “manufacture” some bad behavior.

Then you have the Leftist Lyndon LaRouche wackos who make good fodder for desperate liberals and their allies in the “mainstream” media. While their agenda occasionally intersects with that of conservatives, they are definitely a Leftist, socialist, wacky bunch, with LaRouche having run for president as a Democrat a number of times and even as a Labor candidate.  Unlike most liberals who figured out in the late 1960s and early 1970s that they needed to hide their racism (with the soft bigotry of lowered expectations), they have continued to openly express that racism that has long been a staple of the Democrat Party.   We should give them points for honesty and transparency, I suppose.

Apparently the LaRouchies were out at the 912 Tea Party in Washington D.C. last weekend.  The “mainstream” media must have failed to receive the memo that the LaRouchies would be there, because it seems they failed to exploit this wonderful opportunity to make the Tea Party movement look bad.

Some of the Tea Party patriots were on their toes, however, and exposed this bunch for the attempted hijackers they are.  They were asked to leave, as they do not represent Tea Party values.  They had their Obama-Hitler signs out in plain view, but their LaRouche signs were stowed under a table until a Tea Party videographer caught them.

At least they were nice enough to leave without causing a further scene once they were confronted.  Now if we could only get the socialists in congress to do that.

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  1. yeah who likes freedom of speech anyhow.