Labor Day Celebration of Union Activity

On Labor Day, the day set aside in America to ostensibly celebrate labor, my RSS feed has reminded me of what the labor movement has devolved into.

Since the Left will be pulling all the stops out this election year in a desperate attempt to stop Americans from veering our nation back on course to constitutional government, it behooves us to remind ourselves of what they are really all about.

The astute observer will note a frequent theme of immigration “reform” among these goons. The politically astute will also recognize that these days, any time the word “reform” is used in conjunction with anything else, one might easily substitute the word “liberalization” or “socialization” or “corruption”–because this is what liberals seek to do with their “reforms.”

Amnesty for Illegals=More Democrat Votes

SEIU Thug Says White Workers are Rabidly Racist (WARNING: foul language)Union Thug Execs Making Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Hold Conf. at Swanky Fontainebleau Resort

Union Thugs Protest on Private Property of Bank Executive (his porch, while only his teenage son was home)
(Apparently no one told these goons that one must pay their bills)

SEIU Chief Thug Brags About Distorting Politics

Union Thugs Beat Up Black Tea Partier at Town Hall Meeting

Harry Reid’s Thug Buddies Throw Eggs at Tea Party Bus

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