Kitty Werthmann on Worship of the State

Kitty Werthmann

As advertised, Kitty Werthmann of South Dakota Eagle Forum appeared on the Glenn Beck show today on Fox News.

Kitty was on the show as a guest along with Pastor Laurence White of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Texas, and head of the Faith and Freedom Coalition Ralph Reed.  They talked about the dangers of combining statism and religion.  This is the illegitimate promotion of powerful government under the auspices of religion or a religion-like fervor.

The United States was founded by Christians on Christian principles, but our founders intentionally prohibited a state church or state religion.  No one wanted a theocracy then, and no one wants a theocracy now.  But other statist nations (Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, North Korea, etc.) tend to establish an atmosphere where the state is worshipped, and often the chief executive of the state (Hitler, Stalin, Kim Jong Il) promote a fervent worship of their leadership.

Humanity is inherently designed to recognize a higher power; under secularism and statism, that “higher power” usually becomes the government and/or it’s chief representative. And while genuine religion may be perverted into a tool to advance and promote the worship of the state, the state–like the one true God–is a jealous god and will tolerate no competition.

Werthmann talked her experiences growing up in Austria under Hitler’s Nazi rule, then under Soviet occupation of Austria.  She was 22 when she moved to the United States.

She said when she was 12 years old going to public school, after Hitler’s rule was accepted, the crucifix was removed from school and there was no more prayer.  On Sundays they had compulsory national youth day where the children spent hours in state political education. She said that today she would call it political indoctrination, and were told that they shouldn’t listen to their “old fogie” parents, to listen only to Hitler. They were told that they have rights which superseded their parents’ authority.

Werthmann said that Hitler was elected at the ballot box by an overwhelming margin.  He gave them free radios, then nationalized the radio broadcasts.  Then came nationalization of the banks and the auto industry. Then health care was nationalized.

She said that after health care was nationalized, everyone went to the hospital for everything, resulting in overuse of the system.  This is normal in government health care systems (I’ve lived under them in the military and for several years in England).

A question from the audience asked her what she would suggest we do in America to avoid the same fate as Europe under Hitler.  She said people need to get involve, pointing out that she is a lobbyist, and emphasized the importance of voting.  She said we are blessed that this is an election year, and we can educate the voters.  She said hopefully people who embrace American values can take back the House and Senate.  She’s right; we need to in order to avert the impending disaster the socialists in Washington have in store for us.

The lessons of history are there before us in a multitude.  Yet some in our country seem Hell-bent on ignoring the lessons, believing somehow that they can do what others have failed at, desperate to make the same mistakes over again.

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