Dems in Full Panic Mode, Pandering to Voters

Need any more proof the socialists, er, Democrats in congress are in full panic mode?  I didn’t think so, but I’ll give you some anyway.

From the Washington Times:

The jobs bill would have offered a payroll tax break to companies that move jobs from overseas to the United States and would have withdrawn tax writeoffs from companies that laid off U.S. workers and replaced them with employees overseas.

But four Democrats and one Democratic-leaning independent joined 40 Republicans to filibuster the bill, arguing that it was too blunt an approach to a very delicate problem. Among the opponents was the chairman of the Finance Committee, Sen. Max Baucus, Montana Democrat, who had said the bill would put U.S. companies at a “competitive disadvantage.”

Democrats been running from their records and their party like scalded dogs for some time now. It’s gotten so hilarious that we’ve seen Democrats running pro-Bush ads and telling people tales of how they’ve worked with President Bush in the past–anything but letting people know they’ve worked with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid or President Obama.

Yahoo News also reports 47 Democrats broke ranks with the socialist leadership and are now calling for an extension of the Bush tax cuts.

Yes, the socialists are shamelessly begging and bribing the American people to keep their jobs on Election Day. Don’t be fooled by the ploys. Don’t be fooled by the plays. Don’t be enticed by the bribes.

Show no mercy (for they will certainly show none if they are allowed to remain in office another 2-6 years). Remove them from office with your vote on November 2 with extreme prejudice.

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